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    Age criteria for class 10th CBSE

    Are you looking out for the correct age criteria for entry to class tenth CBSE board? Searching for the correct information here? Scroll through this Ask Expert page for responses from experts.

    My son's dob is 4-05-2013 and now he has completed his class 3rd.
    He is going to class 4th in 2021.
    Is there any problem to take admission in class 10th CBSE?
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  • The CBSE guideline for age for class 10 stipulates that the age of the student should be at least 14 years by 31st December of the academic year in which the student is studying in class 10.
    In your case the DOB of your son is 04.05.2013 and he will be completing 8 years and 7 months by 31st December 2021 while studying in class 4. From that it is easy to infer that he will be completing 14 years and 7 months by 31st December 2027 when he will be studying in class 10. So, there is no problem in this case for your child when he reaches class 10 and appears in the examination during 2028.

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  • As per CBSE guidelines, a student should complete 14 years of age by the end od December in that academic year in which the student is attending the 10th examination. If a student is attending the Xth class exam in the month of March 2021, he /she should complete her 14 age by 31st December of 2020.
    Based on the inputs given by you, I feel there will not be any problem for your son to attend the Xth class examination in 2018.

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  • As per the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), the general rules laid by them are as follows for the 10th Std admission:
    a) The applicant or student must have crossed the minimum age of 14 years as of 31st March of the year.
    b) The minimum age required is considered as of 31st March of the current year.
    c) The applicant or student must have the minimum required marks in his/her IXth standard final exams.
    d) The applicant or student must understand easily the syllabus of the class he/she will be appearing in.

    As you have mentioned that your son's dob is 4-05-2013 and in 3rd std at present. So he will be 14 years in 2027 and as per the given data, he will be crossing 14 years when he reaches the Xth std. So there is no problem for him to attend the CBSE Xth board or class.

    For more information, you can also visit the link: Age criteria for 2020 CBSE 10th exam

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  • As per the CBSE rule, the minimum age of the student should be 14 years as of 31st March of the current year.
    As mentioned above, your son's date of birth is 4-5- 2013 and now he is in class 4th. So, according to date of birth, there would not be any problem in giving the 10th exam.He will appear for class 10th in 2027. Till then, he will be completing 14 years of age.

  • Your ward has to follow the rules relating to admission procedure as laid down in CBSE pattern for admission to class ten. He needs the following criteria to be fulfilled as indicated below-
    1) In case of his fresh admission to a new school, he needs the transfer certificate of the previous school released by the appropriate authority with his signature and his stamp.
    2) He has to enclose his mark - sheet of class nine showing his status of having passed the same successfully.
    3) The medium of instruction should be the same prior to changing of the school and later in the new regime.
    4) He has to satisfy the age condition required to appear his class ten board.
    Ensure that he should be at least 14 years on 31st March of the current year during the admission of class ten so that he doesn't face any problem relating to age.
    His date of birth fits this criteria and hence no problem is foreseen.

  • Based on the rules of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), your child will not have any problem related to admission in the 10th class because the minimum age fixed for appearing in the 10th board examination is 14 years. Students should be 14 years old by 31 March.
    There is no maximum age limit for appearing in the examination as the board has said on its entire Guideline. So its maximum age can be considered 16.
    But the board, in its Guideline, must have noted that the maximum amount of effort a student makes to appear in an examination. A candidate can attempt the CBSE Board Exam a maximum of 3 times. If any student does not qualify for the exam in three chances then he/she will not be eligible for more attempts.

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