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    Neon light permission in private place for shop display board

    Interested in putting up a neon light sign board for display of shop name? Searching for information about how to get permission from municiplaty office? Scroll through this Ask Expert page for answer to your query.

    I have my business in MCGM region Mumbai. Is any permission required for led / neon / glow or back light on shop name displayed above the shop (which every one do focus lighting from out side/ above or below ). I refered this link they say yes :( & (
    This link says no: (
    Can you suggest sanction / laws no. from MCGM point of view. What if they fine me later on if I may not take permission and make led / neon light board with out permission elaborate me with refrence to rule book.
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  • As far as you are putting your board in your own private place no permission is required separately for having a neon light-based display board. When you are going for a business you will have a space meant for that and you will take whatever permissions are required under the shops and establishments act. should be taken. Once you took all those permissions and you are doing your business you can have a nameplate or display board to show the shop to all the people. You are doing a business and you should be visible to people so that they can approach you for their needs.
    But if you advertise your business and if you want to display it in a public place, then you have to get permission from the concerned authorities.

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  • If you are displaying some features regarding your business in some private place, you need not think regarding the compliance of its legality with the provision of neon based display board. However, you need to take permission regarding the area where you want to set up your business. Nameplate maintenance is the essential part to be displayed so that the customers know you and along with the nameplate, indicate the business you are doing so as to have your own customers streams.
    However, promoting your business in such areas where there is substantial concentration of the people at all times, you will have to take separate permission of the concerned authorities.

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