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  • I need suggestions to be a good content writer.

    Interested in becoming a content writer? Want to know how to start and if one needs a certification ? Here, on this page our experts have given tips which can help you to become a good content writer.

    I want to build my career as a freelance content writer, in relation to which I have the following queries -

    1. Should I do any certification course for a freelancer content writer, due to the present situation, please suggest an online course for content writers.
    2. I already created my account on some freelance websites like etc. but it seems a bit difficult to get work because there are already many good and highly rated authors available on these websites. Provide tips to increase my rating on such websites.
    3. Can I make a good career in this area by making my own blogs too?
    4. I have also heard a lot about the online internship program. Can you give me more information about
    5. Apart from this, other tips that you may find appropriate that help me to become a content writer.
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  • Writing is an art which comes with practice and patience. Reading is said to be the precursor for writing and in many cases that stands as a good way to get ideas and motivation for writing. Writing is easy but writing a better piece of prose or poetry is difficult and writing the best content is definitely a more difficult task. Let us go in details as per the internal sequence of the above query made in this regard.

    1. There are many online agencies which claim good courses for learning content writing but they will only teach the structure, SEO, approach, targeting audience, and presentation part and the most crucial of all that which is the 'content part' is to be found and researched by the author himself. Anyway, some of these agencies are skillshare, udemy, open2study, henryharvin, hubspot, coursers etc and one can go to those sites and find out the modalities there. Some of them also help in getting placements also for content writing and that is one thing that seems to be promising.

    2. There are hundreds of platforms for the working of the freelancers but the fact of life is that there are thousands of people and aspiring writers crowding those places and snatching or grabbing the job from each other in a very competitive ways and due to availability of so many good content writers there, it becomes difficult to make a place by the newcomer. At the same time the newcomer can also learn their ways and with hard work and persistent efforts he can also carve out a place for himself. Please also note that there are many sites where they are not enrolling new members as they have enough hands to take up the existing work load.

    3. One can register in any blog site like wordpress or blogger or so many others and start writing content in that and if the content is useful and attractive soon people will start coming to that and slowly the traffic would increase and then one can link it with the Google Adsense or any other such agency so they one can start earning through the revenue sharing out of the advertisement revenue. My experience is that for certain areas like DIY articles, fashion industry, unusual and amazing matters etc the traffic is more and for the routine things it is very difficult to build up a satisfactory traffic. Remember, traffic is the essence of everything.

    4. Internship is also a type of training where one gets exposure to real life business situations. The site internshala is one such site which gives internship training on varied topics and subjects and it is also showcasing the jobs available for the users. So it is an 'all in one place' type of thing and one can choose some topic or subject to start with and see the deliverables and if found useful can go for better internship programmes available there.

    5. In conclusion, I will say that there is no magic potion for success in the field of content writing but one can definitely achieve these goals with hard work and sincere efforts coupled with serious readings. More we read more we understand the history, sociology, communities, human evolution, scientific discoveries and inventions, and many other subjects which are useful to us when we start writing some useful content using all that in the back of our mind and churning out effective writing pieces.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Writing is an art definitely but it needs stretching your imagination to suit the aspirations of the readers. They need to touch the heart of the readers and the same could be possible with the deep study in the different streams especially the literature portions especially the compilations of eminent writers of that language and good acquaintances of human psychology apart from history of the past. Though creativity in the art of writing is the essential perquisites it can be refined and nurtured with the guidance of competent writers. Inspiration from such writers would help one in achieving proficiency in one's writing skill.
    In relation to your query asked point wise above, here are my explanations which may appeal to you -
    1) You may join any online agency providing you input how to attract the audience with your presentation, the initial lines of writings should produce magical effects on the mind of readers. Initially you might remain under the utter confusion how best the ideas could be knit to attract the audience but later you may recover from the ambiguity. Take the help of udemy, hubspot, skillshare etc helping you in your content writing.
    2) Though the starting phase for the new comers is not easy since most of the platforms appearing are the hubs for the talented writers and these writers are there to develop their artistic talents by going through the contributions of the different writers. Later they grab the opportunities to contribute writing in their chosen areas with a great zeal.
    3) The benefits of having your own blog are enormous since that would generate huge traffic indirectly by way of earning revenue. This may not provide results immediately but it would produce sustainable results later on. In that way, you would be able to generate more traffic.
    4) Make an effort to write regularly on different topics such as parenting tips, pregnancy tips, budgeting tips etc. Outline has to be created and the same is especially true for the free lancing writing. Clients would like to see a concise and complete post and in that way, outline would be advantageous.
    Go on reading several texts for which you want to write. Choose the simple words so that your message is clear to the readers. Readers would loose patience while reading the difficult words.
    5) Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and in that way you may win the heart of the readers.
    Spare time for editing your contents in case you come across some mistakes. You may use Gram-marly to avoid the mistakes. Be a voracious reader to history, geography, literature and host of science subjects so that you could be a creative writer.

