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  • How to get Universal Account Number (UAN)?

    Want to know how one can get a UAN to continue PF account? Looking out for advice to carry out the registration process? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    My friend is willing to continue the PF account (registered one) after a few years gap of PF settlement done. In this regards, he has to get UAN (Universal Account Number) as per new policy. He is unable to generate a new UAN online and I too assisted him to get it done but no SMS comes after it's online procedure guideline given.

    Please someone explain on how to sign up or get the Universal Account Number (UAN) to continue PF account? Any other steps?
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  • For making the PF process easy and convenient Govt introduced UAN number. An organisation with 20 or more employees has to generate UAN for its employees (with a salary of Rs 15000 and above). Full time as well as contractual employees, all of them can avail UAN number facility online after its activation by themselves in online. Suppose an employee changes his job then same UAN will work for him. If by mistake the new employer also makes another UAN number for him then the old number should be deactivated and funds from there are to be transferred to new UAN number.

    Employer will Login to EPF Employer Portal using the Establishment ID and password and follow the process and approve the details of the employee online and will generate the UAN number for an employee. Employer will also link the PF number of the employee with this unique UAN number.

    If the employee has misplaced or forgotten his UAN number then he can go to the EPF portal and by giving his details like name, date of birth, mobile number (registered with EPFO), Aadhaar or PAN number and then click on the 'Get Authorization PIN' option and a PIN number will be sent to his mobile number registered with EPFO. He has to enter the PIN number and his UAN will be sent to his mobile number.

    If you want to check your PF account then you have to activate your UAN number for which you have to visit EPF Member Portal and click on 'Activate UAN'. Fill all the details asked there like Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Email ID and click on 'Get Authorization PIN'. After this an authorisation PIN will be sent to your mobile number. Enter this PIN and click on 'Validate OTP and Activate UAN'. After this you will get a password in your mobile and then you can use your UAN number and password for login in the EPF portal and see your account and see your passbook etc.

    Please go through the above process in details and see whether in your case anything is there that is so far not done and that is why you do not have a UAN number or are unable to access the EPF portal.

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  • The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a 12-digit number. It will be allotted to all the employers we are having EPF. This number will not change for an employee throughout his career even though he changes his job. But EPFO gives him a new identification number (ID) whenever he changes his job. The new number will be linked to his UAN.
    An employee can get his UAN number from his employer. After getting the number the employee has to get it activated.
    If the employee is not receiving a UAN number from his employer, he can generate the same through the EPFO website. The following are the steps to be followed.
    1. Visit
    2, Click on the 'Know your UAN Status' option.
    3, A new page will appear. Select state and EPFO office from the drop-down list.
    4. Enter the asked for details like PF number/member ID along with the name, date of birth, mobile no, code etc.
    5. Click on the 'Get Authorization Pin' option.
    6. You will receive a PIN on your registered mobile number.
    7. Enter that PIN and click on the 'Validate OTP and get UAN' button.
    8. Your UAN number will be sent to your mobile number.

    The following is the procedure for activating your UAN number.
    1. Go to the EPFO Member portal
    2, Select "Activate UAN".
    3. Enter your UAN number and other details asked for, including your mobile number.
    4. Click on 'Get Authorization Pin'.
    5. You will receive an OTP on your mobile number.
    6. Submit the given OTP.
    Your mobile number will get registered with the EPFO account and UAN will be activated. A password will be sent to you on your registered mobile number to access your account.

