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  • COVID-19 and its impact around

    Do you have a question regarding how to return to normalcy in the pandemic situation? Searching for detailed advice here? Check out the responses from our experts for your query.

    Recently the pandemic (COVID-19) crossed a year (from Feb/Mar 2020 to date) and the sensitive or risk is still around. However, we would be able to see the people is still careless around by not wearing mask or maintaining social distance etc.

    Enjoying with group or get together etc around in many cities, towns and villages. Few even says that COVID-19 or current pandemic is like a scam or it is not real etc.

    What is your personal opinion on this and how to overcome the COVID-19 situation and be back to normal life?
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  • How can we say COVID 19 is a scam. We have seen many people who suffered from this virus and even some people lost their lives also. Definitely, Corona is a contagious disease and one should be careful in their way of life so that they will not get this problem.
    For our health, we should follow all the guidelines that are being told from time to time. Otherwise, the chances of the virus spreading will increase. Already we are seeing the second wave of the virus in the country., More than 50,000 cases are being reported and 300 to 400 people are expiring. So one thing is sure that Corona is still there. We all should follow the guidelines given by the doctors and experts. Then only we will be safe.
    How it came? What type of problem it is? These questions are not necessary now. Vaccines are made and people are getting vaccinated. We should get vaccinated as early as possible and the second dose also is taken. One should not hesitate to take the vaccine. They are effective and there are no side problems.
    Even though we take the vaccine, nothing wrong with following the guidelines.
    Till you get completely vaccinated you should follow the following.
    1. Masks should be used when you are going out and when you are outside. Good quality masks as suggested by the doctors should be used.
    2. One should maintain social distance. It is better to avoid going to places where there is a big crowd.
    3. Travelling in shared autos and crowded public transport should be avoided.
    4. Eating out in unhygienic places should be avoided. One should avoid eating outside food.
    5. Attending functions where people are many and where there is no chance for maintaining social distance.
    6, When you come back home wash your legs and hands thoroughly before entering the house. Keep cleaning the hands as frequently as possible based on the need.
    7. It is better to change the dress after coming home. Taking a bath in the evening after you come back from the office is also suggested.
    8. Take healthy food. Improve your immunity levels by using general tonics and foods.
    9. Avoid going to cinema halls. shopping complexes as much as possible.
    10. It is advisable not to shake hands with others.
    By following the above precautions one can be safe and can avoid COVID. Taking the vaccine at the earliest is a must. Once the majority of the people are getting vaccinated we can start leading a normal life.

    always confident

  • COVID 19 is still amid us and it will take some more time for its complete elimination. Hence we can say this is the trying phase for all of us and the precautions such as maintaining safe distance of at least two meters while engaged in conversation with someone should be maintained apart from proper wearing the mask covering both nose and mouth.
    We had seen some diminishing trend of its spread a few months back but again it is rising phenomenally in the present time which may be termed as the second phase. Till date, it has already touched to the level of 50,000 cases and the death rate is occurring around 400 patients every day.
    The situation may improve once there is a vigorous campaign of vaccination and the entire population eligible for the vaccination is covered and till that the following precautions are essential to be implemented from our end -
    1) The two essential features wearing a mask fitting the latest medical safety norm should be used covering both the nose and mouth while moving outside.
    2) Ensure that you are maintaining the safe distance while talking to people. The safe range is the minimum two meter distance.
    3) Take proper care of health so that you maintain your immunity of high order. Frequent occurrence of cough and cold signifies your poor immunity. You may include Guduchi, Tulasi, Amla etc once daily preferably in the empty stomach in the morning to tone up your immunity level.
    4) Avoid going to rush place and be safe.
    5) If you are eligible for the vaccination, report the centre along with your Aadhar Card so that you avail of the opportunity. You would be required to avail of the two doses for which duration would be clarified by your health provider.
    6) Don't be panicked if the side effects persist. The side effects could be minor such as mild fever or body aches lasting for a couple of days. In such cases, you would be required the dose of Metacin to contain the fever and body aches.
    7) Don't shake hands with the people even if he is close to you.
    8) Don't place order for the food items prepared in the hotels till the situation normalises.

  • Now we are amid the second wave of the Covid-19 and it is, if not more, similarly deadly as the earlier one. We all should try to understand that some mischievous elements are spreading a false news in the media that it is just like a flu and there is much publicity and concern shown by the various world Govt and drug barons for their vested interests. I have talked to some gullible, innocent, and simple people in this regard and some of them told me that they also thought like that but when someone near and dear to them died due to it then their eyes opened and they felt sorry about their judgemental attitude earlier. So we all have to refrain from the thinking and postulate that we will believe in this virus only when it happens to us and God forbid if we face the same consequence as lakhs of people have undergone in the various countries all around the world.

