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    Best Webinar Software platform

    Interested in knowing the best online platform for conducting webinars? Searching for the best platforms here? Check out this page where our experts have provided suggestions to yuor query.

    After COVID-19, webinar usage have increased. In this regard, which one you would suggest or recommend as the best webinar software or app or its platform? Any special reason when compared with other webinar platform?
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  • There are many Webinar platforms available where one can have meetings, business interactions, video conferencing etc. Some are good for conferencing while some are good for marketing and other such needs. So, one has to select the Webinar portal as per the need and requirement. Let us go through some of the popular Webinars that are used by the people and business houses around the world.

    1. Zoom - This platform is very popular and caters to needs of conferencing, meetings etc. For limited use it is free but for specific functions and flexibility it offers paid version also. It is interactive and provides features like mute, unmute, live broadcasting, integration with Facebook and Youtube etc.

    2. Demio - It is a powerful platform and offers both automated or live webinars and has also a facility for hybrid mixing of pre-recorded and live recordings. It has facility of messaging, replays, analytics for performance assessment etc. It offers 50% discount to non-profit organisations.

    3. Livestorm - This platform offers many features like automated webinars, on demand Webinars, Live webinars, Polls, Instant meetings, Free training, Analytics etc. It is used mostly by software and tech companies.

    4. EverWebinar - It also has facilities like automate webinars, Just-In-Time Webinars, Block night-time viewing, Block dates, Time zone auto-detection, Free training, Integration with email, Analytics etc. Many organisations use it for automate screening of earlier recorded sessions.

    5. WebEx - It is an exhaustive platform providing many facilities like holding online meetings, events, training sessions, interactive presentations and team collaboration, Webinars and video conferencing, file sharing, call back etc. So, it is a good conferencing platform though not very popular for marketing efforts.

    6. WebinarJam - Its main feature is streaming live webinar and also provides recording, branded page customisation, Interaction, presentations, Password security, Analytics etc. Those who use the recording facility most of the time, can go for this platform.

    7. GetResponse - This is a webinar cum email marketing platform. It has features like Quick scheduling, YouTube integration, Recordings, Engagement, Password Security, Analytics etc.
    This is good platform and useful for those who use email marketing .

    8. ClickMeeting - This is another platform having many features like Recordings, Customisation of invitations, Assigning duties to other members in the team, Analytics etc. It is a good platform for those who are serious about marketing.

    9. Zoho meeting - This is a platform providing facilities for online meeting and webinar. It has screen sharing facility also. It is easy to operate in it and is affordable.

    10. On24 - This is a platform providing facilities for webinar, virtual event etc and is mainly popular for its facilities for business engagements and conversions of those engagements to revenue by the business houses.

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  • It is true that after COVID use of online webinars, meeting platforms has been increased. During COVID lockdown period people worked from home and even many people are still working from home and these webinar software has made the work very easy. Nowadays, there are several webinar software which are being used for learning, teaching, meetings, conferencing purpose. Some of the common online webinar software are as follows:

    1. Zoom: It is one of the most used and popular webinar platform and is being used for teaching, training, meetings, video /audio conferencing purposes.

    2. Cisco Webex: It is a widely used webinar platform which offers facilities for meeting, training sessions, video conferences and webinars as well. It offers, whiteboard, chat option, file sharing facility and calling facility also. It can accommodate up to 100 participants at a time. It has integration with the Facebook and YouTube hence, broadcast your webinar through social media. Mute/unmute option, hand raise option, chat option and file sharing are the most important features of this app.

    3. MS Teams: This online platforms offers a secure webinar It facilitates online meetings, audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, calling, file sharing, chat option, recording facility and attendees report etc. Screen sharing, desktop sharing facility is also there. You can also upload various files and manage data on MS Teams. This webinar platform can be used at any device like laptop, mobile, etc.

    4. Youtube & Facebook: These are the live streaming platforms which offers free webinar facility. You can stream a webinar on Facebook Live and Youtube Live. They are very easy to used and accommodate unlimited participants as most people has access to these apps.

    5. Google Meet: It is provide webinar and video conferencing facility. At a time, up to 150 persons can join the meeting. invitation, sharing facility is available. It can be directly used on laptop and no need to install an app. On mobile Google Meet App can be installed.

