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  • What percent an online content seller can earn through direct carrier billing?

    Do you have a query about direct carrier billing? want to know how much an online content seller earn in such a case? On tihs page, our experts have provided you with answers to all your questions.

    What percent can an online service or product seller can earn through direct carrier billing?
    If suppose a customer pays rupees one through direct carrier billing.How much percent is tax.How much percent product seller should give to carrier billing company.How much percent should product seller should give mobile network provider.How much percent profit atlast product seller gets in one rupee that customer paid? Which are the best direct carrier billing service providers in India?
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  • Direct carrier billing is the technique of payments by the customer to the seller through their telephone/mobile bills. It is facilitated through some mobile applications like Yippster, Kapronasia, Centili, Fortumo etc. It was introduced in India also and many telecom service providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Uninor, Tata etc. have this facility. This is slightly a different way of paying one's purchases through one's mobile bill and the money is first credited to the telecom and then it goes to the real seller.

    It is not known what is the percentage of the sale as commission shared by the telecom company for realising the money from the customer and forwarding it to the seller but it also depends as for how much time the telecom company keeps it with them and then sends to the seller. The reason is that keeping money with oneself is also having a hidden earning as money always earns some interest however small it is. So the commission rate will depend on all such factors and generally such commissions are in the order of 2 to 4 % assuming that the service company itself will have a margin of only 10-15% profit.

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