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  • Which is the best website to practice speech for kids?

    Looking for a speech therapy online class for kids to help your child improve verbal communication skills? Get expert suggestions on the best online classes to improve speech in children.

    Nowadays a lot of kids need to improve their talk and have clear speech so it is advised to join speech therapy classes. Regular classes are very expensive. Can anybody suggest online speech classes for kids?
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  • These days there are many virtual ways for improving the speech skills of children. such as games, books, and language modelling activities. These sites are useful to improve their speech and language. Speech Buddies Connect is one such network. On this site, you can find and book appointments with top-quality, certified & local speech professionals.
    In addition to the above, there are many websites to help the kids in this line. Some such sites are mentioned below.
    1. is a website that will be useful for speech therapy. There are a number of online interactive activities for students.
    2. is a good website for Children going to school. There are some language-based games that will help the individual to improve his language skills. There are resources available.
    3. is a website that helps us in improving our vocabulary, grammar, reading, math etc.
    4. This is a great website for school going children and their parents. This website is having a variety of activities for children.
    5. Articulation Games: The site is This site is having a variety of games that help the children to improve clarity in pronunciation.
    6. The Tongue Twister Database: Children can practice speech sounds and giggle on this site.
    You can try any of the above sites for your kid.

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  • Many children have deficiency in speaking and it requires to be corrected through speaking practices and better communication skills. There are many sites in the net which help the children in learning language, in speaking, in speed reading and fluency etc and depending on the particular need a site can be selected. Some sites offer games to children and during playing those games the children learn the speaking and expressing their ideas just like that. They like such sites where through fun activity the proficiency in speaking is achieved. Then there are sites which give emphasis on spellings and correct English writing. Many sites are free but there are some premium services also for which generally the sites offer a trial version also. Let us now go through some popular and reputed sites where one can explore it for speech proficiency.

    1. Talking Pierre the Parrot - This is a popular fun way to listen to what one speaks and then try the same sentence in other ways or try some different sentence. It is an interesting application in which the sentence spoken by the child is repeated by the application in a funny way and then the child can go on speaking and talking hearing the mimicking voice by this application. It engages the child for quite long and is an interesting app for speaking practice. It is free.

    2. TallyTots - This works only in iPhone environment and is recommended for speech therapy. It is not free and costs $2.99. There are mini games and puzzles through which the child gets engaged. There are activities like counting the numbers, word combinations etc.

    3. LeapFrog - This is a site which offers 2 month trial period for the users. The learning of the words, sentences, and stories and their reading is achieved through games in a creative style and through these ways the speaking fluency of the child is enhanced and his comprehension also improves.

    4. FunBrain - This also offers many online fun games for free through which the language proficiency is enhanced. There are many games which cover many aspects like reading, speaking, vocabulary, grammar etc.

    5. Scholastic - This is also a game packed site and offers many games and activities to the children through which they learn many elements of the language like speed reading, fluency, speaking, using different words etc

    Many children have some defects in their speaking ability and though it is minor but is a matter of concern for the parents. In order to correct those shortcomings we require some material which is created from that point of view. So if such a thing is present in this particular case then there are some sites which might be more useful and some of them are - Speech and Language Kids, The Communication Trust, Special Needs Jungle, British Stammering Association, Busy Bug Kits, The SpeeL, Autism Teaching Strategies, Playing With Words 365, Talking Point, Free language stuff etc.

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  • Nowadays, speaking problem and lack of clear communication is going to be a common problem among kids. The main reason behind it is the nuclear family as well as working parents. But, no need to be worried about it as there is a lot of website available which helps in improving the communication skill of children. Some of them are as:- - It is a very good website for online stories and interactive activities for preschoolers and elementary-aged students. It would help your kids in improving communication skill.
    2. - It is one of the best websites for preschoolers and young children. Children who having interest in the Spot book series will love the fun language-based games.
    3. This website is very useful for kids as It offers several free online games for kids. It includes a variety of topics such as vocabulary, grammar, reading, math and many other things.
    4. - It is a great website for preschool and school-age children and their parents. It includes a variety of games and activities for children related to popular characters and children's books such as Clifford, Magic School Bus, Walter Wick, and I Spy.
    5. The Tongue Twister Database - It is also a good website for improving speech skill. This website helps kids very nicely in tongue-twisting and pronunciation.

