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  • How to promote a new website on google?

    Do yuo want to promote your website online and get a good google rank? Want to know the best way to go ahead? Check out this page where our experts have provided responses to your question.

    I have a website with name " Noida Packers". I want to promote it on google. I would like to know how much time it will take to get a good rank. Below is my website and address:

    Shop no-2, Ground Floor Gaurav complex
    Adarsh market, Noida, Sector 5
    Sector 5 Noida, U.P. 201301

    Website :
    Mob: 8477880359
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  • Any website you create but you cannot buy rankings for your website, for the good rank you have some strategies which help to get top rank in Google search. This applies not only to Google but also to all major search engines. You can rank your website well by making your website and content more effective.

    If you want to rank on the first page of Google, then you need to create high-quality backlinks. Search engines make your site fast index and crawl better. It improves your Search Ranking as well as Boosts Referral Traffic and increases your Brand Awareness.
    Always keep in mind that speed is used as a ranking factor on Google's page. If your site takes longer to load, then your site will not be able to get a good rank in Google search results. If we also think like a visitor, then we know that visitors do not like to visit the Slow loading site.
    Make your website HTTPS as it is also one of the Google ranking factors. When Google ranks a page, it uses HTTPS as ranking factors. Nowadays every visitor is conscious about their cybersecurity and they visit the HTTPS website more.
    Try to publish unique and very useful content on your blog, but the most important thing is to do the right Keyword Research, which often people do not, then your site will not rank high in Google search results. Good and effective keywords will increase the number of visitors to your website and gradually you will get a good rank on Google.

  • There are various factors which decide if a particular site would come on top rows in the pages obtained in Google search. There is no magic to achieve it but we all strive for it. Let us start from the basic consideration about a site in the internet and its utility. If the content in the site is good and the users return to it time and again then that itself is an indication that site is working well and is getting an adequate traffic. That is one basic point. Apart from the content it should have appropriate links to the related sites where the user might want to look and if the link is there in your site it becomes easy for him to navigate there and then quickly come back. For example your site is, as the name suggests, a packing and may be forwarding and transporting agency and it is a big area where a plethora of queries and questions would be asked by the user and if your site can answer them all or provide a link then it would be appreciated by the user. You can register the users in your site and lure them with joining discount or bonus or even give them some virtual points for each transaction done through your site and when the points accumulate, redeem them as gifts or discounts in future engagements. Please note that traffic is the basic need for a successful online endeavour and it would increase only when the service is good and affordable for the common people. Transparency is a very essential thing and no hidden charges are to be imposed on the user. The site should be user friendly and not clumsy and unorganised. One more thing about the traffic is that there is so much traffic from affiliate links, business partners, social media etc but that is not the real traffic and is not a very healthy sign for a site. What matters is the organic traffic, which is the genuine user traffic and that is the essence of all success and then only the site can figure at higher stairs in the search engine results.

    Google uses certain algorithms for its search criterion and goes on changing them and updating them so it is not easy to find out as how this famous search engine selects a site for its ranking in its result. So, instead of concentrating on that we have to improve our site and try to use the words and phrases which catch not only the fancy of the users but also the search engines. You have to put your facilities in form of questions. For example you can write - 'Do you want full protection guarantee and insurance of your merchandise transferred through our services? We provide free insurance to our esteemed customers'. This type of assurances and commitments work sometimes to bring in more customers. Of course once committed one has to provide these levels of service also.

    There are some online applications like ubersuggest, which one can use to find out the current Google ranking and then can adopt better SEO techniques to enhance it further. One can also find out the speed with one's pages are loading/moving and for that also some apps like Google PageSpeed, WebPageTest, Pingdom are available and can be used for analysis.

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  • To promote your site on Google, the requirement is that your site must be SEO friendly. You should build a site that is SEO friendly, If you integrate SEO optimisation into your site, your presence will increase in google searches. How can we do it? Following are some points which you can try to implement.

    Basically, the website should be attractive and have a visitor counter on that so that the viewers will know how many visited the site. When people visit the site, they may be getting many doubts and they may require answers to those questions. So you have to see that there is a mechanism for online chatting or clearing their doubts should be made.
    You can try to implement the following so that you will have an SEO friendly site/

    1. Make URLs simple. The URL structure of your site is very important.
    2. Avoid duplicate content posting. It is always advisable not to allow any internal duplicates. Even near-duplicates should also be eliminated.
    3. You should try to create an XML Sitemap. It will be good for the search engines to know the structure of the website well.
    4. You try to make your site compatible with all devices. Then different users who use different devices will start seeing your site.
    5. Try using Robots.txt.
    6. Don't forget to give internal links. It will make the users navigate easily on your site. If good reading content is provided the users may spend more time
    7. You should optimise the images on the website. Try to use perfectly optimised images only on

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  • To bring your site to the higher ranks of Google, the most important thing is that your site will have to be search engine optimized. Only then your site will be able to come on the first page of Google or in the first rank. For this, you have to follow some steps.


    1. make your site design SEO optimized.

    2. Keyword Research

    3. Using Keywords make your as much possible unique content.

    4. Submit your sitemap to Google.

    5. Generate Backlinks.

    1. make your site design SEO optimized - First of all, you have to see the design of your site whether it is search engine optimized or not. For this, you have to choose a responsive design, so that people can access your site from any device. Also, it is to be taken care of that your site should be open quickly. Apart from that, it is also important for people to be able to find topics on your site easily. Your sites should not have broken links.

    2. Keyword Research - You have to find certain keywords to rank your site. Your site will rank in search engines only based on keywords. For this, you have to find such words and phrases related to the topics of your sites, which people search more. You can buy the service of Keyword Research Tool to find keywords, or you can also use free services available online. You can use Google AdWords here. Also, you can use Google Trends to know what kind of things people in your service area are searching for related to your topic.

    3. Using Keywords make your as much possible unique content - After selecting some keywords related to your topic, you have to create some unique content using those keywords. For this, you can take the help of Content creators, or you can also do it yourself. Create two to three articles for each selected keyword, and post them on your site. Make sure to use keywords in articles in the first paragraph and headings and sub-headings.

    4. Submit your Sitemap to Google - After all the content is posted on your site, you have to submit your site to Google's search console. You can easily submit your site by logging into Google Search Console with your Google account. You just have to follow all those given steps properly.

    5. Generate Backlinks. - Shortly after submission to the Search Console, Google will index your site in the search results. But it is possible that the rank of your site is very low. So to increase the position of your search rank, you have to show Google that your site has valuable information. And for this, you will need backlinks. For this, share your site and the content of the site as much as possible without spamming. In all the social networks you know, share your site among the people interested in the topic of your site. Share in online forums and communities that are related to the topic of your site. Do guest posting in other blogs and link to your site in the post. Share your links with valuable comments in other blogs.

    You can also take the help of an expert to increase backlinks. You can do this work through the services of big SEO agencies. Many online agencies sell high-quality backlinks for SEO. You can also buy backlinks from them.

    After following all the above steps, your site will start to rank well in the online search engine.

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