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    Frustrated with my job and not able to work in technical profile anymore

    Are you facing difficulties at your job front? Wondering whether one needs to switch the domain and how can one do so? Here, on this page our experts shall respond to your query.

    I have done BE in Information Technology and working for past 8 years. Initially I worked as technical support Engineer for 1.5 years and later started working as data analyst. I am not successful enough in this particular role as I am not able to upskill or able to survive in the current company. They keep mocking at my performance and make me feel as an under performer. I feel there is no job security as I might get fired anytime soon. I need help in order to change or switch my career. I'm completely blank as to go where whether to stay in technical or switch to non technical. I'm not getting any calls. I'm not a great skilled guy in my profile as I have tried to manage so far but in future I will not be able to. Can you help provide me with guidance and support?
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  • Your basic skills are in IT area but you are not able to upgrade your skills which is so vital in this particular stream. That means that growth potentials will be blocked at least in that particular company for you. Let us consider some of the options in this desperate situation. Before we discuss and elaborate on those alternatives one thing that I would advise and suggest is that the world is a tough place to survive and excel as there is competition everywhere and it is not only tough but also cut throat. So, frustration and desperation will not help and it is to be substituted with hard work and satisfying attitude. Today there are so many qualified people who are doing menial jobs as the demand in the industry and work places is far less than their production in the universities and institutes.

    When we are thinking to switch a job then we have to consider some important things like our interest area and industry renumeration in that job etc. It could be substantially different from what you are getting here. So if teaching job is your interest area and you feel that hassles will be less there then you can acquire some qualification like B.Ed. and then try in the educational institutions. You can even think of doing your Masters and then go for NET and then lectureship in some college. If you have a god teaching potential you can even think of joining a private coaching centre.

    Another option is some office job. Which means use of basic applications like spreadsheets, power points, basic financial packages (invoice/tax) etc and use them for the assigned work. These are generally assistant level jobs and clerical in nature and do not require much efforts but require quick compliance.

    Have you got some interest in banking, insurance, and commerce sector. If yes, you can do some short term course and then try to seek for related positions.

    If you have a knack for field work then there are good opportunities in filed jobs in which an engineering graduate has to supervise the various repair and maintenance works done by the mechanics. Field means it is a round in the town or city from one installation to other. This may look like a strenuous job but it will be at least available.

    Please do not link your academic background with your livelihood. One can do anything and not necessarily in ones core area only. So, have you ever thought about opening a shop or some other self employment endeavour? There is opportunity but has to be taken up after due deliberations.

    Knowledge is power.

  • One thing is true that unless otherwise, one performs well, chances of survival in the holding job is also not sure. We should devotee our time and concentrate on the task on hand and see that we will complete them properly. Then only we will not have the threat of losing the job. One should get updated with the latest developments in the subject. So we have to focus on the job and try to do some certificate courses in the related fields so that we will be sure of continuing on the job. Anyhow you are not happy with the present technical work and hence you want to change the job. I advise you to continue in the present and obtain new skills and focus on the job. Then you will be definitely successful. Please remember that a bird in the hand worth to in the bush.
    If you feel you can't do a job that involves technical work, there are other administrative and non-technical jobs also. You can apply for bank jobs. You have to appear for a written test and interview. You are eligible for both clerical jobs and officer post also. Similarly, you can try for the UPSC examination also so that you will become an IAS or IPS.
    You can get into teaching jobs. For that, you have to do your PG and then you have to get qualified in the NET examination. After M Tech, you can join as a lecturer in some private college and start working and concentrate on NET examination. While working as lecturer you can work for your PhD also, Alternatively, you can do B Ed and join any school as teacher. You can do B.Ed also by distance education mode.
    Alternatively you can do an MBA also by distance mode and try various jobs in marketing, administration and allied areas.

    always confident

  • What I feel that you have been quite sentimental these days thinking regarding your suitability in the present job. There are a few suggestions from my sides and by going through these points. you might be able to shed your negative emotions relating to your career prospects-
    1) You had been in the technical support initially and later you were moved to data analyst. You are thinking that you are a under performer and for that you did not clarify the same from your superior boss. You should have a frank talk with your boss pointing his specific needs where you should improve. What are his expectations and how the targets of the company could be achieved. He may set your deadline and that can help you in achieving your future goal
    2) In the event of failure of getting any results despite your best effort, you may think of changing of your organisation since data analyst has promising job prospects and in case you change the organisation, you will have the different environment having a different boss and his attitude would help you in your career growth.
    3) Think of some certifications related to IT modules such as Oracle, SAP, Accounting and application of any one of them would improve your job skill in the IT field and staying in IT domain coupled with such certifications will improve your chances of getting a job with a better prospects in the future.
    4) If the points indicated above are not fascinating you, take up admission in M.E/ M.Tech and then clear your NET provided you secure at least 55 percent marks. In that you can join lecturership in an engineering college. Later take up the doctorate degree.
    5) With you existing qualification, you can go in for a B.Ed degree and later you may try for the school teacher. The only point is that it would be a time consuming affair if B.Ed is done on regular mode. You can try the same through the distance mode while doing your regular job in the day time. Once you pass out B.Ed course try for the job of the school teacher.
    6) If you are interested for Banking Probationary Examination, you may try for the same. Ensure that you have not crossed the age limit for such examinations.

