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    Is homeopathy effective?

    Is homeopathy effective? Want to know the details here? Our experts shall respond to your query on this page.

    Some of my friends said that, homeopathy medicines can't be used as a cure for any disease. Is it right?
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  • In both the cases - chronic diseases or otherwise, Homeopathic system can take the diseases away but that requires an efficient Homeopathic doctor who could assess your temperament, your attitudes and other physical condition of the patients such as his sleeping habits, bowel issues, indigestion issues, his likeness for different food patterns. The query list may be exhaustive depending upon the doctor to arrive at his final conclusion in respect of administration of the medicine.
    This step is the crucial one and any suppression of the fact asked by the doctor might result in wrong selection of the medicines not producing any positive effects. In this stage, the patients need to be cooperative in the hours of query being the doctor.
    Once this phase is over satisfactorily, the dose prescribed by the doctor would work wonders depending upon the stage of the disease. Acute disease would not take that much time but if it is the chronic one, longer duration would required. Sometimes higher potencies of the medicines would be required to heal up the cure. However, permanent cure is possible in many of disease such Eczema, Liver disorders, Thyroid disorders, Sleeping disturbance and host of diseases provided the administered medicine matches with the body and mental constitutions of the patients.
    Let me illustrate a few examples in this context, If the patient is jealousy in nature, highly ambitious, having constipation issues, Nuxvomica would work best.
    Pulsatilla would work best for such ladies having high sensibility in nature and once fired, they start weeping.
    Arsenic would work in any disease if the patient is having constant thirst and needs small amount of water regularly for seeping.

  • No. That is wrong. Homoeopathy medicines are very useful and give permanent cure if properly used. It all depends on the expertise of the doctor. If the doctor is good and having experience, it is very effective. The doctor has to understand the patient well, get the maximum information from the patient and if possible their family history also. Then he has to diagnose the disease. Otherwise, they have to depend on the test reports. They have to find out the root cause and give medicine to cure that. This medicine is the second popular system after allopathy.
    The main point they follow is that the body will have its own curing mechanism. By giving some medicines which contain some minor quantities of natural substances like plants and minerals they stimulate the healing process. Once the medicine stimulates the process the curing process will become fast. The healing process may take some time but there will not be any side effects or unwanted effects on the health of the individual.
    I know many people who used this alternative medicine and got cured. This is used for a wide variety of diseases like Allergies, Migraines. Depression, Fatigue syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, Irritable bowel syndrome etc. But using this for life-threatening problems may not be suggested.

    always confident

  • Homeopathy is not derived from the modern sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medical Sciences, Geology etc. It has its own hypothesis and background through which we will go in details. The person who founded this system of curing the ailment was a physician named Samuel Hahnemann, grew up in Germany, who actually completed his normal medical degree in 1779. Many people do not understand the underlying principles and approach of homeopathy towards ailments and that is the reason that they do not believe in it.

    Hahnemann discovered one important thing which became the founding stone of homeopathy. He observed that if a person gets ill and develops some symptoms of an ailment after the consumption or interaction with some material or chemical or even poison like thing then a very small quantity of the same material given in very small doses (sometimes molecular levels) can cure that person from that ailment. It might appear as a strange doctrine but it is the basic principle of homeopathy. Though homeopathic principles are not seen in the Indian scriptures but surprisingly in our scriptures in Sanskrit language something akin to homeopathy basics is mentioned as 'Vishasya Vishaushadham' which means that poison is the cure for poison. Anyway, Hahnemann developed a robust system by doing some experiments for a long time and started to prescribe the so called homeopathic medicines which became so popular and attracted a number of patients and in that process Hahnemann became a very rich person by the time of his death in Paris, France.

    In the homeopathic treatment the doctor first listens to the details of symptoms and problems being faced by the patient and then shortlists some homeopathic medicines and also their potency and prescribes them to the patient. Generally patients will response to the medicines and if they do not recover the doctor will try with slightly changing the medicine or their combination or sometimes the potency itself. In simple ailments generally only one or two medicines are given but in complicated ailments a combination of 3 to 4 medicines is a common thing. The medicines come in tablet form as well as small sugar balls wet with he liquid medicine.

    Let us come to the most crucial part of the question whether it is effective or not. The point is that if the diagnosis is correct and the ailment is understood and pinpointed by the expert homeopathic doctor then he will be prescribing the exact medicine in exact potency and dose and it will show the results. That is one reason why there is a big crowd in the clinic of the reputed and famous homeopathic doctor.