  • This is one way rich people expectation. Normally I have seen many parents, house persons used to have the tender child in hands and talking to the child with smiling faces. Parents used to talk with the child while taking outside whether the child reacts or not. In due course the child starts talk well. Many parents of present era have no time to spend with children. You can see the film of Nagarjun with his child acted in Telugu movie which later dubbed in Tamil.

  • It becomes difficult to take care of their kids especially in the current pandemic phase when the parents are engaged in their office work while remaining at home and at the same time their kids are to developed in the direction of better interactive skills. They can encourage their kids with different speech therapy software apparatus. Some of the apparatus for the improvement of the kids in relation to their speech therapy are as follows-
    1) Talk time with tucker - This is rather a voice activated programme encouraging the kids to learn the session with interest. Kids would be required to speak before the microphone and they would be encouraged to talk Tucker through a series of adventures making them interested for the further lessions.
    2) Tiger Tale - This plateform encourages the kids to speak initially lacking interest in the speech. The interesting features is that the children could record their own voice and the same could be heard in the convenient time. This programme is the fine combination of positive approach towards their learning and encouraging their skills

    It is definitely a great website for both pre school and school going children including their parents. This programme would handle varieties of activities for their brain development. This would ultimately develop their speech skills.
    4) Fun - Here you would get lot of free online games especially designed for the kids. This plateform covers vocabulary, grammar, reading, maths blended with the thrilling funs during the learning session.
    5) Articulation Station- This apparatus is popular because of immediate voice recording so that you can have get instant feedback, scoring and other related data. This would encourage the children to use new words while forming sentences. In the later session kids would be encouraged to frame sentences with the words practiced earlier.

  • Nowadays there are many speech problems. Some parents believe that their children will gradually overcome these disorders or problems that are unclear. In some cases, these disorders disappear with age, but some disorders are permanent in nature. Every parent should read about the myths and facts related to speech in children and clear their doubts. You should consult a speech therapist or speech therapist. They are better trained to observe such disorders. It is very important that after confirmation of speech problems, parents learn about speech therapy or speech therapy for children and start as soon as possible. Delay in speech therapy for children can affect a child's confidence.

    These are the websites that can help a child in speech therapy.

    But with this, it is important that parents should help their children in speech therapy at home as well, for this, take special care of some things -
    1. Mother or father can start the child's day with simple talk. The child should be involved in the conversation, making sure that the child is also responding to you. The more the child talks and communicates, the faster he or she will become fluent.
    2. Children get excited talking about school activities and games, talk to the child as much as possible, this contributes to the speech therapy practice. Talk as much as possible.
    3. Read stories to your children that include pictures, tell the child to repeat the story by pointing to the pictures. Acting is a good at-home speech therapy practice. Ask the child to repeat the story you have read. Let them act out the characters using their imagination.
    4. Give full concentration to the child. While talking to the child, do not focus on other work.
    5. Do not rectify their mistakes unnecessarily and repeatedly. Hear and encourage their conversation positively. Teach them to discuss properly. Gently instruct them to look at the person they are talking to. Tell them not to stop the other person in the middle of the conversation and wait for their turn to come.
    6. Teach them to request something if they want something. Teach them that nothing should be disturbed by anyone. Always praise the child and encourage him to speak. Praise a task or a game at its completion.

    Speech therapy practices are common at home. Your child's speech therapist will advise you on specific exercises. Parents play a very important role in getting the child to overcome speech disorders.

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