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  • Why should we hire you ? What will be the answer of this question ?

    Want to know how does one answer interview question like why should you be hired? Looking out for detailed answer? Check out this page for responses from our experts for your question.

    This is an interview question and I need the correct answer for this question. I am preparing for an interview so I need help with this question. Can any buddy tell me the exact answer to the question?
    What does the company want from us in such questions? Can anyone give me an answer to this question in detail? I want to answer this closely in detail. And if possible, an excellent moment as an exam. You can also write 5 pages in the detail of this question. I want an answer to the best question. You can answer more than you can. I hope that I will get a good opportunity and that will help in my interview. I thank the answering person from now on and thank him.
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  • You have not mentioned the type of company where you are going to attend the interview and your own qualification in this regard but not going in details of those we have some general things from which you can make out as what you have to answer to that tricky question. First thing we have to understand is if a company is hiring you then what is their objective. They want to take some work from you or want to entrust some responsibility on you to take work from the subordinate staff. You have to now find out whether you are having sufficient knowledge and skills to take up those challenges with minimal conflicts in the workplace or not. So, at this point you have to mention all your strengths which you feel will help you in doing the work or managing the show in the required capacity and position where the company is going to keep you. Is it an office job or field job or an analytical job for which one has to sit on the computer screen and use the applications to manage the responsibilities just by sitting at a nodal point. From this it becomes clear that you have to mention all those areas where you have good knowledge and expertise. Let us now take up these possible areas point wise and what you have to mention under them. Please note that you have to be honest in your descriptions and company should not find any aberration or departure between what you say and what you deliver in the practical situation. Avoid over self praising. That could be disastrous.

    1. Academics and skills - In addition to your academic qualifications what additional skills you have learned is a very important thing that the company will be looking in your brief. For example if you have good practice in spreadsheets or power point presentations, mention it there. If you have done some self study course in Java or Python or digital marketing, web designing, billing and invoicing, animation etc then mention that though you do not have any certificate to support that but simply mentioning will send the signal that you have some skills in that field.

    2. Group dynamics - What type of person you are? Do you want to work alone or are comfortable with a group. Please note that the companies prefer people having capacity and ability to work in a group and should have tendency of making the group cohesive and work in the interest of the overall objective of the company. For some research work sometimes some company might choose a solo worker also but in general they prefer a group aligned worker. This is an important point.

    3. Human Relations - You must show your strengths here whatever honestly perceived by you. Can you manage a group of people and direct them for work and at the same time keep a friendly gesture? Doing work is sometimes easier than taking work but a company will certainly like a tough as well as a considerate person to take up the managerial positions in it. Human relations is the biggest challenge in any company where task forces at lower levels are there and productivity is mostly depending on their contributions. This applies well to manufacturing segments where a large number of people work across the machineries lined up in a big hall. They all are interconnected and even a single dissatisfied person can bring disaster to the assembly line. You have to mention that you have got skills to face and dissolve such situations.

    4. Ability to change - Today we are in a dynamic situation where companies are quickly diversifying and shifting to different products and this is a challenging task as the earlier expertise suddenly becomes a thing of past and how one can survive such transformation is the challenge of the day and the employees should be ready to accept such challenges and quickly learn the tricks of the new trade where more profit is expected. Do you feel yourself able to withstand such changes positively? If yes, mention that and say affirmatively that in such a situation you will be able to exert much and are ready to sit in the office for extra hours to mitigate the challenges.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The answer to this question has to be a multi-faceted one. It is one thing to try to sell oneself, based on whatever skills one possesses. It is quite another to first acquire a wide variety of skills and then apply for better positions. It should be noted that there are several companies that look for candidates with the required skill-sets and are willing to pay very high salaries to hire such candidates from the market.

    However, if you are a fresher, you are likely to be tested purely for your knowledge and your adaptability to the particular organizational culture. Hence, to be prepared for a good answer, you need to first acquire a great deal of knowledge about several aspects of the organization, with specific reference to:-

    a) What industry domain the organization operates in and what are the Government regulations, the futuristic market scenario, the present position of the organization including profits or losses, the Management, and its intent, the Vision of the organization, the products, and services the organization that you are applying for provides and so on. This will enable you to answer any question related to your answer.