    6. Whatsapp: It also offer the online webinar facility.

    7. LiveWebinar: This webinar platform has several advanced features which make it more interactive platform. Some of the advanced features of this webinar platform are easy browser access, HD quality, HD recorder, white board, live streaming, statistics and reports etc. You can also use this platform at any type of device.

    8. GoToWebinar: It is a hassle free quick and virtual webinar system which provide several options like automatic email invitations, confirmations, reminders, attendance sheet, performance sheet, event analytics, source tracking, sharing and recording facility etc.

    9. WebinarNinja: It offers both free and paid webinar facilities. It also offers reports of webinar live performance and good to use for up to 100 attendees.

    10. Livestorm: It offers automated webinar facility i.e. you can schedule your webinar every hour replay at set time. It also offers on demand webinar facility in addition to live webinar. Instant messaging, free training facility is also available. Live performance analytics can also be tracked.

    11. Demio: It also offers private chat options, webinar performance analytics reports etc.

    12. WebinarEver: Like Livestorm, it also offer automated webinar facility, training facility, and provides analytics report. One of the most advanced features of it is the Time zone auto detection feature through which it can set webinars to different time zones. Block dates (for holiday or any desired date) facility is also avilable.

  • Zoom is a good webinar tool if you're on a budget, especially if the webinars you need to host are relatively short. At its most basic level Zoom webinar software is free. At the basic level you can host up to 100 participants and hold up to a 40-minute group meeting.

  • Webinars are the best plateforms to teach the audience, sell the products and services thus enriching knowledge in different skills. Selling can be enhanced by viewing the different tips and for other viewers this plateform could prove them a useful sight for improvement of their education, training and interaction with the different clients. During this pandemic phase, its importance has multiplied tremendously due to use of such apparatus while doing their office jobs from home.
    There are some efficient webinars helping us in many ways in delivering our tasks and some of online webinars are as follows -
    1) Demino - This plateform can attract the audience because of some of the salient features associated with this plateform such as uploading, slides or sharing of videos right inside the Demino. Excellent analytics provisions are being updated regularly where the clients can enjoy different programmes through the browser.
    2) Go to Browser- it has been one of the major leaders for the online meetings such as phone call options, drawing tools, video editors, screen sharing etc.
    3) Webinar Ninja - This consists of different webinars such as live, automated series or hybrid. Here you could enjoy chat , Q and A areas, polls and many more. it even includes webinar search engine so that the customers would be more inclined to this popular plateform.
    4) Livestrom - It has huge demand in the different companies like Intercom, Front, Page Drive and lot more. Some of the attractive features of this plateform is as follows -
    1) Custom Email
    2) Details of reports of different sites, instant messaging and free training
    3) Chat, Q and A , Polls etc
    4) Screen Sharing
    5) Integration of you tube, live, twitch or different live streams.
    5) Click Meeting- It is a great webinar having more than 1.5 Lakhs of clients attached to this plateform. This software can be used for sales, marketing, teaching and many more activities. You can attend meetings where there can be free flow of ideas of customers.
    6) Google Hangouts Meet- This plateform connects G suits for email and the Google Hangsout can be accessed whenever the situation arises. Meeting can be arranged for 100 clients on the basic version and the same is extendable for 150 customers for the business plan.

  • With the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is forcing businesses and people to avoid in-person events and conduct them in virtual background. Due to this many webinar platforms have cropped up that helps to build a more personal relationship with the customer, explore more about the product, brand, or classes and help the audience or customer to gain more knowledge about it. When we have some great webinar platforms that can provide to more high-quality needs, you need to focus on the type of people that you want to attend or visit, the industry or product that you want to market or sell, the professional area and expertise of the audience, features that are required like private chat, conduct pool, pre-recorded video for presentation, etc.

    Some of the best webinar platforms for your needs are listed below:
    1. Demio - It offers a modern and powerful platform where you can conduct automated or live webinars along with the option of playing pre-recorded and live recordings. As you are conducting the meeting, you can manage interactive polls, share live documents, conduct questions and answers, can send private/public messages to the organizer, etc.

    2. Webinar Ninja – It has integration with CRM system and over 1,000+ apps that help you to send email notifications, fuse live and pre-recorded components, have one or multiple presenters at a time, manage fully-automated replays on a schedule, etc.