    For those who are interested to learn more about homeopathy and its ways there is one authentic book 'Materia Medica' by Hahnemann. It is a very simple book and there are no complexities like physiology, anatomy, pharmaceuticals etc as in the modern medical science and incidentally I have gone through that book and confirm that anyone can read it, learn it, and even start practicing homeopathy. Only thing is to become an expert, one has to do a lot of hard work and also undertake a large number of clinical studies by sampling a large number of patients.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Homoeopathy is known for the treatment of any ailment. It is not based on the modern medical system but it depends on the belief which the body can cure itself. In this treatment, people use little amount of natural substances so as to body stimulate the healing process.
    It was founded by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany. It works on the law of similar, in which medicine is very helpful in curing disease. According to the National Institute of Health Trusted Source, homoeopathic medicine works on two theories: Like cures like and the law of minimum disease.
    As far as I know, homoeopathy medicine is very effective if it is used properly. I used this medicine several times and found a better result. Before using this medicine, there is a great need to diagnosis the disease and then use medicine accordingly. One important thing, you should always consult an expert doctor so that you could get better treatment. Oftentimes, we don't get better medicine due to the lack of a good doctor.

  • The treatment of homeopathy may be a bit long, but it removes the problem from the root. Also, it does not have any side effects, so most people prefer homeopathy treatment. However, there is a way to take these medicines. Homeopathic medicines can be stored for three years or even longer. Their medical strength is not exhausted, it is just required that you take them properly and maintain them. Some care should be taken while you are taking homeopathic treatment -

    1 While taking homeopathy medicine, you should take special care of some things. Never take the medicine in your hands, rather take it directly in the mouth. The best way to take homeopathic pills is to place them under the tongue.
    2. Do not eat or drink anything half an hour before and half an hour after taking the medicine, otherwise the effect of the medicine is late.
    3. Never keep these medicines in a place where sunlight comes. Apart from this, avoid keeping it even in a place where strong smells like perfumes are used.

    Homeopathic medicines are prepared from animals, plants, mineral residues, and other natural substances through a standard method called energy or inter-empowerment. The medical system also claims to treat polycystic ovary syndrome from those diseases - diabetes and psoriasis - for which no cure is currently available in allopathy, or any other western medical practice.

    Homeopathy is a trustworthy method. It is possible to treat many diseases, but if there is an emergency, then the patient will not have to resort to homeopathy, so treatment should be decided based on the situation.

  • Homeopathy is a branch of medical science. The origin of Homeopathy is Germany. There are many medical colleges in India to teach homeopathy treatments. Calcutta is a major center of homeopathy in India. Many centers in India offer certificate courses in homeopathy. Many who have completed such a certificate course have indeed become doctors, prescribing drugs and selling some drugs at exorbitant prices, which has tainted this medical field. Many people find this treatment extremely unattractive, the medicine is given to all patients is only a drop of the drug into the small sugar balls in a small glass bottle. But we must know that there is many powerful tincture (essence) form of medicine are also used in homeopathic remedies.
    While all branches of medicine treat the disease, homeopathy is said to treat the cause of the disease. Other therapies only treat the disease with medication and suppress the disease. Therefore, the disease appears in every season. Everyone says homeopathy is the best for diseases that affect young children. But homeopathic remedies are also effective for adults.
    Of course, if you see a Homeopathic doctor with good practice and take medicine, the disease will go away. They cure the causes of the disease. Therefore, the diseases that have been completely cured will not come back later. There will be no side effects from this type of drug. If you have a condition that has been suppressed by taking other medications before, you will only fully recover after taken out such suppressed diseases with Homeopathic medicine. Then the disease will not suffer you again. Caffeine is against these medicines and so you must avoid using coffee and tea when you consume the Homeopathic medicine.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

  • Homeopathic treatment is a long term treatment and is based on the study of the various symptoms as observed by the Homeopathic doctor after discussing with the patient in a thorough way. In many ailments the homeopathic treatment helps in quick redressal of the ailments but in many others it takes a long time and often the doctor has to change the medicines prescribed. There are certain precautions during the administration of homeopathic drugs and the doctor will alert the patient in that context. Depending upon the severity of the illness the dose and strength of the Homeopathic medicines is prescribed. These medicines are generally very cheap and easily available in the market.

    Sometimes the diagnosis of a patient is not correctly done due to the limitations of understanding the symptoms as many symptoms are common to many ailments and very confusing and segregating them from one another is a difficult task and in such cases the prescribed medicines may not be effective. That is why the Homeopathic doctors will call the patient after some time and see the progress and if there is no improvement prescribe another set of the medicines.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • We may see slow reaction or no reaction of any homeopathic medicine if the same is administered by any doctor but once the patient calls on some other doctor taking full interest of the patients with his eagerness to know his personality, nature, temperament, liking, disliking and his preferences in respect of food patterns and collecting the entire details with his patience hearing, the medicines prescribed by him starts working.
    Hence we may conclude safely that the fault does not lie with its modes of preparation but calls for investigation of several aspects relating to behaviour and mood of the patients so that the prescribed medicines work for a particular patient.
    If the lower potency of a medicine does not work, the same if given on the higher potency would show amazing results. Here the experience of the doctor matters a lot in the process of curing the patient.

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