  • From your narration, I presume that the main reason for your present predicament is your selecting the BE course stream. I guess that you had not done enough evaluation before joining the particular course stream or you did not make yourselves aware of the various opportunities and job nature before you started your BE course. It also seems that you had not put enough hard work and focus on your studies and subjects to score grades and also update knowledge. Let this be a hint for those who take courses without any relevance and understanding.

    But please do not worry. The world has opportunities for all. Hence you also have opportunities and alternatives provided you chose the one relevant and suited to your interests and interests. You have to be practical as well.

    You had been a support Engineer and also data analyst. Which one of these two you liked and enjoyed? Or you did not like both? Please ask the question yourself. You would have seen other colleagues working in different sections. Did you like any of those? Did you feel that you would be able to do well in those sections? If so discus with your superiors frankly, and seek their help to improve your performance or change sections. Then put sincere hard work there. Learn and update skills by discussing with your other colleagues, joining some short term courses etc.
    If you totally dislike the field itself, then start applying for the general non-technical jobs available for any graduate. You can apply for IBPS tests and then at relevant time join banks. Or there are many numbers of general jobs where the basic eligibility is just a graduate degree. You can apply for them.

    However as you have studied and worked in the IT field it will be easier to continue in the same with some changes as suggested in earlier paragraphs. "Present fears are les than horrible imaginations". You may not be able to see much people who are hundred percent satisfied with their jobs. Try to change your feeling and start a new attitude of liking your everyday work. Whatever relevance is there about your studied subjects in your day to day job, you may again read and reinforce those areas and meaningfully try to apply or see the relevance in practical terms.
    If still these are not giving positive results, then change the job and try new job. But before that apply for suitable jobs and simultaneously try for new skills and updating.
    Where there is a will, there is a way. Best Wishes.

  • As you said that you are not feeling secure for the job and you are not able to give that much work towards your work, then it would be better that you take a break from the job for a few days and then return to it. Increase your dedication and interest in the company. If you do not want to do this, then resign from the current company and then take a break, but do not apply to any other company immediately. Instead, do a course that gives you a new direction in your career. There may be many job options for an information technology-related degree holder, the fields related to IT sector software are as follows -

    App developer
    The hardware
    Software developer
    Hardware field

    There are some courses which will help you to choose a good new option, but keep in mind that this time, choose the course while giving your interests priority.
    Artificial Intelligence - AI is an area of computer science. It involves making machines that work like humans. They perform well for intelligent machine planning, speech recognition, learning, and problem-solving.
    Cyber Security - Internet and technology have benefited our lives and there are some dangers as well. In recent times cases of computers being hacked have increased. This not only threatens a particular person or company but also threatens everyone. Therefore, in today's time, the government and organizations are taking cybersecurity very seriously and there is a great demand for professionals in this field.
    Graphics Designing - You can also pursue this course, this will help you to find a good direction in graphic designing.

  • The harsh reality is that many do not understand that excuses do not matter in this world.

    We have this problem, and we have that problem and that is it. What now then? Here the unfortunate part is that those created a sort of tendencies within themselves wherein only those are made to suffer in this world while the others have received fortunes. This is a complete misunderstanding on their part because the individuals who seemed to have carrying the fortunes are also carrying the liabilities too in equal proportions. The only difference here is that a particular type has learnt how to keep up with the things while the others just play the blame game doing the excuses.

    My question is who has stopped you?

    I want you to please go outside and observe the individuals around you. Each of them is busy struggling and each one of them are busy fighting others. Even after performing they are not getting a good treat, but they are moving forward bit by bit. Different individuals may have different perceptions about what inspires or motivate them but at least they have been able to find something which may continue to work for the rest of their life, and perhaps this is what the life is all about.

    It is now over one year that we have been fighting with Corona pandemic and during this period major commercial activities were stopped and due to this big numbers had lost their businesses and jobs but now the things seem to be settling and this may take few more Months to recover.

    If you are not able to switch to some other profiles, then grow the portfolio that you are already working in. I would not like you to not prefer giving resignation on your own till company began to feel the same on their end.

    On a professional front, I would want you to stop immediate reactions to your superiors and colleagues and at the same time improve the habit of listening. I have worked on these two and benefitted a lot and simultaneously improve on your profiles and expand your area.

    Quitting is not a solution.

    Finally, I would want you to read the life stories of the biggest personalities who started with nowhere but reached to the level they are known to the world. This will help a lot in developing the perception of your life in more positive ways.

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