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  • Regarding problems related to printing of a PDF file

    Want a solution to printing a pdf file downloaded from the internet? Here on this page our experts shall provide you with detailed set of steps which will guide you to get a printable file.

    I had downloaded 15H form onto my machine. After taking the printout, first the blank form is to be filled up and scanned and then the scanned copy is to be submitted with my bank.

    But whenever I took the printout, I saw to my astonishment that the printed output is shrinked and appeared much smaller in comparison to the A4 size paper on which it was printed. If I fill up this form, it will be rejected no doubt.

    Then I downloaded the same form 2/3 times. And every time the same thing happened. In this COVID situation, we, the senior people generally do not go to the bank and rather work online.

    Last year I downloaded the same form onto the same machine. Then this kind of problem did not occur and as such I could submit the scanned copy of my filled up form.

    So what is the solution?
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  • Dear Ms. Mitra, I think you have to change the printer setting. For this you will have to follow these steps:
    1. First you will have to open the file you want to print i.e. form 15 H in your case.
    2. Go to the 'File Menu' at the right upper corner and then to the 'Print' option.
    3. Now a window will open. Here, you will see "Page Sizing and Handling" and there will be following options:
    a. Fit
    b. Actual Size
    c. Shrink oversized paper
    d. Custom scale (here you can set paper size also)

    4. select option b. (Actual size). I think in your system option c. was set by default.
    Now you can take print and check whether the document size is OK.

    In some systems options in Printer may be different.
    If there is an option "Scale to Fit Paper Size". Then you should check the option and then print.
    If printout is still shrinked. Then you can change the print area from the 'Properties' option also.

    Hope this will help.

  • When you print a file in your printer then on the computer screen you will see a window where various setting facilities will be there and using them you can select the size to be printed, number of copies to be printed, layout like portrait or landscape for printing and many other such adjustment. Do not click on the 'Print' button or tab without selecting the settings in the desired way and go through all those facilities and those tabs and select your paper size etc and then only click on the 'Print' tab for final printout. It would take some time in learning to select so many adjustments but once understood you can print as per the way you desire to print a document whether it is PDF or DOC or any such other format. Do some practice and note down the sequence if you are not able to retain them in the quick memory in your mind.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thank you all for your responses.

  • To get the printout, there are some common steps which are as follows -

    Step 1. Open your PDF with any program that suits the format. Mac Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDFelememt, Google Chrome, etc. are all good options.
    Step 2. Activate the print function on your device. You can activate it by using the shortcut Ctrl + P on Windows and Command + P on Mac, or by selecting the "Print" option within the main menu.
    Step 3. Choose a printer. When the "Print" setting window pops up, select the printer associated with your device from the printer list.
    Step 4. Set the orientation, page range, and sheet per sheet for your paper.
    Step 5. Make sure that you have put enough blank paper in your printer.
    Step 6. When everything is set, just click the Print button. Once all the data in your PDF is sent to the printer.

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