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  • Totally lost in my life and want to start a fresh life

    Interested in a fresh start? Wondering how to get back to studies and look forward to a good career? No worries, our experts shall respond to yuor query on this page.

    I am 26 years old. I left my studies because of some family problem after than I lost my interest in doing a job. Even though I am trying to get a job but everyone rejects me because of bad communication skill. I am a orphan girl. I want to give a chance to do better in my life but I am loosing hope day by day. I dont have enough money to start a career after a 5 years gap in my studies. I want to continue my studies but I am not getting any source to get back in study line. How can I start my studies?
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  • Your story is really very touching and you have put the things so clearly but I am compelled to tell you that you are not alone in this world having such a miserable plight. This world is a very tough place where there are many people who are deprived of the worldly facilities either by birth or a misfortune of their own life and then it takes herculean efforts and hard work to come out of that situation. Many people had been able to do that and if you are serious, sincere and ready to take pains for working hard in your life there is no question as why you would not come out of this dreadful situation. I understand that without any parental or social support, it is very difficult for anyone to survive in this cruel world but there are still some ways and determined mindsets which often click in the life and one sees a light at the far end of the dark tunnel.

    Let us start with the rudimentary things first. There is no free lunch in this world and one should not strive for it also. There are some orphanage, NGOs, and other social organisations which help the poor and destitute but that is in a limited manner and there are some inherent dangers also in some of those places also if one is trapped in a bad situation like drugs and unlawful activities. This is the most important thing that one has to keep in mind especially at such an age. I would say that in our life whether we are rich or poor what matters is sustained and continuous working and if possible it should be hard work with focus and complete dedication. Lethargy has no place in making a progressive life. It has to be got rid of at any cost.

    For a girl of your age sitting idle is a suicidal thing and you must try to get a job. It is difficult to get a job even for the qualified people and you might be wondering as who will employ you with your poor communication skills. But I am sure that there are some jobs especially in today's pandemic time where young girls are being recruited and they are doing jobs in the back of the stores jobs like arranging and segregating the provision and other general items as per the customer orders. Find out any big store in your area and you would easily get such a job. These jobs are actually low skilled jobs where one has to work under a supervisor and keep things in separate packets for the different customers. Actually the girls who are working at the payment terminals in the main store, require communication skills to deal with their customers and not the ones which work in the background. Likewise there are many jobs which are carried in the warehouses and back offices and if one is really serious to work one can get it in such places where manual work is more than the working with the mind.

    Please note that getting a work today is not for only your livelihood but it is required for making a progress in this tough world slowly and steadily to win in the race of life. Once you start earning money the life will look better and then you can slowly save for your school fees etc and appear in some academic exams as a private student. Your journey in this struggle will be a long one but I assure you that you will definitely win in this pursuit and I wish you all the best for shaping your own destiny with your sheer hard work. Please remember that there is no substitute for hard work. It is a unique endeavour in itself.

    A word of caution to you that you being a young girl, you should be alert and cautious of any ulterior motive towards you by any person in this world and I think you are already mature enough as how to tackle with those lurking dangers which a poor and lonely girl faces in this inhuman and evil world.

