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  • Degree not completed within 6 years

    Is it possible to clear the degree through a random third-party website? Check our experts' opinions.

    I was a student of School of Open Learning, University of Delhi but couldn't finish my degree and failed in 1 exam.
    Now the degree has collapsed and I couldn't attempt it again.
    I have been seen some online websites that they can help finish the degree within a year.
    It that possible or just a scam ?
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  • Very sorry to have noted that you could not complete your B.Com in the stipulated time and in such a situation, you have to start afresh to achieve this degree. Don't be tempted by some shortcut rout to undertake this course and in that way, there would sheer wastage of time.
    I would suggest you to consider the following points prior to undertaking this course-
    1) Your B.Com degree must be approved by the University Grants Commission and this can be possible only if your university is recognised. It can be either the regular mode or the distance one. It is the essential perquisite prior to undertaking any higher qualification or a job.
    2) One year short term course offering you a graduation degree is a fake promise. It cannot be recognised by any of the institution. It will be sheer wastage of time and money if start such a course.
    3) Again taking up the same course on the regular basis in your case would take enormous time in its completion. Hence better to undertake the same through distance education.
    4) There are numerous distance education universities offering you the recognised degree such as IGNOU, Manipal University of distance education, Utkal University, Karnataka Open University etc, but I would suggest you to continue your B.Com through IGNOU because of their excellent study materials apart from expert guidance for resolving your doubts in the related chapters you are perusing. They conduct such sessions before completing their course and the duration for the same is one month in each session.

  • You do not need to be upset or nervous, sometimes it happens that we fail in any examination, there can be many reasons behind this. But this does not mean that we should choose a path that can cause more problems for us in the future. Graduation is an important degree, in fact, every degree and certificate is very important, so there should not be any compromise in it, after all, it is a question of your future.

    If you want, you can complete your graduation by studying well again. For this, you must first assess for yourself what were the reasons that you failed last time and then this time you will be successful if you work more on those Kanjoris. Still, if you had already intended not to do B.Com, then I can suggest you some other career options -

    Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) - This is also a three-year course which would be good, it has a total of 4 semesters, you can do this course with distance learning and if you want to do PG then MCA You can get a good job in future.
    Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) - This is also a professional course, for this you can also adopt both distance learning or regular methods, if you are interested in business and management, then this option will give you many advancements in the future.

    Apart from this, there are also some diploma courses -
    Diploma in Finance Accountancy
    Diploma In Industrial Safety
    Diploma In Retail Management
    Diploma in Hotel Management
    Diploma In Yoga
    Diploma in Computer Application

  • You have wasted too much time though but let bygones be bygones. You have to restart your education. You may do graduation in commerce from any recognised university. Some of them are as hereunder

    1. Delhi University
    2. Tamil Nadu Open University
    3. Annalmalai University, Directorate of Distance Education
    4. University of Mumbai
    5. Bharathiar University
    6. Madurai Kamaraj University
    7. Alagappa University
    8. Punjab University
    9. Gujarat University
    10. Karnataka State Open University
    11. IGNOU
    12. Manipal University

    But merely doing B.Com is not enough. I think you should do any job oriented degree/ diploma instead. This is a very tough time for jobless youth. There is a huge crisis of employment in India. However, you may do B.Com from any university which conduct correspondence degree/diploma courses.

    Also some of the following short term courses may be done which takes maximum 6 months.

    - Digital marketing
    - Business analytics
    - Data visualization
    - Certified financial planner
    - Hardware Networking & digital communication

  • It is a matter of sadness that you have wasted a lot of time without taking a degree.
    A graduation degree is very important from a career point of view. You must achieve it. For that, you should work hard. Don't be upset. These days, there are many options available for taking a graduation degree either regular or distance mode. But all programme is conducted for three years. If you want to pursue in distant mode then some of the university which offers degree are as follows:-
    1. Karnataka State Open University
    2. Amity university
    3. Manipal university
    4. IGNOU
    As far as one-year online degree programme is concerned, Students can do Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in one year who failed in 1st Year, 2nd year or 3rd year of Degree. Besides, Students who got Govt. job at their early age can also do a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in a one-year degree Program and it is called a single Sitting B.Com Degree. This facility is provided to that student who has failed or discontinued from any other university, approved by UGC.

  • Very sorry to note that you have not finished your B.Com with the given time frame. Now you want to complete that.
    1. Your B.Com degree should be from an Institution which is having University grants commission's recognition. Otherwise those certificates will be a waste only.
    2. One sitting degrees are not valid as of now. Earlier there were some universities accepting these courses but now they are not valid. So don't go by those fake advertisements. One should not believe in these advertisements.
    3. What I suggest you is don't waste any more time for obtaining that 3 years degree. Instead of that you do some diploma course or certificate course which will be either 6 months or 1 year duration. You can think of some skill oriented course. Once you do one of such courses your chances for obtaining a job will be more.
    4. Once you are working and getting some income your life will be streamlined and you will have some time for improving qualification also.
    5.Then you can do your B.Com in distance education so that while working you can improve your qualification also. By the time you finish your degree you will have some experience also so that you will have better chances for a good job.

    always confident

  • You have limited options at this juncture for doing a degree in commerce or any other subject of your choice. Do not fall in the trap of the internet sites which just cheat people with wrong assurances. Even if they give a certificate to you that you have done a degree course then what is the authenticity of such certificate because whenever you produce it anywhere it will be outrightly rejected. Now as it is not possible to complete your earlier incomplete course due to the 6 year maximum time lapse, you have to go for a fresh degree course.

    First of all you find out what is your ultimate goal for doing a degree course. Is it that you want to become a teacher or join a clerical job or work in a business unit etc. If it is teaching line then after completing the degree course you will have to go for B.Ed. or any other teaching certificate or diploma for teaching the primary or secondary education. If it is for a clerical or assistant job then after degree course you will have to go for competitive exams. So depending upon your objective you have to take a decision and select the subjects in the UG course which need not to be Commerce only.

    You can do a course by correspondence or regular mode depending upon your convenience and I am sure that with renewed vigour you can do it. One thing that I want to mention at this juncture is that with hard work and determination one can achieve anything in life and as far as the various competitions are concerned sometimes even the mediocre students are getting selected. The reason is very obvious that meritorious students move to engineering, medical, management, and such disciplines and the remaining are only fighting in the fray for so many competitions for small small positions in various Govt as well as private organisations.

    Let me conclude by suggesting a slightly different way of progressing ahead and that is if you have no interest in academics and have doubt in your mind that you might not be successful in completing the UG course this time also then my humble suggestion would be that forget about that and think of some business proposition and there are many areas which are getting prominence in these difficult times like delivery of food to the houses, delivery of merchandise to the people, becoming a reseller for the major stores, delivering medicines from wholesalers to the shops, and many more like that. Please note that academics is not the cup of tea for everyone but even business is not so easy that one can get success in that but one can find ones interest area and if it is business or business related work then why not to give it a try.

    Knowledge is power.

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