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    Survival of families of poor people

    Worried how one can survive during the pandemic and ensure to earn noney and fend for ther family? Looking out for advice? No worries, our experts shall respond to this worry here.

    How can the poor people earn money to survive their families well specifically in the periods of lock down due to covid 19 effact ? Nowdays it is not possible to do the work to earn money for survival of families. What is the means to be safe himself/herself and his/her families, earn money and keep safe also.
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  • This is really a tough time and for the poor as in the normal times itself getting some regular job and engagement is so difficult what to talk of this pandemic time when one has to take so many precautions also before going out for a job. Still there are some tasks which have emerged as core area and are there because there is requirement of that by the customer.

    One main area that is in limelight today is either making home food or taking it from some source to the needy persons on a regular basis. A lot of manpower is required in this area who have to wear masks and isolate themselves before these deliveries are made. Many people especially old persons and other persons who are ill and cannot go out, are opting for outside food and preferring home made only. This area has a continuous demand and one can try to enter in this field as good earning potential is there. One can think for taking food from the branded outlets like Zomato or Swiggy etc also to the needy customers in nearby areas.

    Another is the local delivery of the items from the reseller to the customer. This will require some knowledge of operating apps in a mobile phone. Many online stores are too much occupied with the online orders for commodities by a large number of customers and they want delivery boys in large numbers.

    One possibility is to search for a helping hand job in local provision or essential services shop which is being allowed to open partially even in lockdown periods. They will pay very small salary but there are vacancies in that position.

    Another thing that can be tried is to make some consumable item like paper bags, old cotton bags, small packs of consumables using wholesale merchandise and then giving them in the local provision shops and making a profit out of that. The delivery can be scheduled once a week when sufficient number of packets are ready. What are the items required to be made in small packets will be told by the provision shopkeeper depending upon the sale in his shop. So there are petty jobs that the whole family can engage and survive through these tough times.

    The problem may come when one is not in a town or market area and is living in a remote place then these options would not be available but one can then go for packaging and transportation of agricultural items in the remote area itself whenever the collection truck or pick up comes there.

    Govt is also announcing some special packages for helping the poor in this pandemic condition and one should find out where such free rations etc are being distributed and take advantage of that help from the Govt.

    Knowledge is power.

  • This query is suitable for Forum Section and also similar topics have been discussed in Forum Section in several threads.
    How poor people will survive in this pandemic and how they will earn money to support their families is a matter of concern.
    There is no full lockdown in the country except in some cities only. So, there is no such crisis for people to do any work. The government has also announced to give them free ration as it was given last year also. Poor people already doing some menial jobs and those who do not have a job can do the following jobs.
    - labour
    - Helper in any trade
    - Hawker (selling different items in colonies)
    - Vendor (vegetables, fruits at a place)
    - Salesman and supplier of items to shops it can work as an unskilled worker in any field
    And others
    If a person is educated then:
    - He can work as a tutor in any coaching centre
    - He can start coaching classes at his home or somewhere and offer his teaching services to students for money.
    - He can do online jobs like writing articles for different websites e.g. They require good articles and give $30 for the approved article. He can write articles on ISC only.
    - If he has money then he can do small scale business

  • The present pandemic phase is rather worrisome since we are witnessing recession in the industries resulting in downsizing of labours and other staffs to arrest the losses. In the event of loss of the job, both the labour's having low income group and the well qualified people recently retrenched are in the desperate need of some alternatives to fend their families.
    There are several options which can be helpful for the poor to earn money to support their families and the following points should be looked into so as to get a gainful employment.
    1) With a little money, if the poor people has the talent to make some tasty snacks apart from art of making tea with pleasant aroma and appealing taste, they can start their business of the tea stall with the matching snacks like Samosa, Pakora, Jalebi etc in his locality. Starting phase may not be encouraging but with patience and his art of influencing the customers would sure to produce results within a couple of months.
    2) If the man is laborious and would not mind to put his labour even in the odd hours of the day, he can join Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato etc to deliver their services to the customers.

  • It is very difficult to these type of people to earn their daily bread in this covid problematic situation. On one side the government of respective states are providing rice free of cost to such families free of cost. This is in one way tolerable to some extent. I heard through a purohit that the corona will not found affected in people lower to middle class as they are not changing their food style on any account. The same cannot be found in villagers also. Only above middle class and middle class people are changing their life style, food pattern etc., by seeing internet, and foreign friends.