    3. Blue Jeans – If you are looking for a large audience then this is a very good tool. You can host up to 50,000 attendees with and 150 presenters at a time, provides interactive open forum like question and answers, live polling, immersive video, enable and disable audio, etc. It offers s three interactive screens from which you can start your webinar broadcasting, view the participant list, have full moderator controls, or manage the event. It provides live streaming to Facebook Live and 24/7 premium support.

    4. Click Meeting – This is apt for small and medium-sized from 25 to 50 viewers. It has a user-friendly interface and furnishes clear directions to set up the event effortlessly with insights regarding the past and upcoming webinars for the viewers. You can conduct polls and surveys, connected to Facebook and YouTube, get feedback through interactive chat options, have multiple presenters, and also record the entire audio and video of the live sessions and then download the same from the cloud.

    5. Google Hangouts – It is a cool tool that is suitable for everyone whether it is for quick 1:1 meetings, small or medium, or a large-sized group. As it is a completely free solution, you can easily integrate it with your Google account (Chrome Browser and Gmail). It allows you to host a webinar for up to 30 people, share their screen and even record the meetings but for bigger audiences, you need to stream it on YouTube.

    6. Da Cast – It has no viewer limits, a User-friendly web conferencing interface, helps you manage and examine your online video, provides 24/7 customer support that is useful just in case you get trapped in the set-up process. It offers a very good incorporation of live video with APIs over social media platforms. You can also shoot live webinars and then post them at a later date or on-demand from audiences. It also gives interactive video on demand (VOD) solutions.

    7. Any Meeting – It is good for start-ups, educational institutes, and small organizations as it offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It has features like HD video broadcasting, automatic webinar recording, screen/ MP4 sharing, in-built surveys, reporting and Q&A sessions, live-chat, polls, and allows you to host up to 1000 audiences with up to 6 live speakers. It also checks your audience via email, etc.

    8. Live stream – The best part of Livestream software is that it provides automatic recording and storing of all your webinar events in the cloud with an unlimited storage facility and an unlimited number of participants/attendees can participate or view your webinar. It also offers limitless streaming analytics on Facebook Live or YouTube, has to chat with the attendees, conduct live polls or question and answers, generate leads for the business, share the private link, and dedicated customer support for your webinar events.

    9. Big Marker – It is very compatible with PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices and is a browser-based platform so, one does not need to download or install any app or software to get into a webinar. You can conduct webinars, summits, and virtual conferences with up to 10,000 people at one time and there is no limit on the number of presenters in the webinar but can get a good interactive experience with live Q and A's, polls, surveys, screen sharing, chats, handouts, etc. In order to conduct live events, it provides you with one-click meetings tools that include email invites for attendees, registration landing pages, and a reminder tool.

    10. My Own Conference – It is a good software if you wish to conduct multiple-webinars to Small Groups of 20 attendees. You can record your webinars in full HD and send them to attendees hence it is not required for the attendees to record or download the webinar session. It provides you to have instant messaging, share video conferencing, and screen with the team during webinars. You can share your personal or YouTube videos during your webinar. You can also conduct online quizzes, polls, surveys,s and interact with the audience. It helps you connect with your audience before, during, and after the webinar through their "always-on" webinar room.

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  • Webinars are known for virtual seminars in which interactions happen between a conductor and an audience. Since covid-19 spread in this world, the use of this software has increased manifold. Still, It is being used widely. It is used for various purposes such as marketing, education, videoconferencing, meeting etc. These days, many people are using this software working from home. Some of the popular webinars are as:-
    1.Zoom - Nowadays, It is one of the most preferable webinar platforms which is being used for multiple purposes. This platform provides high-quality audio, video and screen sharing.
    2.GoToWebinar - It is the most reliable webinar platform. Many things can be done through it such as marketing, training, or corporate communications etc.
    3.Demio - It is very popular as well as the best webinar platforms. It provides a modern and powerful platform. It having excellent features like uploading, slides or sharing of videos right inside the Demio. Customer can enjoy the different programme through it.
    4. Livestorm - The salient feature of this platform is automatic recording, unlimited storage facility and unlimited attendants. It also offers Instant messaging, a free training facility and many more thing. Live performance analytics can be used.
    5.Click Meeting- This webinar having more capacity to attach client. It is used for different purposes such as sales, marketing, teaching and many other activities.
    Apart from these, there are a lot of webinar platform such as WebinarNinja, WebinarJam, EverWebinar,ClickMeeting, Big marker,Da cast, Blue jeans etc.

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