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  • How Unani and Homeopathy are different?

    Want to know how diseases are diagnosed and treated in Unani form of treatment? How it is differentiated from other medical systems that are being practiced in India? Get experts advice by scrolling down the page.

    We have many methods of treatment like allopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic, and Unani. I want to know how the Unani and homeopathy are different from one another and how the disease is diagnosed and treated in Unani form treatment. Is it costlier than homeopathy? Which treat the disease from the root?
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  • There are some fundamental differences in the approach of these two systems of curing a body from the underlying ailment.
    Unani system of medicine was originated in Greece and is based on the Hippocratic theory of four Humours. It is said that the balance of these four humours is essential for the well being. So, Unani system takes a holistic view of the health of an individual and goes for an overall impact on the health rather than curing a particular illness or reducing the symptom. In this system some parameters of the temperament of a person are mapped as Hot, Cold, Dry, and wet and drugs are matched to it.
    Unani system has four mode of treatment - Regimenal Therapy, Dietotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, and Surgery. The people are treated with these methods based on various factors like their age group, season, occupation etc.
    On the other hand Homeopathy, founded by Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician, is a different way of looking at the ailment and though it also considers the various conditions of a person before prescribing a homeopathic medicine but what it gives as medicine to cure is a very small part of the same material by which the ailment has come in being in the diseased person. Homeopathy believes in poison cures poison. Which means that the chemical which has created a problem in a person if given in a small amount to him can cure him from that. It makes the body to react to that small amount in such a way that the ailments gets subsided and cured.

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  • There are many systems of curing the illness or ailments in the human bodies like modern medicine (Allopathy), Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani etc and each of them have their own knowledge base and time tested descriptions for curing and treatment of ailing persons. Let us consider some basic elements of Unani and Homeopathic systems to understand their working and differences. In Unani system the basic approach is to use herbal remedies for the cure and at the same time the dietary control is also applied on the ailing person. At the other side, in Homeopathy the detailed symptoms of the person are noted down and there are many things about it are asked by the homeopathic expert to find out to decide as which homeopathic medicine would be better in that situation. Homeopathic medicines are the natural materials and they are supposed to cure a person if the detailed diagnosis is correctly made by the doctor.

    In Unani system it is believed that disease is caused by an imbalance between the four elements of nature that is air, earth, water, and fire. It is also mentioned in the Unani system that the balance of body fluids like blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile is necessary to keep the body healthy. These are also known as four humours also. In Homeopathic system, the expert doctor studies the symptoms in the body of the patient and then finds out some natural compound which can bring such conditions in the humans. Once that is known or identified then a little quantity of that is given to the patient. It is believed that if an ailment is caused by some material or even a poisonous substance then a small quantity of the same substance can get relief from that situation. The quantity is too title but has great power to affect the body and the system starts to work against the ailment producing threat. In homeopathy to identify the chemical or material doing cure takes time and in many cases we see long treatments where the doctor go on changing the medicines.

    Unani formulations are prepared with a particular ratio of herbs like Saffron, Cardamom, Indian bay leaf, Citron, ginger, aloe vera etc. Different herbs and their combinations are prescribed in different ailments. For example in Arthritis, ginger and aloe vera are given while in heart problems Saffron, Cardamom, Indian bay leaf etc are found more useful. In Homeopathic medicines the natural materials like Aconite, Arnica, Belladonna, Calendula, Sulpher etc are used in small quantity and the main material in liquid form is then diluted in different potencies and is taken then through sprinkling the same on small white edible balls and this dilution of the main material (which is known as mother tincture) is the important aspect in Homeopathy. Sometimes medicines in combinations are also prescribed depending upon the understanding and interpretation of the expert Homeopathic doctor.

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  • Both the systems Homeopathy and Unani have the different approaches to treat the disease and you can get full cure of the disease with which you are suffering provided the doctor believing in either of the system is having long exposure in treating the disease.
    While Homeopathy deals with the aggravated symptoms being seen among the patients and the symptoms form the basis of selection of a particular medicine of varying potencies depending upon the chronic or acute stage of the disease. However, the treating doctor is not concerned with the disease with which the patient is suffering from.
    The best example for the selection of Arsenic would be excess thirst irrespective of disease of Cholera, Diarrhoea or Anemia. If the symptoms are tackled successfully, the disease can be eliminated. Considering that principle Nuxvomica would suit any one in any disease if the patients are of highly irritated mood irrespective of their disease. The doctor may ask a set of questions so as to confirm the mental state of the patient prior to selection of a medicine.
    Now let us consider the Unani System of medicines which offers the treatment of of the disease in relation to all the disorders appearing on the human body. The physician would prescribe the drugs according to the temperament of the patients, type of their humours, faculty of organs affected and severity of the diseases.
    Unani System of medicine believes that the disease is a natural process and the symptoms appearing are the reactions of the body to the prevalent disease. The system believes the four humorous in the body such as blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile and the manifestation of the disease is due to dis balance of the natural humours. This can be normalised with the appropriate medicines as suggested by the Unani Doctor after a thorough check up. The doctor can even recommend some special diets for the quick relief.

  • Unani medicine is an alternative medical science. It is originated in ancient Greece. Herbal remedies, dietary practices, and alternative therapies are used in this system. This medicine is useful for prevention as well as the treatment for the disease.
    Unani medicine follows the principle that achieving a balance of the bodily fluids known as "the four senses of humour". These are important for maintaining good health. The four senses of humour are blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. This science believes that a disease will result due to an imbalance in air, earth, water, and fire. These four elements are available in the human body as well as in nature also. These practitioners believe that the health of the individual depends on the environmental conditions, Quality of water and air will impact our health, they believe.
    Unani medicine is having more similarities to Ayurveda. These two sciences work on a holistic approach than working on symptoms and cure.

    Homoeopathy is also a medical science and is derived from two Greek words: "Homoios" means similar and "Pathos" means "suffering".
    It is introduced by Samuel Christian Hahnemann in the 18th Century. This system of medical science gives more importance to curing the problem than preventing it. The main point this system follows "like cures like". They use a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person in a small amount to treat a sick person with similar symptoms. Medicines are prepared by using plant parts, vegetables, minerals etc, in alcohol or distilled water. The medicines are specific to individuals.
    Basically, the physician in Unani medicine works on the symptoms of the person and also see the working condition of the nervous system of the patient. In Homeopathy the doctor tries to get the problem through the symptoms and the history of the patient.

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  • Generally, Unani medicine is similar to Ayurveda, the principle of these two is almost the same, just the method of making medicines is somewhat different. This method is also beneficial in many types of diseases, Ayurveda also uses many Unani medicines. Many Unani people use Ayurvedic medicines. Generally, the two are parallel and are closely related to each other. Unani system of medicine emphasizes the use of natural herbs mainly, Regimental therapy is the specialty of Unani medicine. Even in the modern era, the importance of the ancient Unani system of medicine remains intact. It is one of the oldest treatment methods in the world.

    Like allopathy and Ayurveda, homeopathy is also a medical practice. In this, the experiment of drugs like allopathy is not done on animals. It is directly tested on humans. Homeopathic medicines are considered much safer than allopathy. In 80 percent of cases, people reach homeopaths when they are exhausted after being treated with allopathy or Ayurveda, in such cases treatment can take time. Through this, the cure is almost all diseases. It is considered the best treatment for chronic and incurable diseases. Incurable diseases are those that recur frequently after treatment with allopaths, but homeopathy is believed to have eradicated them from the roo

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