    I am very happy to see that you could submit your problem in this reputed portal which is known for its educational and knowledge sharing contents and once you are financially under control then you can even think of contributing here and make some modest pocket money through those efforts. This I am telling after reading your query which is written in quite a clean and clear form which is the basic requisite for content writing. So give it also a thought and who knows you can be a successful content writer in future. If you have any further doubts about anything in this matter please feel free to ask us that in this thread or even post another one and our members and experts will try to help you in the best possible manner.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Your story is really heart touching and I pray the Almighty, at the outset, to help you in all possible ways.
    When things are going as we planned we feel we are the best. But once we are losing in the battle we will get disappointed. But we should not lose our hope. Keep faith in God and do the best you can do.
    There are many people like you who are facing many problems. I know a girl whose father left his wife and children and always go for drinking only. She was forced to leave her studies. Then she took the help of a Non-Government Organisation(NGO). They arranged money for her to learn to stitch and also they donated a sewing machine. In one month she learned stitching blouses and started earning. After three months she completed her learning and now she is slowly started earning some money. She started doing her SSC as a private student. She is making some masks and selling them to know people.
    You have to get inspiration from such people and start doing something. Be hopeful and never go into depression. You can also approach an NGO for some help and try to learn some new skills which will give you a way to earn some money. Don't think that some jobs are not suitable for your stature. You should aim for decently earning some money. So think in that lines and take up learning some skills. You can try based on your interest. Some people will genuinely help you.
    If you have some writing experience you can try some online jobs and see that you will earn some money. If you are good at cooking you can cook food and supply it to people who are not able to cook for them. These jobs may not be permanent but will be useful to start your journey. Simultaneously you should think of improving your skills. That will give you better chances to progress in your life.
    Concentration on the job and not losing hope and faith is key to your success. Be hopeful and start trying. You will be successful. The government is also helping some ladies by giving self-employment schemes and Asha Workers in villages. You can contact the village surpunch and get some leads from him. I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • I am really impressed with your frank submission providing the entire details of your ordeals and you would like to come out of the present situation with some gainful employment. I must appreciate you for your assessment that you are on the look out for some constructive ways to reverse the present situation. I am of the opinion that any problem can be sorted out with your honest decision to be put in the present situation. This calls for overhaul retrospection of your troubles, your assets so as to tackle them, your patience etc.
    I would offer you a few suggestions and if you like, these may be included while taking up for the implementation purposes-
    1) Be patient and tactful- Take a lesson from the youths who have struggled a lot prior to their attainment of the goals. Be positive in your thoughts. Think over your positive attributes such as your eagerness for learning a new thing, looking at the openings in your city and the person with whom you can interact for getting your task done. At the initial stage, success rate would look very gloom but take it granted any discussion with your friends and other known people can open new ways for you which could be ultimately helpful to you.
    2) Take any avocation suiting to your temperament- This could be even the cooking job where you would be offering your cooking service for the single or for both the times depending upon the requirements of the clients. If you impress your clients with your skill in cooking, you could earn substantial amount commensurate to your labour being put in this direction.
    3) Take a determined effort to persuade your studies regularly- Even if you don't have books ask for the same from your colleagues. Chalk out a programme for studies. Take the help of the subject teacher if they are available in your area or otherwise contact anyone studying in a school of your class so that he can provide you some notes and help books.
    4) Improve your oral skill - Initially, it may appear difficult but with your interaction with the people especially your own friends and colleagues, you would see improvement with the time. To restore your confidence, you may start your one sided conversation in front of a mirror taking any current topic and see how best you are successful in your oral skill.
    5) Identify your other attributes- You could be great in your content writing with some practice and this does not relate to your oral skill. We have seen the people of introvert type doing amazing jobs in the content writing though they are not good at their oral skill.
    To achieve success, you must look out all your resources and employ them without hesitation. At the same time, you should be cautious enough that you are not entrapped with a bad company while looking for help from any one. Apply your own intuition.

  • Hi pooja, First of all, I have to say that you are a really brave girl, and for sure you will get whatever you want in your life. Many times some incidents occur in life that break us from within, but if we keep up the courage, then this difficult moment makes us stronger. I can understand the struggle of your life, but now is the time to recognize your powers. Many times we have to fight the entire battle of life alone. Taking care of some things, you should now create your bright future yourself.

    Go ahead with only good memories of the past - The more you relieve the sadness and trouble, the more desperate you will be, and in such a situation it will be difficult for you to shape the future, so do not think about everything that will make you sad. When you have decided to start from the beginning, then do not give up your courage now.

    Judge Yourself - Nobody knows you better than you, so give yourself time with a relaxed calm mind and try to know that in which field you want to make your future now, and who are related to it opportunities are available to you in the present.

    Complete education or consider a diploma - As you have said that your education has not been completed, if you want to complete your education from now on, then go for it, you also have options for online education or distance learning. If you need a job as soon as possible so that you can organize your life more, then you first do a short term course in your field of interest and after that you can complete your missed studies by taking any job.
    In short term courses, you can see the following -

    Mass media
    Content writing
    Online provider courses
    Marketing related courses
    Web disgning
    Photo editing courses
    Technical editors etc.

    Take your special people with you- In your life, you have lost your loved ones, whose sorrow is genuine, but I hope you have found many special people in your life. Those good people can be any of your relatives, friends etc. Take advice from such loved ones, share your thoughts with them, seek advice from the person who feels appropriate. Supporting people is helpful in making life easier.

