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  • Can I stop my allopathic medicine which I take for long time?

    Planning to stop allopathic medicine taken for many years? Wondering if ayurveda can be a substitute without any side effects? Check out this page for responses from experts.

    I am taking psychiatric medicine for more than 10 years. The medicine is such a way that we cannot stop that medicine. If we stop it the disorder again affects the brain. I tried many times stopping the medicine by reducing its grams one by one. But when stopping it again affects the brain.
    I met one ayurvedic doctor and he says by shirovasty or shirodara all medicine he will make me to stop without any further effect to the brain. I wanted to know that is it true or not.
    Can I stop this medicine by ayurvedic treatment using shirodhara or shirovasty method?
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  • My father is using psychiatric medicine for more than 10 years. But he is using the medicine under the supervision of a doctor. He is doing well and no problems with his health. Once every 6 months, he will meet the doctor and as per his suggestion, he will be continuing the medicine.
    You say that you are using psychiatric medicine for more than 10 years. Are you using this medicine with consultation with a qualified doctor. These medicines are not supposed to use without proper instruction from a qualified doctor. Even a medical shop fellow also is not supposed to give you the medicines without a prescription.
    The doctor we prescribed you the medicine can only tell you whether you can continue the same medicine or I suggest you contact a qualified psychiatrist and explain the case. He will suggest the correct course of action. As far as my knowledge goes there will not be any problem if you use it continuously also. But you should consult a doctor and then decide. One should not stop the medicine abruptly. Initially, you have to decrease the dosage and then slowly stop it.
    Coming to Ayurvedic medicine, there are good treatments in Ayurveda also. You can depend on that medicine also. But stopping allopathy may cause different problems. So better to contact a good psychiatrist and then decide the next course of action.

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  • Shirodhara is an old Indian traditional method that helps to have sound sleep, manage insomnia, lessen anxiety and reduce stress.
    A medical practitioner may be consulted for treatment. In this therapy the patient is laid down on his back and liquid is poured onto his forehead and eyes are covered with a lightweight barrier to protect eyes and this process takes more than 30 minutes. The liquid consists of sesame oil, coconut oil, ksheerabala oil, mahanarayan oil, ghee, water, coconut water, animal milk, buttermilk and herbs etc.
    You may try this ayurvedic therapy for your disease as it is least risky. But I doubt if it will help you instantly because you have been taking allopathic medicine for the last ten years. So don't expect to be cured in a short time. it requires a long time to get you cured. Meanwhile, keep taking your medicine and consult a specialist psychiatrist

  • Modern medical science has invented some chemicals which cure the ailments and in some cases manages them. In your case you are taking an allopathic medicine for the management of the problem you are suffering with. There are many medicines like taken for diabetes, blood pressure etc which the doctors recommend not to discontinue. If you discontinue them there will be serious withdrawal symptoms and you will feel inconvenience in many ways. I do not think that any allopathic doctor will advice you to discontinue that medicine.

    So, what is to be done in such cases and that is the question often asked by the sufferers in many forum sites and consulting agencies. There is no clear cut answer to that but I have seen some experienced allopathic doctors of repute who have specialised knowledge in this aspect and can advise correctly. They not only have knowledge of their own area that is allopathy but also aware of certain Ayurvedic potions and even prescribe to their patients. For example Liv-52 is an Ayurvedic medicine but many allopaths doctors prescribe it. Another example is Rumaliya oil that is prescribed for body pain. One interesting example is the seed of Jamalghota, paste of which can cure certain skin eczemas. Another established example is the Muktavati tablet by Patanjali which is taken by many for BP control.

    If you ask the Ayurvedic doctor he will only advocate about his medicine as he will not be having knowledge in allopathy. So, asking the Ayurvedic doctor will not be of any help. Only thing is that you can undergo the Ayurvedic treatment for a significant time and then only after that try to discontinue the medicine for a day or two on experimental basis and if the Ayurvedic method succeeds which you can easily make out at that point of time then you can take a decision based on that.

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  • Allopathic doctors can say to stop continuing homeo or ayur medicines. But ayur or homeo doctors normally advises to slowly withdraw usage of allopathic medicins while starting consuming ayur/homeopathic medicines.

  • Your allopathic medicine should not be discontinued abruptly without the advice of the competent allopathic doctors. Even slight curtailment of the dose would be noticeable within a couple of bodies. In fact, your body is tuned to the dose being administered and any alteration of the dose is to be decided by your doctor.
    Side by side, you may switch over to Sirodhara under the guidance of your Ayurvedic Doctor where a mixture of oils such as Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Mahanarain Oil, Cow Ghee, Butter etc are employed over the forehead and a gentle massaging is done for half an hour under the presence of the doctor till the required quantity of mixture penetrates beneath the skin.
    Regular undertaking this Sirodhara will be helpful in case of Insomnia, Weakness of memory, strengthening the Brain - nerves etc. However, the benefits could be seen if continued for six months at least.
    If you achieve the tangible results after the examination of your allopathic doctor, dose of the existing medication can be curtailed as per his advice. Complete elimination of allopathic medication could be possible if Sirodhara continues for some more time under the guidance of the Ayurvedic Doctor.

  • Sudden discontinuation of long-term medications can be harmful. If you are trying to stop the drug, talk to your doctor seriously about it. If you are not getting a satisfactory response, consult another psychiatrist, and share your problem. If other psychiatrists also advise you on how to quit the medicine, then follow the procedure according to them. You should also ask a psychiatrist whether you can take or reduce Ayurvedic treatment along with quitting or reducing this medicine.

    There is no significant problem in taking allopathy and ayurvedic treatment together as usual. The important thing during this treatment is that there should be a definite time limit between the time the drugs are taken in both treatments. You must know about this from your doctor.

    There are many misconceptions in the general public about anti-depression medicine. People think that once such medicines are started, they affect the health and they have to be eaten throughout the life. but it's not like that. We stop these medicines after the patient is cured.

    It is stated in Ayurveda, Shirodhara works primarily on the nervous system. Traditionally Shirodhara is used for relaxing nerves, keeping Vata balanced, strengthening nerves, removing stagnant emotions, and mental purification. In Ayurvedic treatment, it is considered to be an important tool for attaining higher states of consciousness. Shirodhara is one of the best methods to get relief from migraines.

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