    This needs a lot of explanation. For example, assume that you are interviewed for a sales position in Asian Paints. You are an MBA from a fairly good branded B-School. After your various tests are over, you might have the vital HR interview to contend with or you have the final interview straightaway. Asian Paints is a market leader and has many strategies up its sleeve to maintain its market position. Hence, you need to know everything about its market strategies and some insight can be from the dealers. If you chance to meet someone from the organization, you must approach that person as a customer to understand something about each of the variables mentioned above. Let us say, you answer "Sir, I have heard a lot about your campaign called "Lamination for the entire house". You are getting into a territory where you are bound to be asked several questions. Your homework will have to be to visit any house anywhere and check for the finest details about the cost, labor cost, how many days it took to get the task completed, the complexities involved, co-opting of the customer competence ( which means that the customer might also have offered them innovative ideas in one way or the other) and so on. Answers to each of these questions are never easy to come to buy. You should be brutally honest and limit your answer to anything that you know very well. Once you are done with whatever knowledge you know, you can add "Sir, I shall positively contribute in being part of the process of execution of such residential tasks and shall deem it a great privilege to add value" Remember, you are adding considerable value to your answer and are showing signs of getting totally involved. This is exactly what is called for.

    2. Now, let us come to the next possibility. You have five years of experience with a competitor. You were in field sales and had an experience that gave you great insight into customer expectations, the challenges involved in the rural areas, and whatever knowledge you had acquired in the process. You have to be brutally frank about what you know and not bluff or beat around the bush. No employer likes someone who tries to hoodwink the interviewers. This will not fetch you the job at all. People are looking for cultural adjustment and additional disposition to a very large extent in lateral recruits. You should hence note to be very careful to not give any information that will sound harsh or meaningless. You also need to be very careful to project a picture of optimism. Once you do so, you have already answered the question, "why should I hire you".

    3. Note the changing skill-sets, that are now becoming common across industries. For example, it is essential that you know the basics of SAP in Finance or Materials Management, or even Marketing. It is also essential that you have at least a certificate course in Six Sigma and Machine Learning. If you can acquire a Diploma in Artificial Learning, even through online mode, remember, you are on the right path and you will be rewarded for your expertise, as the questions will largely revolve around how you can use these skill-sets. Multi-skilling is the name of the game.

    4. Let us take the field of HR. If you are stuck with say, one field, like the Administration of Training Programs, immediately quit the organization, and go to an organization where you will have tremendous value-addition. The world of manufacturing is in for a massive revival for a big demand for skill-sets that center around managing armies of contract labor. You need to cut your teeth in such environments and acquire vital experience. If you have factory experience, you can easily move to the IT industry, where you will have enough exposure to psychometric tests, 360-degree appraisal, mentoring, and so on. These skill-sets will make you an all-rounder in around seven years and you can feel very confident that you can easily answer the question "Why should I hire you?".

    4. Please do note that the question can indeed take various shapes. In the process of assessing the quality of all your experiences, you are likely to be answering questions related to the depth of your knowledge. For example, if you had documented the experience of handling local trade union leaders, in the process of educating them to agree to the Management point of view during the preparation for the statutory wage settlement, you will be in a better position to present different perspectives of employee expectations, the Management stand on various issues and so on. For example, if there had been a provision to control absenteeism that was agreed in the final settlement, the process of getting the trade unions at the local unit level and the Corporate trade union leader to agree to that as well, would have been the greatest of learning experiences. If you had sound knowledge, you will automatically graduate to a stage where you will be hired for a better position. If the organization is a multi-unit, multi-product enterprise, you can rest assured that you are on a sound wicket to acquire the best of experience.

    All the very best in preparing for an answer. Just understand the contextual variables as explained above and prepare for the hard grind. Thre is no free lunch anymore and you need to understand this as a way of life.

