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    What are these terms in affiliate marketing?

    Facing difficulty in understanding the terminology related to affiliate marketing? Want to know all the rules provided for marketing someone's product? Here, on this page our experts have responded to yuor query.

    In affiliate marketing of app or website these following are conditions that are allowed and not allowed to market someone's product. Can you explain me what are these rules they saying about? The other thing I want to know is text link means is that about link in our own website that we have created to explain someone's product.

    Adware & Cookie stuffing - Forbidden
    Text Link - Allowed
    Banner - Allowed
    Deals - Allowed
    Coupons - Allowed
    Cashback - Allowed but not passing cashback to users
    Email (Text) - Forbidden
    Custom Email (Text) - Forbidden
    Email (HTML) - Forbidden
    Custom Email (HTML) - Forbidden
    POP Traffic - Forbidden
    Native Ads - Forbidden
    Social Media - Forbidden
    Facebook Ads - Forbidden
    SEM - Brand Keyword(s) - Forbidden
    SEM - Generic Keyword(s) - Forbidden
    SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s) - Forbidden
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  • Adware & Cookie stuffing: Adware and Malware are the programs that are installed n the computer of the users without their knowledge or permission. Some of the common examples of malwares and adwares are pop-ups and spywares etc. Similarly cookie stuffing is a marketing affiliate technique, wherein a third-party cookie from a website (that is visited by the user) get installed on the computer of the user without his knowledge or permission.
    These web based cookie stuffing, malwares and adwares are used to generate fraudulent clicks and generate traffics on the websites. Adware & Cookie stuffing are not allowed.

    Text-Link: Text link is the text contained in a hyperlink. Sometimes some text is hyperlinked to the content that is relevant or closely related to the content given on the website and is useful for the user. Here you can give the links of some useful content, details of products and services as a text hyperlink.

    Banner: Banner ads are online graphical advertising that varies in pixels. Here some buttons are provided for the users and when a user click on this banners/buttons they immediately redirects to other websites.

    Deals and Coupons: These are the marketing affiliate programs and help a company to sell their products. They are also helpful to the customer to save their money while buying a product or a service. Hence, these programs can not be ignored.

    Cashback: It is also a tactic of affiliate marketing. Like deals and coupons, cashback also helps to improve the sales of a product. Cash back can be received by clicking your own page but can not be passed on to other users.

    Email : Through email marketing you can add any hyperlink of your website/blog page of your product/service and promote your product or services and send them newsletters. Email (HTML) - Forbidden & Custom Email (HTML) - Forbidden message may appears as sometimes email having HTML tags shows forbidden errors message.

    POP Traffic: It is a very popular ad format in affiliate marketing. Here traffic generated mainly from the Pop-ups or Pop-unders advertisements which will be forbidden.

    Native Ads: Native ads are paid content hence forbidden. Affiliate marketing can be done on social media. but it doesn't mean that you can send every kind of affiliate links on facebook posts/ads. There are some products and services also which can not be advertised on the Facebook.

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