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  • Is a ideal name for my website?

    Do you have a query regarding choosing na appropridate name for yuor website which already has a global ranking? Looking out for advice here? Find suggestions from our experts for your query on this Ask Expert page.

    I have changed domain name of a website to Is it good or bad ? My website is having around 10,000 pages. Last month the global ranking for the website was around 70 lakh on alexa, and this month it has reached to : 3,129,973. Is this good decision or bad?
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  • Your website name was already a very nice one in the sense that the word 'compare' itself speaks a lot about it and people understand that it is a site where one can compare the prices, specifications etc related to some products and then take a decision to go ahead for buying the item. I will say that 'comparenshop' string is a very attractive and premium one from the surfer's and customer's point of view and this will definitely command a good level in Google or any other search. Please note that name itself sometimes become a SEO thing and we must be careful in this matter.
    I do not know under what compulsion you have changed it to ghantadeals but though this new string may attract some people from South East Asia regions but does not have a global appeal. Moreover, the word 'ghanta' which means 'hour' or 'time' in Hindi is also used in a slang meaning in cheaper, friendly, and frank talks and that could be a retarding reason for many not to venture in it.
    You can review your decision for changing the name again back to the earlier one but the thing is that the earlier name might not be available by now as someone might have grabbed it during this time.
    If you have kept that domain still with you I would suggest you to go back to that as this small break would not make any significant difference.
    The last thing which I want to add here is that once more and more people know that ghantadeal is not different from the comparenshop and is the new name of the site then probably you might get the traffic as usual same as you were getting earlier. Of course you will have to wait for some more time to see that result.

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  • As per the inputs you have given at present your website is doing well and your site is popular. What is the necessity to change the name? The reasons for your action are not being mentioned by you. Hence I am not able to appreciate your decision of changing the domain name.
    Comparenshop is very attractive. This name is showing your confidence in the offer that you are making to the customers. You are asking them to compare with other sellers or traders and then do the shopping. This is a good suggestion and only people who have confidence in their service can make such an appeal. As the name is in a very popular language people across the globe can understand the name and maybe eager to go through the website.
    The new name ghantadeals. is not a universally known word. What is ghanta. As per the Telugu language, Ghanta is having two meanings. One is a bell and the other is an hour. I don't know whether that word is there in English and what it means. Other languages may have other meanings. So what is the message it is giving to customers. Hence I feel you should not go for a change. Sometimes these changes affect adversely and we can't tell a reason specifically. Hence I feel you should continue with the existing name only.

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  • Thank you for suggestion. It will help me to take right decision on domain names.

  • You have changed the name of your website and the reason for the same has not been specified. However your previous website named as comparenshop was not bad providing the customers in-depth knowledge relating to prices, specifications and other variables. Its value steadily improved and you noticed more traffic in recent times with the improved Alexa Rating. The present change may not go well with the customers and some of the customers may get bewildered due to sudden change of the website.
    However, in order to win the heart of the customers, you need to place a notification in the leading newspapers or even in your present website stating the reason for such a change and this must be appealing to your customers. Once you win the confidence of the audience, you may notice the surge of the traffic but that would be a time consuming parameter.

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