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  • Need career guidance in accounting and finance freelancing

    Looking out for career guidance for free lancing in finance? Want to know the best websites where one can register and freepance? On this page our experts shall respond to your query.

    Is there any website which provides freelancing for accounting, taxation and finance? Please let me know those and their procedure to register and work. If you have some prior experience in such sites, then I would like to have your suggestions.
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  • If you are a qualified finance and accounts person having knowledge of taxation and other related matters then definitely there is a scope to work in the internet in some specific site where one can register giving his details and experience and then take up the available tasks or jobs or even micro jobs and submit ones work and if approved and acceptable the commensurate remuneration will be credited in the account of the freelancer. Please note that internet gives an opportunity to everyone to work but as there are a large number of qualified people in this world in every stream it is natural that there will be tough competition in such freelancing sites to grab a piece of job and submit a good solution to compete with others and have a pie of the revenue. With that in mind let us go through some of the portals where such an opportunity exists and one can take part in the work.

    1. Summit CPA Group - They provide remote accounting jobs to be executed online by the freelancers in the areas of accounting, finance, and taxation. Mainly useful for small businesses.

    2. Supporting Strategies - There are bookkeeping, HR, payroll, accounts payable, and billing and accounts receivable related opportunities in this site to be taken up by the freelancers.

    3. UnitedHealth Group - This is related to the finance and accounts area only but mainly has remote job opportunity in health care and insurance areas but one can try to work in this may be after doing some certificate course in health care documentation and insurance contracts.

    4. Robert Half International - There are jobs available in Payroll, Accounts receivable, legal, and HR areas. One can go through the modalities here before taking up any assignment.

    5. Accounting Principals - In this online place many functions are available for searching a work of ones choice and these areas are Accounts payable and receivable, Data entry, Bookkeeping, and financial analysis, Payroll , Financial Reporting, General Ledger etc.

    6. Bookminders - This site provides the accounting services to its small business customers through a network of accountants working from home and one can explore the various possibilities here.

    One thing that I want to add is these are only some well known names in the internet but there could be a number of others having their own strengths and one can explore them also using the proper SEO tags and search engines. Another important thing is that when one takes up work in online then it becomes like a self employment situation and then the whole onus of success and results are dependent on the individual as site will not be able to help in the skill developments as it would only be giving a platform to work using one's abilities and knowledge. With that in mind one has to work hard in understanding the process in any particular site and perform the available tasks with utmost proficiency.

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  • The following are some of the websites to which you can refer.
    1. Toptal is a network of top freelance finance experts, product managers, and project managers.
    2. From this website, you will get short-term tasks and recurring projects also. Full-time contract options are also available. Upwork has become one of the biggest market hubs for accounting specialists.
    3. ] So far this website provided more than 14M jobs. The payment system is very attractive.
    4. It is also a very famous website where you can find interesting freelance jobs in the area of your choice.
    5. This is also a very good website where the payments are very timely and very attractive.

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