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  • Information about flying back to India for expatriates from other countries during Lock-down in 2021

    Do you have a query regarding how an expatriate can fly back to India in this lockdown? Want to knwo allthe rules and regulations for traveling and relevant documents needed? Check out this page for advice from our experts.

    As the world is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and to control it, many measures are been taken up by the government or every country. Here I would like our experts to help expatriates working abroad to fly back to their families in India due to various reasons like Visa Expired, family issues, health problems, unemployment, etc. It is sad to notice that Indian Embassy in other countries is not doing much for their people and just asking people to fill in the form for the collection of information but not step is taken further. Can the experts help the expatriates or NRI or OCI about how to fly back to India by answering the questions:
    1. What are the new norms/guidelines from the Indian government and steps required to fly back to India for expatriates/Non-Resident Indian (NRI)/Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) from Gulf or European nations as published in 2021?
    2. Where should expatriates or NRI or OCI register to fly back to India?
    3. What documents are required and flights are available for booking tickets or flying back to India?
    4. Any other additional information that an expatriate or NRI or OCI should comply with for their traveling?
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  • 1. All persons who wanted to travel to India should fill their application on line on Air Suvidha Portal. For example, if a passenger is coming from the USA to Delhi he has to open www. and fill the application. It should be before the scheduled travel.
    2. A negative RT-PCR report conducted 72 hours prior to your planned travel. A self-declaration report about the authenticity of the report is also to be submitted.
    3. The passenger has to give an undertaking on the Air Suvidha portal or Ministry of civil aviation in which he has to confirm that he will abide by the decision of the concerned authority regarding 14 days home quarantine or self-monitoring of health.
    4. Some may be exempted from the negative report in certain cases like exigency due to the death of somebody in the family. For such exemption the travel has to apply on the above-mentioned portal and the decision will be informed to the travel online by the concerned and the decision was taken by the concerned officer will be final.
    5. Dos and Don'ts will be provided to the passenger by the concerned airlines and all should follow them without any deviation.
    6. Thermal screening will be done and only those candidates who pass the screening will only be allowed to board.
    7. All passengers should have the Arogya Setu app on their smartphones.
    8. All should follow physical distance as prescribed.
    9. During the travel the precautions that will be announced on board are to be followed without any deviation.
    10. All including the staff should follow all the precautions as mentioned.
    11. After arrival at the airport in India again the passengers will undergo thermal screening and passengers who are found to have temperature will be sent to quartine and treatment will be given. Only those passengers who cleared the thermal screening will be allowed to go.
    These are the general guidelines if you want more information you can go through and you will find a very detailed guidelines there.

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  • As per the guidelines of Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt of India, every person who is coming from abroad to India has to inform about his journey details and also apply for any exemption situation for carrying out the journey that is so required in the Covid-19 situation. Right now the only exemption available is against the category 'Death in a Family'.

    For all the passengers planning to come to India it is mandatory to fill the self declaration form in the Air Suvidha portal which is nothing but a Self Declaration and Exemption Form Portal for International passengers. The passengers should fill this self declaration form well before the boarding of the passenger in the aircraft going to any airport of India. The passengers will get a PDF file in their mobile phones from the authorities manning the Air Suvidha portal as a response to their self declared application and exemption if any granted will also be mentioned there. It is advised to keep a printed copy of this PDF file so that same can be shown for detailed verification to the authorities in the destination airport whenever that is asked by them. Of course the passenger can also show the electronic PDF copy as available in his mobile.

    All international passengers coming to India must upload RT-PCR negative certificate for Covid test while filling the Self Declaration Form. Passengers arriving from some of the countries like UK, Europe and Middle East will have to undergo self-paid RT-PCR test on arrival at the first port of landing in India.

    There are other regulations like disposing of the mask and PPE kits in the specially placed disposal bins in the airport. Some of the states in India are asking 15 days home quarantine from these passengers and they have to abide by it in their own interest as well as in the interest of the community.

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  • The following are the norms to be followed in case you want to make visit to India in the present pandemic phase-
    1) According to the latest guidelines, India has imposed its ban on the International Flights till May 31, 2021 extendable depending upon the critical situation which would demand further extensions.
    2) India has finalised an air bubble agreement with Sri Lanka enabling the passengers to travel between the two countries in the times ahead with the normalisation of the situation.
    3) There should be strict compliance of of COVID 19 norms so as to halt pandemic outburst.
    4) Foreign nationals interested to fly over India for medical test need to apply for fresh visa and they can choose one attendant to help the patient in his one's critical situation.
    5) Indian would be allowed to board the aircraft with the strict compliance of the medical test such as CT, RCT tests before boarding the air craft.
    6) You will have to approach the nearest embassy along with nearest Embassy along with the copies of all the relevant details related your employment stating the reasons for your journey. Now only in case of death of a close relative of your family, permission would be granted.
    7) As per mandate by the Government of India, all passengers arriving to India need to register on the portal relating to air travel within 72 hours prior to their journey.
    8) They need to follow certain guidelines including downloading Arogya Setu app, compliance with the thermal screening, filling up of a self declaration form and other points enlisted in the guidelines for the international flight.

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