    Covid-19 has impacted the whole world terribly and shattered the hopes and aspirations of many people and some of us sitting cosily in our houses without any job but enjoying with the money of our parents or our earnings from our properties and bank deposits and getting everything at our door steps, may not visualise it and dismiss it as a hoax. But till what time we will deceive ourselves? If the virus is not contained and not controlled and finally not eradicated, then we will be the next target. It is a naked truth that we have to understand in its entirety.

    After a great hard work and time spent, some vaccines are invented by the scientists and researchers and it will take time to invent a fully fool proof vaccine but till that time we have no recourse except to go for it. When we did not have colour TV did not we manage with the Black and White? So this present vaccine will start protecting us only after 50-55 days of first dose and even after that if the effectiveness of this vaccine is being told as 60-70% then it means that only that much of the population who has taken vaccine will be safe and rest may get the infection but we do not know who are they and the result is that everyone on this Earth has to adhere to the safety instructions even after taking the vaccine and I firmly repeat the words 'even after taking the vaccine'.

    There are people who, after the availability of the vaccine, have become careless and started to party with friends and relatives and also started to attend the other gatherings. This is really a misfortune that people have not understood the things clearly and tacitly. I am pained to say that statement because some of the people who have studied even science in their schools and colleges also have not able to got the whole thing in a real perspective.

    Another reason for this carelessness is the low death rate. On an average the death rate is 2-3% and if we take a large sample of it then it is even less than that range. So some people might think that even if it catches them they will be alright as they feel that they have good resistance and can survive but they do not understand that when they get it then all their family members will invariably get it and then even one of them has less resistance, which is often the case in a family, what would happen. Moreover what is that confidence and knowledge with us based on which we can say that we will not be one in that 2-4%?

    So, please remove any doubt from your mind and take not only your care but tell others also to adhere to the basic precautions and discourage the people for socialising and mixing till this evil virus is eradicated. Why I am emphasising so much and so vehemently is that simply controlling and containing it will not help as we have to eradicate it otherwise after the containment of this second wave there could again be a wave 3. Take care and learn about this more by reading good and reputed articles in reputed sites and periodicals. Do not trust everything in social media.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It is very true that second wave of corona virus has started and It is more fatal than earlier. Now if we don't take safety measures properly then we may have to repent. As everyone know, It is contagious disease and for stopping it, there is great need to be followed safety guidelines. There are many safety rules for covid-19 which are as follows:-
    1. First and foremost thing is, we should take vaccine as prescribed by government. It is available in all govt and private hospital.
    2. After getting vaccinated, we should not forget to wear mask and maintaining social distance.
    3. If you get side effect like fever, headache after vaccination then don't be panic. It is normal thing because vaccine is safe as per govt announcement.
    3. One should avoid crowded places like cinema Hall, mall and other public places.
    4. One should avoid outside food till everything gets normal. Have home made food as much as possible. Take seasonal fruit and juice so that your immunity system may improve.
    5. Do yoga and exercise daily as it improves our immunity system.
    Apart from these, especially in this disease we must keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. We can stop this disease by following above rule only otherwise we may have to spent entire life like this way.

  • Instead of paying attention to unverified and false news, we should take care of ourselves till the pandemic era doesn't comes to end. Many people had lost their lives due to this pandemic, so its better to follow guidelines and safety protocols set by government and cooperate with everyone.

    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

  • "Few even says that COVID-19 or current pandemic is like a scam or it is not real etc."
    Does this include the doctors or is the misconception created by common people? I do not believe that these could be the word of any doctor but still where have you heard of these?

    Now when coming to my opinion, I would rather listen to the expertise then speaking to someone who is not a practitioner in medical field and who themselves need clarifications on this and the good thing is that we already have few essential guidelines to follow to avoid this happen to us. Please go through with the below few points,
    1. Follow social distancing.
    2. Allow intake to boost your immune system.
    3. Wash your hands on suspicious touch or use sanitizers regularly.

    On about coming back to normal life.
    Please note that even the expertise seemed to have failed on this aspect. We imagined that in summer the Corona would decline while the Winter may be an ideal time for its growth, but the things are going just the opposite. In the gone Winter season, the Corona was in control but as the Summer is about to reach to its peak, the lockdown seems visible in most part of the country which does not seems to suffice to the normalization. The other factors may include,
    1. Being evident of the rising Covid, the commercial activities will go on hold. This means that the scheduled new recruitments will be postponed, and we will have no idea when this will be held during the coming future.
    2. The nation has suffered hugely during the last financial year and we do not know exactly what government has planned when this may again resurface having more deadly implications which as per medical report the new Corona variant is up to.
    3. If this continues than the government would bound to restrict the monetary assistance to numbers of projects, will greatly impact the development and employment.
    4. The poor and the middle-income group will suffer more due to less financial back-up.

    There could be may other that we can add as negative implications. There are fewer who will enjoy but a major part would for sure would suffer. But we can not do much and as long as we the human being not ready to learn the nature will bound to teach us a lesson.

    This will not be possible to eliminate soon but we may create a good assistance for each other which we lacked completely last time. I would urge everyone reading this to stop being felt like a God and respect the nature and the resources around you. Also respect other creatures. Being a human being does not allow you to execute others for your own cause. This is important to stop the wrath of the nature or else be ready to face the consequences.