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  • Universal Account Number can be received from your present employer if you so want on request. This can even be generated through the EPFO website also. It is originally devised by the Employee Provident Fund and UAN is basically a digit number containing 12 digit number and the same remains valid throughout the service period of the employee despite his changing over several companies during the service period.
    In case of your requirement, you may contact your company to have a copy of it. They retain the same and sometimes print UAN number in the pay slip.
    If you cannot procure the same for any reason, the following are the steps to generate the same -
    1) Visit the portal of EPFO website.
    2) Click " Know your UAN status option.
    3) A new page will appear where you need to select the state and EPFO from the drop down menu.
    4) Details are to be accessed such as PF Number, your ID number bearing your name, Date of Birth, Registered Mobile No etc.
    5) Click and get authorisation pin.
    6) Once you click, you would have your pin on your registered mobile.
    7) Enter the pin and click on to validate your OTP.
    8) Your UAN number will be sent in your registered mobile.
    For activation of UAN number, the following steps are required -
    1) Log on to the official website of EPFO
    2) In the homepage, locate for Employees under the section - our service.
    3) Click on it
    4) You would get a page offering different services by EPFO
    5) Click on the section - Member UAN
    6) Furnish the details such as Registered Mobile No, Email ID, PF member ID, UAN etc
    7) Click on to get authorisation pin
    8) Enter the pin and activate the UAN.
    UAN is the vital portal for the employees enabling them to access the correctness of the amount being deposited by the employer enabling the employees to access the correctness of the amounts being credited.

  • Anyone can get activated for UNIVERSAL ACCOUNT NUMBER (UAN) only once in their life. Once activated, the employee can use the same UNIVERSAL ACCOUNT NUMBER for all types of facilities in the future. From time to time, he can update his KYC in case of any change. In the same, the employee can also add his old or new PF accounts. There are many ways available to obtain a UAN.

    The easiest way to find the UAN of your PF number is also to take information about it from your old employer.

    If you have activated your UN number and you have forgotten your UAN number, then give a missed call to the number 01122901406. Keep in mind that you have to send a missed call from the same mobile number. Which you had registered in your UAN, after this you will get your registered mobile number by UN number and its information by message. With this, you can get your UNA number through your member ID, Aadhaar card, or PAN card by visiting the official website.

    If this is not possible, you can find out with the help of online EPFO. For this, first, you have to reach the EPFO website. Here you have to go to 'Member UAN / online service'. After this, a new window will open, then here you will get the option of Activate UAN. When you click on this option, a new window will open in front of you. To activate UAN, you will ask for the information of UAN number, member ID, PAN, and Aadhaar number, which you have to provide. After choosing one of these options, fill in the information asked in it and then a new window will open in which your contact details are asked. When you give your mobile number, then an authorization pin comes on the mobile number. After entering this PIN, EPFO will send your UAN number to your mobile number.

  • Sorry to say that, few steps given above is not working practically on EPF portal. Please find the screen-shot for the same.

    For example, if I select "Know your UAN Status" then the attached screen-shot (message) is coming without any drop-down or as per above steps or guideline given by the member. Kindly check and update the steps above to avoid any misguide to others.

    Even if I enter the mobile number, captcha code and click on request OTP option on EPFO at "Know your UAN status" page then nothing SMS comes in registered mobile number.

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  • UAN number is obtained afresh to a member becoming member of EPF through an organization by its HR/Personnel department.

    When a person have no UAN and joined in a company he has to furnish details such as his name as per aadhaar, Date of Birth as per aadhaar (here the person should chek himself or herself whether his/her aadhaar card contains his date of birth in date,month,year format and if it is year only, he or she have to correct before submitting to the organization),Mobile number, email id, father's/husband's name, educational qualification, Marital status, PAN, Bank account number with IFSC code to enable the employer to get a UAN.

    It is a duty to the person while taking employment with an organization whether he possess UAN already as to enable the employer to continue the same UAN and the contributions of joined employee and organization are accumulated in that account.

    It is highly suggested that the giving UAN number availed through the last employer to the new employer to continue his/her membership as no other person can meddle with that on any situation. Moreover, it is benefit to the member of UAN only to get continued with the same UAN as it is mandatory also. If the member hide his or her old UAN with the new employer while joining, though he or she have and intend to withdraw, the present employer will get the old UAN when appending for new UAN through his/her aadhaar number.

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