  • To improve our skills in writing, the first step one has to take is reading. Read as much as possible. Don't read just for the sake of reading. Understand what you are reading, analyse the same and think whether the same thing can be communicated in a better way. Put your thoughts on paper. Review it and edit it. This whole exercise will help you in becoming a good content writer.
    1. The following are the sites that are offering online certification courses for a content writer.
    You can go through these sites so that you will understand the various certification courses they are offering. You can choose and complete the course. If time permits you can go for more than one course.

    2. Go on writing on your blogs. There are some other websites where you will have a chance to write and read about various topics. This ISC site is also one such site where you can learn many new issues and your writing skills will also improve. Read more. Improve your grammar and spellings knowledge. Practice writing as much as possible. These exercises will make you improve your writing skills.
    Chances to write online will not come easily. You should search various sites and register on them.
    3. You should maintain your blog with various postings on topics of your interest. These actions may help you in your pursuit. You should make your blog attractive. You should learn how to make your site SEO. You can learn the technics by doing some certification courses and reading the various articles and consulting people who have expertise in that line. These actions will help you in getting a good career in the line. You should give time and concentrate so that you will become an expert in writing.
    4. These days internships in any field has become very important. These internship programmes will give you a lot of exposure to practical problems and how to address them. This is more like job training. Coming to your point about Internshala. their website is This is one of the best internship and training platforms in India. They have various training programmes and internships. They offer these services in various subjects. You may get some paid internships also on this site. They have activities in many subjects. By going through their site you will have a good understanding of the services they are providing. A useful site for many young people who are aiming for a good career.
    5. Practice makes us perfect. So one should concentrate and focus on the work that he chooses. The more the concentrations better the outcome. So if you are serious about this career, go for some good certification course, go for internships if available, make your own blogs and maintain them well. Then you will see good progress. Your language skills should be good and you should be able to express your ideas in such a way that the targetted audience will like them.

    always confident

  • Good content writing requires some fundamental pre-requisites and the first one is the command on the language in which one is writing ones expressions. Second which is equally important is the quality of content. There are other things also like sequencing of a content and the way it is presented so that the reader keeps interest in reading it. If these aspects are taken care then I feel that one can churn out some good pieces of contents and people will love to read that and come back to the place next time in hope of the good and informative content. Joining some e-learning course in some reputed sites also makes sense but they will be telling more of modalities part like how to make the structure of the content rather than the content itself. So, ultimately the content part is to be enacted by the author himself and using the training on structure mapping and flow of the content one can definitely produce good output. The essence of all this is hard work and requisite efforts as nothing is possible without that in our lives.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • It's great that you thought to give a shot in content writing. Writing is a skill which needs to be unskilled each and every day. There are many creative writers around us and you need to practice constantly to overcome the healthy competition.

    1) Yes, if you could afford certification courses, then don't overthink about it. Go for it. But it's not necessary that you need certification, it only helps you enter in the competition, not on a long-term for surviving. Do networking through social media, show them your talent. Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, Hubspots are some good platforms that give online courses for content writing. Even there are free courses in some.

    2)There are many websites that offer content writing jobs. Use upwork, fiverr, guru, etc., in the initial stages for improving your writing skill. As soon as you start doing your writing, build a strong portfolio in Linkedin by showing your previous works. This way, you might get a chance to stand strong and to dedicate yourself to a good organization.

    3) As I told earlier, do networking. It's the first and foremost thing needed in every business. Create your blog and connect with people through social networking. Try to increase your followers by your creative techniques. When you get more followers, you will get chances for displaying ads, and you can earn money.

    4) Yes, you could do internship programs. There are many online internship programmes these days. Ask your friends, relatives or the people you know who are working in this field. You might get an idea about where to do.

    5) This whole content writing thing is not a "sounds like an easy plan". You need to blend yourself with your work and strive hard to stand out of the crowd. At the end of the day, you are responsible for everything. So do work hard towards your goal.

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