  • Lockdowns are very unfortunate. Many people will become unemployed and their survival will become a big problem.
    Many daily wage earners will not have any work. Small companies will close down and the employees will not be paid their salaries. The government may give some support in the form of free rice, and some free money. But that will not be sufficient for the family and they face many problems. The following are the ways one can earn some money during the lockdown,
    1. Delivery persons: Many people are ordering all their requirements online and the items are to e delivered at their doorsteps. Due to lockdown, online ordering is increased and more people are required to deliver the items. So if the person is having a two-wheeler he can opt for this.
    2. Online tuitions: All schools will be closed only. Online classes may be going on. So the students may require some additional coaching to learn the subject. People who are qualified and have an interest in teaching can take online coaching as a profession.
    3. Home food distribution: No hotels will be there. Many people especially old people who can't cook on their own will definitely look for somebody we can supply them with food. One can take up this job. He can look around for such people near his place and cook food for them and deliver.
    4. Baby care: Some employees during lockdown also may have to work from home. Their children will be in house only. So they may look for some assistants who can take care of their children. People who are interested in this work can look around in their area for such opportunities.
    5. Online jobs: There are many freelance works online. If you have any interest in taking up such jobs you can search online and take up some work.
    6. Online surveys may also give you some money. Sites like ISC may also come in handy for the people who have an interest in participating in such activities.
    7. In your local area there may be shop shops that will be opened partially for sales during lockdowns. The helpers who are working there may not come due to pandemic and you can grab any such post raised and work there part-time.

    always confident

  • Poor people have suffered a lot due to this pandemic. Nowadays, It is very difficult to survive for people as all-around lockdown like situation creating. The situation is becoming worse day by day. Many factories are going to be close once again because of increasing cases. In such a situation some option are available by which poor people can earn money are as follows:-
    - Uneducated poor people can try for an unskilled job such as cooking food as many people seeking homemade food because hotel and restaurant are closed and people are not allowed to take outside food so this would be the best option for earning money.
    - Caretaker job- Many people seeking a caretaker for their baby as many jobs are being done from home. They need such a kind of person who can take care of their baby as well as the house.
    - Delivery boy- Nowadays, a delivery boy is great in demand. Due to pandemic, most of the people giving online order for which delivery boy is needed for delivering item at their doorstep. So, you can opt for this to earn money.
    Apart from these, if you are educated then there are also options available which are as follows:-
    -Online tuition - this pandemic made our world digital so, there are many sites where you can start online tuition.
    - online business- you can start an online business as per your choice like grocery, cloth and another essential item etc.
    - Freelance job- there are many sites where you can start your job as a freelancer. You can write articles. You can be a blogger. Else, you can start your youtube channel and can make a video in any good field in which you have good knowledge.

  • At this time due to the epidemic, a large section of the world has become unemployed, who do not have any fixed means of income. In such a situation, there is a lot of problem for those people who also lack proper education. Some educated persons can still apply for online jobs like -
    As an online teacher.
    Work as an online advisor.
    By working as a freelancer.
    Being a content writer.

    But the problem is more with the class who depend on the daily income for routine and two-time meals. For the people of this class, this watch has come as the biggest crisis and for them, challenges and struggle are relatively much. Some solutions for these can be -

    The rich family should help the people as much as possible - this measure is for the poor class, but people have to come forward to step into it. Granted, this time is more important for safety, but if we can help other people with caution, then we should think about it. This poor class can be helped either by providing food grains or through a few rupees. If people want to add some money to these poor people, or buy the necessary materials from this money and give it to them.

    As an Assistant in Health Services - Although there is a demand for a qualified person for healthcare, there are many more job profiles in the health sector which are currently in great need, in such area the poor person can and their income Can create But at the same time work towards keeping your health in mind. There is a great need for the support of people in various hospitals at this time.

    Due to the lockdown, people are not going out of their house, in such a situation, they are in need of a person who can deliver the goods of their need to them, a person can try. Clean cleaning in outdoors street, at this time everyone is conscious about their safety and hygiene, if anyone wishes, he can also source himself by serving as a sweeper outside the house of the people.

    This time is very difficult and everyone should help each other as much as possible, help them in every possible way by becoming an example of humanity.

