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  • How to guide teens to enter in State and National level cricket

    Many still doesn't know or have no idea on how to enter in state or national level cricket game and become participants and succeed.

    You might have seen many finest cricket players are around in villages or in few towns but they hardly tries to enter it in the national level cricket except they plays in local tournament or district level tournament. In short, kindly guide the teens on how to enter or qualify for the national or international level cricket sports including IPL etc.
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  • The players who are having expertise in this game should be encouraged. We see these days even in villages also small children playing cricket with their own tools. There may be some talented players in those guys and if we spot them and give proper guidance they may become big players.
    The first and foremost step one has to take is encouraging students in High school to play cricket. There will be some Games Teachers who will be teaching them and overseeing them while playing. They have a better chance to spot such guys who are having the talent in the game. If we have the basic knowledge we can also watch them and identify them. Once they are identified the teacher or the individual who spotted him can discuss with the parents of the boy and see that he will be given special coaching. For this, the best way is to get him admitted to a cricket club nearby. Once he was admitted he will have good chances to play with talented players from the same club and also from other clubs around the area. They will be spotted by the authorities and can find a way to play in domestic cricket tournaments like interschool, intercollege, interdistrict and interstate tournaments. From there the players will be selected and they will be trained and given chances to improve their skill. They may get trained even in National Cricket Academy and will be seen that he will represent the country at different levels.

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  • Cricket is a very popular game in our country and one can witness the people playing it everywhere especially on weekends. It also has a very good career option for the performing players. Better one plays, better are the chances of him being picked by some cricket club or cricket team for playing the tournaments and the journey for becoming the national level player starts from that point only.

    If one has inclination or keen interest in cricket then one has to start playing and practicing the game from an early age so that there is sufficient time to practice and get selected in some tournaments. It is advisable to play the game using the standard accessories like gloves, helmet etc so that one gets habitual of using these things and do not cut a sorry figure at a later date. It is natural that a person should keep his health in a good shape and maintain ones stamina so that one can practice and attain such proficiency in the game which can help to progress to the national level playing. Doing regular workouts and exercises is a must and is to be carried out in parallel to the cricket practice.

    Generally, it is always better to join a cricket club or academy where proper and scientific guidance is given not only in learning the tricks of the game but also there are more opportunities to get a chance to play in local tournaments if the performance is good. In the beginning, depending upon the age the coach would recommend a person for playing in under 16 or under 19 team. Playing in the local tournaments is the stepping stone for the future and depending on the performance one can get a break for participation in higher level matches soon while pursuing local matches. The reason to start early in this career line is that once a person is over 20-22 years then he will not be able to get chance to play in under 19 or such tournaments and going for higher age group will be a challenge as that would be packed with the performing players seeking for entry in national cricket.

    In conclusion, for entering the national level cricket one has to start early and do the requisite hard work. Every field is competitive today and cricket is no exception. Rigorous practice and sustained efforts is the only key to this aspiration.

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  • The primary responsibility goes to the game teacher of the school to identify the talents of their students in respect of their inclinations towards crickets. This can be done in their regular play sessions being held in the cricket ground of the school premises.The teachers can spot such candidates doing extremely well in the area of cricket where the pupils can show their interest in the field of batting or bowling or any other area related to this play.
    However, age is the important criteria for the selection of the candidates taking this thing in mind any age beyond 15 years of the child would make him unsuitable in learning the different tricks of the game. However, nothing is impossible though. The game teacher would discuss with the parents of the boy regarding his fascination in the cricket and accordingly both the boy and the parents should locate an academy so as to start practicing and learning tricks involved in this game.
    Performance for your club/ school/ district can be taken up with his regular involvements. If the aspirant has the real talent, he can get a seat in the state team at the age of 12-13 in Pauli Trophy. Some may get chances in Vijai Merchant Trophy while reaching the age of 16. Exceptional players at their junior groups may get a chance to learn cricket at National Cricket Academy Bengaluru. This would prove to be a good platform to learn complexities of the cricket play techniques.
    Then finally they may learn with IPL. There is another state level tournament C.K. Naidu trophy for those having performed exceptionally well in playing Ranjee Trophy and draw rte attention of IPL team owners.
    Playing sincerely will land the candidates success in the process of their selections of different championship.

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