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  • What is kirlian photography and how it works?

    Curious to know all about Kirlian photography? Wondering if it can capture anything beyond the photo fo a person? Find responses from ISC experts here to your query on this page.

    What is kirlian photography. Is it true that it can capture bodies aura?
    Is there any camera in history that has captured soul leaving the body when body dies?
    Or is it only aura captured by the camera? Do modern science agree with aura and soul in the body?
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  • The credit for discovery of Kirlian photography goes to Semyon Kirlin and his wife Valentina. In the year 1939 they happened to visit a hospital where they saw a patient getting high-frequency electrical generator treatment. They got an idea of capturing the aura of a living body on the photographic plate. As per their theory under the influence of the strong electric field the outline of the aura can be photographed and can be taken as a snap with the modern digital camera. Later many scientists did many experiment to prove this theory but it was found that the photograph of the corona so obtained was the result of high electric field only and nothing to do with the aura of the living person. The myth and metaphysics promulgated by the Kirlin couple came out as a false representation of some physical effect of electric field. Some scientists even told that such auras were available to be photographed near the scientific machines like strong source of high voltage such as Tesla coils or the Van de Graaff generator.

    Some people who believe in supernatural and metaphysical world were attracted to these interesting things told by Semyon Kirlin and started to think that it was true whatever mentioned by them. But scientists have not found any logical or rational thing behind these conjectural things.

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  • Kirlian Photography is a technique that pertains to taking photographs of an object placed close to the photographic plate and the resulting image of the object shows an aura around the image. It is believed that energy comes out of living and non-living objects and when a body has captured this energy which is beloved to come out from the body appears to be as an aura.
    How much it is proven as authentic scientists don't agree to it. They call it pseudoscience and do not recognize its findings. Nevertheless, it is a matter of interest for many people who believe in spirituality, mysticism and the human's supernatural powers.

  • As far as my knowledge goes Kirlian photographs never show the soul of an organism.
    Kirlian photographs show the light released by the electrified air present around an object when the object is electrified. Some claim that the patterns of light captured in this photography are images of the organism's soul or aura. The truth is different as per the scientific explanation.
    When the electric charge passes quickly through the air, it separates the electrons of air molecules and gives them energy. Once these electrons reunite with the air molecules, they emit the excess energy they have in the form of light. If the electricity is low to medium this process of releasing the energy is called gas discharge. If the electricity is of higher capacity, the process is called arcing.

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  • If you are a serious photographer having the passion to explore the art of photography, you could have come across the term Kirlian Photography. Some people are under the impression that it could exhibit the auras of the people or some animate project. Hence it has been rather a mysterious photography especially for those having excellent command in the area of photography.
    Kirlian Photograph is an art dating back to late 1700 and was officially invented in 1939 by Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian. These photographs have revealed several auras around the objects. This phenomenon was shared by his wife as well and is known as Kirlian Phrnomena.
    The process of taking Kirlian Photo is not that much difficult and it is not necessary to use the camera while capturing the photographs. Here a sheet of photograph film is placed on the top of the film plate and then the object to be photographed is placed on the top of the film. In order to have the initial exposure, you need to apply high voltage to the metal plate. This photograph showing a beam of light becomes visible as a result of development of the film.
    Seymon and his wife developed a machine for Kirlian Photography using high frequency oscillator or a spark generator being operated at roughly 75 KHZ.

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