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  • BA degree from Mumbai University

    Facing an issue regarding distance mode degree? Want to know regarding its validity? Here, our ISC experts shall respond to your query and help you understand the truth.

    BA done through Distance Learning from Mumbai University . Is it valid teaching certificate to teach in Dubai? I have done D.Ed regular and B.Ed from distance learning also and have experience of 25 years in teaching. I have been teaching in Sharjah for the past two years but now they are saying that my BA is not valid since its done from distance mode.
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  • The University of Mumbai was established in 1857. It is one of the first three Universities in India. The University was accorded 5-star status in 2001. It is a university having an 'A' grade status from April 2012. It has been granted University with Potential for Excellence (UPE) status by UGC and PURSE Scheme by DST.
    This university established the Directorate of Correspondence Courses in the year 1971-72. In the year 1993, the same was upgraded as 'Institute of Distance Education'. It acquired a status as a 'University Institution'. The degrees offered by this institute are recognised for all jobs and further education purpose. As your BA is valid only, you are permitted to do B Ed. The school gave a post based on the same degree only. Why now they are telling this is not known. That is pure with the school administration only. You have to pursue the issue with them.

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  • You have not indicated the year of passing of the B.A. degree through the distance mode from Mumbai University. The degree earned through the distance mode is currently UGC recognised and is even enjoying NAAC accreditation. Hence in course of your further studies afterwards or even for your employment in both government sectors or otherwise, you will not face any legal problem.
    While opting for the distance mode, you are taken care of your regular assistance from the faculties, uninterrupted supply of course material and your doubt removal from the faculties.
    UGC recognition is valid from 2019 and onwards and in your case, if the qualification is earned earlier, you may contact the university officials for clarification of your doubts pertaining to validity of your degree earned through the distance mode.

  • As mentioned above, you have done graduation in distance mode from Mumbai university. So, you need not to be worried as Mumbai university is UGC recognised university and has allowed varsity's Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) for taking admission. Mumbai university is known as one of the oldest university. It has got grade 'A' status from April 2012. This university established the Directorate of distance education in the year 1972.
    As far as job opportunities are concerned, I think you will not face any problem in finding a job. Your degree is valid so you are allowed for further studies. For more information, you may contact university officials regarding validity of your degree.

  • Mumbai University is one of the best Universities of India. The problem you are facing is related to your service and career. I advise you to contact to university.

    Institute of Distance & Open Learning (IDOL)

    Phone Enquiry:
    022 - 2652 7086
    022 - 2652 3048

    Online Admission Helpline Enquiry:
    022 -  24020506
    Telephone Numbers of The various Officers/Departments of the IDOL

    Fax: 022 - 26527083


    Website: -

  • In UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah), they are very particular about the distance versus regular mode of education for the employment positions there. Though, earlier in some areas they did not bother much but with time when they found that in some positions people with doubtful educational credentials are working, they have applied stringent policies. These policies were initially applied for the medical and nursing areas but later these are being enforced in many areas including teaching. They do not consider distance degrees even from reputed places like University of Phoenix, Chamberlain College, Walden University, Excelsior, and of course including reputed Indian universities.

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