  • When there is something in you that is useful for them and if they can offer you which is acceptable to you the process will start. Nobody will give you a job as you require a job. Similarly, you can't take up any job which is not your cup of tea. When the expectations of both matches only you will be getting into that job.
    When somebody asks why they should hire you, your answer should be in such a way that what you have and how it suits them.
    You should have a full understanding of the job profile. You should match your qualifications and experience with the requirements of the job.
    An example is given below.
    The same question was answered by a company to a candidate.
    The post is a Chemical Engineer in a manufacturing organisation. The candidate is MTech in Chemical Engineering.
    The answer is
    I am a chemical engineer with some experience in the line of your operations. I have all the core skills required for managing the post.
    I worked for 2 years in a similar line in almost the same position.
    In addition to that, I have the other soft skills which are very essential for this post
    I am a good man manager. I managed almost 100 employees in the earlier company without any problem. I never missed my targets. The increment I got and the certificate of appreciation given by the management will tell you about this.
    I have the skill of training people. In the previous organisation, I was one of the internal faculty member selected by the HR department and the certificate of appreciation is here for your perusal.
    With the above professional qualifications and soft skills, I am 100% confident that I can do the job to the utmost satisfaction of the bosses.
    I am ready to join the organisation if a suitable post with a good salary and perks are offered.

    In the above example compared the requirements of the job with his skills and explained why they should hire him. I feel one should answer in similar lines.

    always confident

  • Such type of questions form the basis of selection of a right talent in the organisation. Though the organisation and the essentials qualification for such a post has not been indicated so that you are very clear to the role of the organisation. However, the answer to this question would depend upon your intelligence, reflection of your mind sets, your ability to express your thoughts based upon your experience in the area you rendered your service etc. Moreover, you should be able to highlight your own capability in true form but ensure that it should not be in the exaggerated form. The other important parameter is your control of emotions if interrupted by the team of experts. They are to assess your overall personality and hence you need to exhibit your balanced personality.Your greatest ability would be to judge the reaction of the interview board and in case of interruptions from their ends, you need to answer in the calm manner to satisfy them.
    Now coming to the core question- Why should I hire you?. This question suggests you to speak all your strength and potentials related to the job with which you are still engaged. Let me make you understand with an example for your candidature for the post of General Manager of a Steel Melting Shop of a steel plant having your exposure of over 15 years of experience working in different capacities.
    Your words should indicate the targets achieved in each financial year with your groups and how far you were able to solve the critical issues relating to manpower, financial constraints of the shops resulting in a changed matrix of the composition of the materials to blown for oxygen in the shop for the refinement of steel. You need not explain the same taking enough time for self explanation. You may produce the appreciation letter of the Chaiman or the Managing Director of your unit.
    During the entire course of interview session, you have to exhibit your potential as an able team leader having an eye to streamline production even in the adverse circumstances.

  • To prepare for this question, you have to know beforehand why you are qualified for that position. And you have to plan how to present yourself in front of the interviewer. Keep in mind, many candidates will have equal qualifications, you will have equal skills, experience, but the same success occurs in the interview which presents itself better than others in the interview. So, review the entire job description of the position for which you are going to interview. And what are the requirements of that job.

    By asking this question, the interviewer gives you an open opportunity so that you can sell yourself in front of the interviewer and prove yourself to be the best candidate for that position. The interviewer wants to know about you those qualities, the skills that make you a different and suitable candidate for that position. You can convince him that -
    You will be a great addition to the team and easily fit into that team.
    Also, you have the skills and experience that set you apart from others.
    You will accept the challenges and under pressure will also give good results.

    You have to answer this question very carefully and wisely. Keep in mind, your answer should be concise and it should not be more than two minutes. Your answer should be focused on the interviewer's job requirements. Your answer should be focused on your - -
    Your work experience,
    Your skills,
    Your abilities.
    Include your knowledge and your achievements in your answer.

  • When you are facing an interview, actually, you are selling your services . So you must be a good salesman. You are going to prove yourself better than many other competitors who may be more qualified and experienced than you, nevertheless, you are hoping to be selected for the post you have applied for. You may see following points.

    - You have to include your special skills which may be your USP. This USP will take you ahead. If you have experience you could tell how you performed in your previous/present company you were/have been working in. And you may use your experience to improve the business of this company if you are selected. You must be confiident at all times during interview.

    - You need not to be boastful or overconfident about experience, special skills or any special qualifications. You have to be humble and natural .

    - You can reckon your promotion and increment in your comapny because of your excellent performance . How you can be useful for their company if you are selected explain it in plain English.

    - The most important point is that you try to have knowledge about this company in which you are seeking a job. like about its product, company status in the market , about competitors and statistical records/figures. You may learn about this company on its website.

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