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    How to learn German language online

    Eager to learn German from an expert online tutor? Get expert recommendations about good online tutorial lessons to learn the German language.

    I am keen to learn German through online lessons. I would like to learn the language online with the help of an expert tutor. Can I get some good recommendations?
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  • There are many reputed online sites where one can learn German through a tutor. Then there are some sites where one can learn with self study and practice. Some of these sites are -
    1. Verbling - Here some tutors provide free basic courses also but others will charge $15-25 for one hour.
    2. - One hour daily one month course costs $40 here.
    3. Easy German - This provides a free trial lesson and the charges will be about $20 per hour.
    4. italki - You can select the course, tutor, and other things like timings and payment is through Skype virtual currency.
    5. German Online Institute - Offers lessons seven days a week, between 7AM and 11PM, Germany time. There is a free trial lesson also. Cost is $20-25 per hour.

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  • These days we see many websites from which we can learn various subjects including foreign languages also. The timings are flexible, the fees are less. There are some free websites also. For learning the German Language also you will find good websites. The following are some such websites.
    1 Fluentu: is the website where you can get courses for learning the German language. You can start with a 14-day free course. You will get the details from the website.
    2. DeutschAkademie. The website of this This site will teach the German Course. The focus is more on grammar language. Some courses here are also free of charge.
    3. Goethe- Institut: The website is The special feature is that you can get an individual teacher and you can learn the language from the basics. This is paid service only. No free courses here.
    4. This is also a good place to learn the german language and is good for both beginners as well as advanced learners. There are some free courses also available.
    5. Babbel: The website is Here you will find many courses basically aimed at beginners and for intermediate level people. You can select from the available courses.
    6. Deutsche Welle: Their website is You can learn some courses free of cost on this site.

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  • Though there are many online channels for learning a language, they are helpful to strong the fundamental of the language. But it is to search a tutor (sure he/she will be available )in your area. Through the tutor if you learn a language it is strong base to you. It enables you to pronounce the langage very correctly. It is applicable only for foreign languages. For learning Indian languages it is good to through website or self learning books and staying for a short period in the city/town of that language.

  • There is often a demand for jobs for foreign language experts in the market. Earlier, they were more needed in the call center itself, but now there is no shortage of work for electronic media, tour guides, or translators. You can learn the German language through various means -

    This is an app for learning foreign languages. On this, first, you have to provide some information about yourself and after that, the user will have to choose the language they want to learn. Here you will find at least 12 chapters, which you will have to proceed by completing one after the other.

    This app is available on Google Playstore and you can download it for free. If you do not have any knowledge of the German language, then you will be taught from the very beginning. After this, you will have to do all kinds of assignments, by practicing slowly, you will get to know that language better.

    Rosetta Stone
    There are 24 languages present in this app called Rosetta Stone. Like other apps, these apps also work. The special thing about this app is that a 30-minute class is given here daily. -
    Through this, you can strengthen your grip on the language with online classes every day.

    With all these, if you get an offline option then it would be best because learning any language does not only mean learning its letters and grammar, but the correct use of the language should also be used in colloquial so that your language has a good grip. Should and this experience will come only when you get such an atmosphere in the real world.

  • You can visit the below websites to get suitable platform to learn German language.

    There are various levels for the courses, you will need to select the suitable one.
    - A1 (Beginner)
    - A2 (Elementary)
    - B1 (Intermediate)
    - B2 (Upper Intermediate)
    - C1 (Advanced)
    - C2 (Proficient)

    Wish you all the very best for your career.

  • To learn a foreign language online is not a good idea if you want to learn for professional reasons. I am specific for the German language as I myself have done Advance Diploma (3-year course) in German. This language has different alphabets and pronunciations which is difficult to learn online. You may get multiple options online but I would suggest you get a personal tutor for the same if possible.
    Language is not a concept that you learn once, it is done. It is a matter of practice and your tutor will support you for the same whereas the online sites will just explain the things and provide the material, for which many videos are even available free of cost of youtube.


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  • German language is next to English language in terms of popularity. The best way to learn the same through the personal coaching through a professional tutor. There are certain words having difficult pronunciations and while speaking and writing the same, one would be required to be familiar with ascent how the same can be used for a better comprehension.
    The tutor would take care of essential grammar to be used in both spoken and writing. This will enhance your confidence level. Personal touch of the tutorial will alleviate your doubts and your learning skill towards this language will develop at a faster pace.
    Max Muller Society offers tuition with some nominal fee for the language of this language. You will have to find out if such a society exists in your area for your enrolment.

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