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    What is the procedure to study abroad?

    What is the procedure to study abroad? Looking out for details here? Find responses from experts for your query.

    What is the procedure to study abroad? Please explain
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  • There was a time when getting education abroad was considered the privilege of a few of the people but today their are so many changes taken place that planning and going abroad for education is not a difficult project. Many universities abroad are wooing the international students to join them and get education and then even help them in the placement. For the poor people there are some scholarships also which are given for the genuine cases. So if one has plan to get education abroad then one can definitely think in this direction.

    The basic procedure is to apply for a course in a foreign institute / university depending upon ones interest and based on the existing qualifications. One can plan to go abroad even after doing ones High School or HSC or UG course or PG course and it also depends on the overall objective of getting education from there. In many cases this is due to the inherent desire to get a job there itself. In other cases it could be to add foreign degrees in ones kitty to pave way to get a position in the multinational companies. So, one has to go through the college and university portals of the various universities abroad in different countries and find out the available courses, fee structure, cost of living in that country and then shortlist the course and country of interest. Presently USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland etc are being selected by students for their course of interest. Study opportunities are also there in countries like China, UAE, South Korea, Taiwan etc.

    After this one has to apply online in the institute portal and give all the details about the existing educational qualifications and other relevant details. The scanned copies of the documents asked are to be uploaded in the system. A detailed CV should also be uploaded. Most of the institutes abroad insist for the summary transcript of one's educational records and for that one has to get it from ones last institute in a neatly printed form. Please note that your marks and scores in the earlier examinations should correctly reflect in the transcript so that it gives them an eye view of your educational credentials. Another thing which is to be appended with the application form is statement of purpose and one has to give the details as why one wants to get education from that country and what are the objectives and it is natural that one has to give one's career planning and aspirations in that. Please note that the application form should be filled in very meticulously and all the details are to be given without hiding any facts as omission of same, if found at a later stage, may get in cancellation of the admission. So applying in the institute with all the correct details is the first and foremost thing and meanwhile one has to undergo some foreign language proficiency test also like TOEFL or IELTS or equivalent which is mandatory to seek admission there. A successful completion in this test with acceptable scores is essential. One should get a score above about 55 in TOEFL and above about 5.5 in IELTS for considering it as successful for admission purposes. However some universities abroad are not very particular about these scores and allow even some lower scores also but it depends on other information and data about the student.

    Once the admission is accorded then there are two main formalities - one is to pay the fees and other is to apply for student Visa. Fee can be paid online generally for the first semester and for Visa one has to apply to the respective embassy or their Visa agent in our country and as the Visa application process is quite elaborate, one can take help of some agent also in that as a lot of documentation and procedure is involved. The most important point is that one has to show some source of funds for this proposed education course abroad and it could be in the form of parents assets or some bank loan etc. Even proof of loan from relatives and friends would suffice for the purpose.

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  • In the olden days, people used to find it very difficult to travel abroad for study purpose. A few people only were used to make it. But these days there is no difficulty in going abroad for continuing their education. Many students are travelling to Canada, Australia, and other countries and studying there. Some of them are settling thereby getting employment there themselves.
    1. The first step is to decide what to study and where to go. Many of the people will decide on their own about the course they want to study. Then find out the universities offering that course. Before you decide on the institute where you want to study. know about the course content, opportunities for further studies or research, campus life and job opportunities. Once you get the information and decide on the best institute. You should also get the information regarding the expenses and compare it with your budget. Also, look for scholarship opportunities.
    2. If you know anybody studying there talk to them and get further information. If nobody is known, some agencies provide correct information. You can contact them. But you should be very careful in choosing these agents. There will be some agencies who will deceive you.
    3. You can go through the website of the institute you have chosen. The procedure for application will be mentioned there. You can apply as per the procedure. If you have chosen any agency, they may support you in this application process If there is a need that you have to clear IELTS or any other similar examination, you should complete that.
    4. Once you apply for the course, the institute authorities will go through the same and if any oral discussion or any other steps are there, they have to complete. Then the authorities will inform you about the acceptance of the application. You can't depend on a single institute. You have to apply for multiple institutes and multiple courses. Then the chances of getting a positive result from at least one institute for one subject will be more. If you got more than one positive offer, you can select the best one.
    5. Then you have to apply for a Student Visa. You can apply for a visa directly or you can go through an agency also. Again a caution the agent should be reliable. The procedure and papers required will be different from country to country. You have to follow the prescribed procedure. Indian Passport and other papers required are to be attached to your Visa application.
    6. Once your Visa is sanctioned, you have to make your travel plan and arrange tickets accordingly. If the institute offered you accommodation on the campus, you can directly go there. Otherwise, you have to decide where you have to stay and make arrangements accordingly. Make all the required arrangements and travel as per the tickets reserved.

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  • Hi,
    As you want to know about the procedure to study abroad, I would simply recommend you to go to Education section, Select the last option i.e. study abroad . Here, on this page, you will get all the information that you are searching for like:
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  • The answer of this question lies where the aspirants want to move for their studies abroad, Indian students are much more inclined to move US, UK, Australia, Canada etc. Aspirants should keep in their minds that except for US, admission procedures for the remaining countries are simple involving less expenditures and the procedures are hassle free and simple.
    The aspirants should have completed IELTS examination and should update their academic achievements including IELTS scores. The aspirants has to browse the international students admission procedure where they would get offer within a couple of weeks. However, the instructions their in are to be followed religiously so that no points indicated are missing.
    The following are the essential features for applying to the US universities for the post graduate degrees.
    1) They should complete the GRE examination with decent scores.
    2) They should be ready to clear the English Knowledge Proficiency Test either TOEFL or GRE scores.
    3) Recommendation letter from at least three university professors would be required.
    4) If employed, they would be required to produce the recommendation of their employers.
    5) There are a lot of universities in the US and hence prior to admission, it would be better on their part to review the universities or still better, they should extract the feedbacks of the students having undertaken such courses for which they have inclinations. Finally they have to decide based upon their professional backgrounds, academic backgrounds and their achievements in the GRE scores.
    6) The aspirants have to attach a little bit rhetoric essay stating their intentions and purpose of studying in the United States.
    Hope the aspirants would complete all these formalities so as to be inducted in one of the leading universities according to their potentials.

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