    For better communication - For this, you should speak more and more with your people. If due to any reason you are not finding anyone then start talking to yourself in front of the mirror, this is one of the best techniques. If possible then listen to more and more audio or podcast in English and start taking an English newspaper. If can not buy a newspaper daily then buys one in a week. By reading newspaper loudly it will help you in two ways, Firstly it will improve your communication and secondly it will make you aware of what's going on around the world.

    You are very young now and you have a long and beautiful life waiting for you. In the same way, keep moving forward with a happy mind, sometimes there are some paths that are not visible from far away, but when we slowly move forward, those hidden paths also start to appear. You will also get many more path when you start your journey.

    I hope this will help you.. Last but not the least, you have a life that you really deserve to live happily so just go for it. God always bless you, all the best with a great future.

  • First of all I want to disagree with your using the term 'totally lost'
    NO, nothing is lost. May be something is just delayed. But everything is available and you can get them.
    Be positive. You are just 26. Many people would have just completed their higher education by this age. Many may be searching for job. So you need not worry unnecessarily.
    (The whole world is now passing through a colossal crisis.Every one will lament about bad times But that is not an excuse).

    But what you should do now is be positive, be practical.

    First of all have contact with your well wishers, your old classmates and be frank with them about what you need now. It is prudent that you get into some work. You can contact your relatives, friends and well wishers, former teachers etc and seek their advice and help in this regard.You may go through local newspapers wanted columns and try to get some job.
    The local ward member or councillor in your area may be knowing you well and your financial status and other matters. Contact the person and discuss your problems and needs. They will be able to help you and/or guide you.
    You can do some online courses and enhance your knowledge. There may be many works needed in your own house which can reduce money outgo. Start with that. Spread word about your need to have a job or work. Tell yourself that you CAN and you WILL. You should deliberately cultivate interest in work and knowledge enhancement.
    In case you have some real skill on something and a plan for enterprise or business, then contact the local bank.They may help you financially. But you should have a concrete positive plan and confidence and knowledge.

    Communication skill-if you mean in English skill, then you need not worry much. But if you are not able to communicate in your own and local language then you have change your style and improve to communicate in a proper way. Here you should now what is the wrong. Only your well wishers and friends can tell you that. Then improve knowing that and with their help. As you are a member of ISC please go through the various posts in ISC and also write and post in ISC. Gradually you will improve very much. Read testimonials from ISC members about their language and communication improvement.
    Last but not least, there are opportunities even in this crisis times. It is for you to try and work and use them. You should take initiative, Everything will not come as you wish immediately. But slowly things will improve.

    Do not lose heart. You should create a positive attitude. Thro away your laziness. Be active. That will yield result.
    Best Wishes.

  • First of all, it is really nice to see such a strong will to do something in life despite so many hardships and it is really impressive to come forward with the problem. You are already towards a step to achieve something in life by thinking about it and willing to change your life. And already are at one such platform where you can earn as well as learn, although when you start it is not much but if you have time and dedication to put efforts platform like ISC, and much other content writing pages are one step towards starting an earning. And in today's era if you have any kind of skill it matters and education is not the only way to earn.
    Many students started using social media platforms initially to showcase their talents and then to earn something even some of my friends who started their Instagram pages initially just to check their artistic side and sharing their paintings, art and crafts and photography and slowly with the increase in the number of followers they used these Instagram and Facebook account to get orders and start earning.
    So for earning it is not necessary to have a certain amount of education but it is a nice thing that you want to finish your education which you can do simultaneously with learning such skills and then using them to start an earning.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • To construct something great, you'll need great day by day propensities.
    The outcome: A more settled, clearer and more centred psyche that will help you push ahead with your arrangement and adhering to it.
    Ask yourself: What's your circumstance presently, and how might you work with what is, not what you wish it was?
    Ponder what and where you turned out badly. Nobody begins wanting to come up short or making a catastrophe.
    Before you move forward on your new way, you'll need to ensure your establishment is strong.
    You may have a thought of where you'd prefer to go: Run it through a pressure test:
    How would you like to live?
    What will occur in the event that you wind up feeling enticed to wander away from it? hat you need to do straightaway. Gather the nerve to do it. Distinguish the hindrances hindering you
    • Does your thought line up with your qualities?
    • What are your qualities at any rate?
    • How will you respond in the event that somebody near you differs or attempts to destroy it?
    • What will occur in the event that you wind up feeling enticed to wander away from it?
    Finally, overcome your fear of being wrong. Be positive and life is to live!

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