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  • What if I score only pass marks in GATE?

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    Can I get seat in IIT if GATE score is very low? What can I do if I score only pass marks in GATE?
    My 2021 GATE score is 5000. Is there any possibility to get a job or get a admission in IIT? Other wise I will try next year GATE exam? Please help me in this situation. I don't know anything about GATE or IIT.
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  • I think that your GATE score is 500 and not 5000 as mentioned by you. The maximum score in GATE is 1000 only. Anyway, coming to the eligibility for getting admission in the PG courses based on GATE score, one has to have a good score preferably in 600+ level. It also depends in which stream you want to take admission because in some niche streams the last candidate admitted is generally have 650 to 700 score while in some not so attractive subjects it could be even 550+ or even less in some cases. Then it also depends as to which category the candidate belongs. In general category one might be able to get admission with a score of 650 but same admission a reserved category candidate will get with score in the range 450 and so.

    What I will suggest is go through the minimum GATE score that was there for the admissions in various streams in the IITs and other apex institutions in our country and from that you will come to know whether you will be able to get the subject of your choice in the particular institute. You will have to see all the options as your score is towards low side. These scores are available in the internet in the relevant sites and it makes sense to go through that historical data so that a proper decision for selection of the subject vis-a-vis ones score can be attempted.

    The relationship between marks and score varies from discipline to discipline and to give a feel of the matter I would mention a typical value for Civil Engineering in which marks around 90 will indicate a score of about 975 while marks around 86 will be approximately equal to a score of 950. Similarly for Electrical Engineering marks around 90 mean a score of 1000 while marks around 86 will indicate a score of 975. Every year the cutoff score will vary from institution to institution depending upon the rush of the students for them and if you go through the past data you may see that in some disciplines there are more chances of getting admission even after having a low GATE score and such an opportunity might emerge in ones favour.

    There are some organisations also which recruit based on the GATE score but it is obvious that there one will have the all India competition and GATE score should be high enough to get through those opportunities. The cut-off in these cases is generally at 700/800 levels.

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  • GATE is abbreviation of graduate Aptitute test for Engineering. It is conducted every year by IIT/ IlSC for recruitment to post graduation in various engineering programme. The maximum score of GATE is 1000 only. GATE score card is valid for a period of 3 years. As mentioned above, your GATE score would be 500 instead of 5000. As far as admission is concerned, It varies from discipline to discipline. And one important thing, you did not mentioned to which category you belong to? Generally, GATE score goes high for general category whereas, low score requires for reserved category. It has been noticed that students having a rank in the range of 600-800 are eligible to get admission into IITs.
    For better clarification I would suggest you to go through relevant site on internet where you will get details of subject wise GATE score in different year. Then you will get better idea related to admission into IIT.

  • By going through your submission, it appears that the GATE scores as projected by you is highly inflated. The maximum scores for the GATE test is 1000. Hence may be your existing scores is 500 for the said test. You should not be perturbed with this scores and you need to consider the following points before you take any final step in this regard.
    1) GATE scores are essential to take admission in MTech in the different streams and according to the cut off decided for a particular stream, admission is decided.
    2) There would be wide variations of the GATE scores in respect of the eligibility of the different branches. Variables also include the location of IIT's, the stream for which admission is to be sought and the status of your cast. For general category, it is always higher than the other categories.
    3) If you are interested for Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering, Civil Engineering etc, your scores might fit with such streams and if not look for other locations.
    4) Your present GATE scores is valid for three years and keeping this thing in mind, you should not loose your heart. You may take one more chance to improve your performance in the GATE, if you could not secure your admission in your preferred branch.
    5) If you are interested for the post of Management Training ( Technical) for any public undertaking, this valid GATE scores would help you in the final interview and you would be preferred if you satisfy the Board of Interview with your performance.

  • GATE is one of the entrance examinations in India for obtaining admission into PG programs at IITs, NITs, and IIITs. Based on the score obtained by the candidates, a rank will be given to the student. Using this rank the student can apply for different institutions for admission.
    How is the GATE Cutoff Calculated?
    The cutoff for the GATE 2021 will depend on the various factors including:
    • The total number of candidates who have appeared for the GATE exam.
    • The difficulty level of the paper.
    • Category for which the candidate is applying.
    • The total number of seat availability.

    GATE Score you have given refers to the score which is calculated on the basis of the normalization process. There will be different papers for GATE. They will have a different level of difficulties, Because of this the final score is derived using the normalization process. In this process the final score will be 1000.

    Each institute will announce the cut off score for each subject and for each category. Based on that you have to apply. If your score is less than cut off score you can't apply to that institute. If your score is less than the cut off for IITs/NITs/IIITs, there are many other institutes where the cut off score will be less. You can apply to that institute. The cut off mark for SC/ST/OBC will be different. Higher the score better the chances of getting seat in a good institute.

    The following are some of the colleges accepting low score for admission

    1. Jain University, Coimbatore
    2.Eternal University. Himachal Pradesh
    3. Institute of Technology and Management, Gwalior
    4.Jaipur National University, Jaipur
    5. KIIT Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar
    6.Anand Engineering College. Agra

    Your score in GATE is useful to get a job in some PSUs. So you can be in a look out for these press communications and apply for those posts.

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