  • Even in the normal circumstances there is a big problem for the poor people to get a job. Most of them try to get a job at a construction site where a large number of labour force is required. But in the pandemic time these construction activities are either closed or minimised so there is not much scope of getting a job there. There are very few options for the poor people for doing something to earn some money during these tough times. Still there are some tasks that can be tried to make a livelihood during such times.

    The simplest of all and easily available option is of home delivery of food either from a standard outlet which is being permitted even in this adverse situation or from self house by preparing home made food which has a big demand today especially in urban areas where many retired people live in their advanced age. Apart from that there is some good scope in delivering the merchandise from the retailer to the customer and there is a good demand of people for this as there is less movement of people out of their houses.

    Another area which requires some precautions in working is the cleaning area and many local bodies and municipality are hiring people on temporary basis for this job for keeping the city or town clean. This is a tough work but one can get it relatively in easier ways.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Almost every one is affected in one way or other by the Covid pandemic situation.
    I admit that there are some people who are more affected in this situation, However also say that all is not lost and there are ways to overcome this manage the situation with reduced suffering.
    In situations of crisis, we have to prioritise our necessities and essentials first.

    As far as I know the central government and state governments were distributing free or subsidised ratio materials to the people for many months and still continuing,. The yellow and pink ration card holders were given priority in these, The central government had allowed some withdrawal or loan from the PF accumulation by employees, to tide over the crisis.
    There are a number of schemes implemented by the central government and/or implemented through or by the State governments for the various welfare of the poor people.
    The central government had disbursed cash to many poor and deserving people under various relief schemes.

    The local governments, various NGOs and philanthropic organisations were and are doing a lot to alleviate the sufferings of the people by giving financial help or by supplying essential items etc.

    I suggest you approach the elected representatives of your area, the government officials like revenue department, collector etc to know in details about the various schemes under which you an be benefited.
    The seasonal artists like those who perform in village festivals,temples etc are very much affected as there are no such opportunities for last more than one year.
    As dramatic ills need dramatic remedies, you may have to mentally prepare to do any available work to tide over the situations. You may also do some local buy and sell, preparation and distribution of food items , snacks etc.or anything which suits you and for which there is no need of much finance as well infrastructure.

    As you have not mentioned your age, skills, experience, talent ,your previous job etc I am not able to give any specific suggestion, but only general suggestion as above.
    Our mind and body works with more efficiency in crisis situations. Where there is will, there is way. Take care, Take precautions. Act practically.
    Best Wishes.

  • What has been raised is a most essential one and hope this make people to feel the importance of opening a bank account if not already there and do some savings for such not presumably tough times.

    Yes, in some rare scenarios we were having some news that after losing a job few started their own business and is now running well but in such large numbers in which the people are beginning to lose their jobs and migrated to their native places, thinking of establishing a small set-up or business, for example starting a food stall would be difficult and not having any past experience would make it even tough. This is not a matter of demoralizing or being negative but instead realizing the ground reality and being practical.

    I am being lucky to be in job but have witnessed few of my relatives losing jobs and thereafter the internal confrontations within the family and even more within the person themselves. It is true that it would not be easy to make a complete recovery soon but certainly we can make some arrangements to pacify the deal to some extent. The below points could be important,
    1. Try not to shift to other jobs any time soon till the situation get normal. As a matter of fact, the companies give first priority to their employees who has been working since long in comparison to the professionals just joined the team.
    2. If already asked to leave, then immediately try looking somewhere else. In between, one need not to speak about it on Facebook but instead share with only those who can be your sympathizer in the difficult times.
    3. Work in the profiles that may increase the scopes of you being hired because still there may the professionals getting good opportunities to other places.
    4. And certainly, bring your expenses down by postponing the projects which one may feel not essential for the time being.

    During previous lockdown of Mar'20, I observed a good tactics by some. Although few got stuck with their routine businesses but other keep extending their product portfolios. For example, few of the shops who used to sell clothing then were also keeping the food items and even vegetables. Few even went keeping masks in order to increase their sales.

    Few even tried with online tuitions too.

    Now in the meantime, as the things seems to be settling to some extent, we must learn to put some money for our savings no matter how small this could be. And secondly, work on your instincts in order to learn new things because we never know when this becomes fruitful for us.

    I have also read the above submissions and I thank all of them for suggesting many positive things which in other ways may work greatly for any of us.

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