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  • Cricket coach job in noida

    Want to become a cricked coach? Looking out for opportunities in Noida? Check out tihs ask Expert page where our experts have responded to your query.

    What are the various cricket coach jobs in Noida?
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  • There are many cricket clubs in Noida. There are some schools where they appoint cricket coaches to coach the students of their institute in their institute.
    You have not mentioned anything about your qualifications and experience. Anyhow what I suggest is to make your CV with all the details of your qualifications, experience in various fields including your experience as a coach if any should be highlighted in your CV. Then upload your CV in jobs portals like etc. You will receive alerts from them if there are any chances or you can also search the site for jobs available in your field and you can apply accordingly.
    You can also try to meet the managements of these cricket coaching clubs and apply in person. They will help you if they have any suitable post for you. You can also refer to various newspapers and job portals and apply as mentioned in the advertisement.
    If you have a good experience, you may be having some good friends also. You can take their help. If you are financially sound and if you have any interest in starting a coaching club you can think of starting the same.

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  • Cricket has been the passion of many youngsters and once the child attains the age of six, he would start picking up the tricks related to this game. The biggest advantage for you is you are living in Noida City known for numerous hubs providing specialised coaching in the field of cricket through the different academics.
    However, you have not indicated your background in the field of cricket play and your experience relating to guiding the aspirants. Before being inducted as a coach in the cricket, your experience should be known to the cricket academics apart from your style of coaching. In case, you are having some experienced certificates issued by competent authority indicating your role as fast bowler or wicket keeper having experience more than five years, it could widen your chance of your employment in a school as a game teacher.
    The role of the cricket coach is to identify the strength and weakness of the team member and being a coach of the team you should guide the players in such a way that the game strategies could be developed among the team members with suitable training, enhancing the gaming skills and motivating them in the hours of frustration. His role is not to interfere with the role of the captain but enthusing their motivation could lead to victory of the team. Hence the coach should be mentally alert making the team stronger despite some weakness of the members.
    With your sufficient experience in this line, you can apply for better placement elsewhere.

  • For becoming a cricket coach one has to have a good grip of this game either learned through experience and self mode or by attaining a cricket coach certificate from some cricket academy in our country. I assume that you have that basic skill with you and can coach the aspiring people in that area covering all the aspect of good bowling, batting, wicket keeping, fielding, and other associated functions like exercising and stamina building.

    I would suggest you to upload your bio data / CV in the job portals like naukri, quikr, times job etc and then sort out the openings mentioned there for jobs in this particular area. You will find many of them pinpointed for Noida area and then you can start interacting or applying in them. One popular name in Noida is Mayoor School.

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