  • Today, the root cause of the corona epidemic is due to human tampering with nature. For his selfishness, where humans polluted the water, the air, and exploited the earth so much that its capacity also became weak. The impact of this epidemic is being seen in many ways -

    1. The state of the Indian economy had deteriorated even before the Corona epidemic. All the rating agencies have recorded a steady decline in India's growth forecast for growth. He said that inflation and unemployment rates in India are high. In such a way, due to the Corona epidemic, how a complete lockdown policy has been adopted in India and most of the countries of the world, not only India but every country of the world will have to pay its economic and social value.

    2. In this sequence, the first and most serious impact of this epidemic will be on the families whose members have died due to this disease. If he was the head of the family, then the responsibility of handling the family, the present and future of the children would all become uncertain. Since the death toll from this epidemic is in the thousands. Therefore, its widespread impact will be seen on the society of those countries as well.

    3. Another serious social impact will be seen on the communities which are economically extremely backward. For example, nomadic people, daily wage workers, workers working in the unorganized sector, etc.

    4. Physical weakness is also seen to have a negative effect. People who have got coronavirus infection are suffering from physical problems after getting health.

    5. During the Corona epidemic, the country witnessed a period of economic recession, but at the same time, there have been many positive results including improvement in the environment, digitalization of education. In this way, we can say that Corona came to us in the form of a global epidemic, but it had a negative, not positive effect on Indian society.

    6. This new coronavirus epidemic will affect future trends in many ways. However, different effects will be seen on each country. The first thing is that the path of globalization, ie exchange between different countries, will be inaccessible. This includes trade, traffic, and foreign investment.

    7. The second thing is that it will have a bad effect on the financial markets. Because investors' confidence in the bright future has weakened. This will disrupt the flow of capital.

    8. The most important thing is that the country should formulate a new industrial policy for the world after Coronavirus. This will be possible only when the country takes steps to bring far-reaching results. Especially when we see that there is a lot of difference in the economic condition of all the states and the steps of financial inducing by India can also be taken up to a limit. Make the productivity of certain sectors of the construction sector a priority in national security.

  • Is it not shocking and surprising Corona afraid only from election? Most of the news are false and misleading so take care of yourself with confidence, masking, distancing and avoiding crowd are the some precautions that can be taken. Since this viral is new so no one can say anything with authority except basic of science.

  • Covid 19 has proved havoc for the nation and even the whole world. Many people have suffered from the disease and many even lost their lives. Since corona is a communicable disease various precautions are announced by the authorities and doctors of the nation. It is also the sole responsibility of the people of the nation to follow all the precautions to stay safe and also ensure the safety of our surroundings because as stated above a communicable disease not only affects the careless person but also his whole surroundings.
    Following precautions must be followed by the people:

    1) Wear a mask while going outside: If possible then use surgical or N-95 masks as suggested by the doctors. But in absence of them, a cloth mask must be worn.

    2) Use sanitiser: When you enter the house always wash your hands with soap and water. But if you are outside then keep a bottle of sanitiser so that in the unavailability of water you can clean your hands.

    3) Avoid social get-togethers: As much as possible avoid social get-togethers. If necessary then maintain a distance of six feet, avoid shaking hands and follow the rest two precautions as stated above.

    Above given precautions are responsibilities of citizens but it is also the responsibility of concerned authorities to, provide support to the common men:

    1) Arrangements for jobless workers: Due to covid, many people have lost their jobs and livelihood. In such a difficult situation it is difficult for them to get a new job, due to the overall recession in the nation. So government must ensure the supply of necessities to all people through PDS and even ration dealers should also avoid hoarding and black marketing in such a typical situation.

    2)Educational facilities: Due to covid, schools are closed for a very long. Some can arrange online classes but due to extreme poverty, many are unable to meet school expenses and online class expenses. Such parents are avoiding the schools and keen to send their children to work. Hence, it is the responsibility of the government and concerned authorities to arrange sufficient resources for such children.

    3) Reducing political rallies and religious events: If authorities do not avoid holding social events and rallies then it would promote people to arrange social functions. Hence, to stop common men from holding such social functions, the government must stop their rallies.

  • Covid 19 has turned the whole world a he'll since it was declared a pandemic. I too got it last year and since it was asymptomatic I had to be quarantined for 14 days. I stayed at home for four days. But ,I have diabetes and hypertension I was put up by Apollo hospitals at a hotel and was monitered bt their staff every day . They used to check my oxygen level,bp and sugar levels . I had two vaccinations also . I think covid vaccines are excellent and have helped me to get good immunity. I feel strong and have become very active and always wear a mask while going out and use sanitizer.
    I think people should follow the rules laid by the government in order to drive out covid permanently from a highly populated country as ours and get the two vaccines without fail. Otherwise,face the third waveand regret later
    Radha Muralidhar

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