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  • Concern on future education of the pupil

    Are you concerned about the future education of school children post covid? Worried about their return to mormalcy? No worries, our experts shall provide you tips to return to mormal life.

    After COVID-19, students are suffering on their offline study, and regular education system has almost collapsed across the globe for the past few months / years. How to overcome from it? How to get back to old-normal life for offline school or college education etc. other than COVID protocol?
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  • The situation looks more grim due to uncertainty phase of corona and this situation has caused the pupils more tensed in the present situation. We are not even sure how long this phase is to continue. We are here to encourage them rather than making them more depressed apprising them of the current situation.
    We being their parents should have some balanced approach to wean away their negative thoughts with our better interactions and should be able to wipe out their frustrations.
    The following points need to be taken care of in the present crisis to make them motivated.
    1) Your son/ daughter must have abundant interest for some particular subjects. You may ask them if they are more interested to have some books of such writers helping them in understanding the basics of the chapters.
    2) You may sit down calmly along with your own child and proceed with the ways how best the subjects of their choice can be achieved smoothly. Ask the name of the professors/ teachers having enough experience in the similar line and get the feed back of your child whether he/ she would more interested to have his inputs in the particular subject/ subjects.
    3) You may advise your ward to solve the question papers of last seven years of the university/ Board for the same course and if possible ask him to have the same reviewed by their teachers to know regarding his competence in the subjects for which they are interested.

  • It is indeed a big problem that is being faced by many students. A school provides them with a better atmosphere not just for education but also for a better living. It will teach them about society and how to live in a better way in society. These days for children who are in their primary classes house is the only place available to them. They have to read there only, play there only and sleep there only. There are no chances to meet their friends also. Nobody is coming to see them or they are not going to see anybody. They are like frogs in a well. So they are getting depressed. So parents and grandparents should take more responsibility and see that their kids will be in good mood always. Any one of them should engage them always. Even though there is no work they can be taken out onto the roads in a vehicle and show the world but should not allow them to get down.
    There should be some study hours during which the elders should sit with them and see that they are hearing the classes carefully. They should ask them about their doubts and should clarify their doubts. They should ask questions and see that they understand the subject well.
    There should be some play hours. Again elders should allow them to play. If there is some open place in the house we should allow them to play there and we should also play with them and see that they will get relaxed. If there are any close friends or relatives nearby and if we are sure that they are also staying safe we can organise some games combinedly for the children in these families. Even those times also we should not leave them alone.
    The elders should spend some time with them and tell them some stories which will carry some morals. Then only children will have some relief. But the main problem is the parents are also busy with their jobs and work from home. Here the grandparents can come to their rescue and can take care of them.
    Let us hope that the pandemic will come down shortly and we will start our normal living. In some countries, vaccination is completed and in our country also if it is completed as early as possible normalcy may come back and students will have their normal lives.

    always confident

  • Pandemic has affected student life to a large extent. Childhood is golden period of life, and one develops all basics of life at this golden time. School plays a lead role in not only educating school but also all round development, through imbibing him with good habits and developing confidence through participation in co-curricular activities. As online education can provide learning to child bur other developmentap areas are missing in this way. Although some of the big schools, whose students have access to all resources also organises time to time other activities but still this is lacking in most of the schools. So in order to facilitate the child in learning only parents can play lead role, as their child is all the day with them. Parents can take following steps for the efficient learning of their wards:

    1) At this time students are depressed and also some parents they share only with their friends, with whom they are not meeting. So talk to them like friend, understand their problem and if they required proper counselling take appointment with some virtual counsellor.

    2)Due to lack of social gatherings, also children are feeling depressed so arrange some family virtual calls, and even allow child to call to his/her friends.

    3)If possible then arrange some online course for other activities as most of the institutes are providing online courses for dancing, singing etc. So choose as per interest of your child.

    4) When we are locked in your walls of the house, then burden of study mounts up more . In such conditions they can not study properly, so in morning or evening take them to lawn or terrace and do some physical exercises and meditation which refreshes mind and facilities learning.

    5)In this time students have lot of time, so don't waste it in surfing at phone, playing mobile games or chatting. Rather than that read more and more books. Not only which relates to your syllabus but also other novels and skills improving books as per interest.

    6) Always say this bad time will also pass, which motivates us and reduces stress.

  • It is really a very painful phase of life through which we all are crossing. We all never expected such a life before. For one and a half year, all age group have been suffering but the student is more vulnerable to this condition. In such a situation, parents need to play an important role in development of their children so that they do not feel depressed. Parents should talk to their children as a friend. They should play indoor games with them. They should assist in reading and writing subject. Since children are completely locked up in the house so, parents should try to keep engage children in different activities like drawing, craft, singing etc.
    Change is the law of the world. So this time will also pass so keep patience. One day we will live a normal life as usual.

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