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  • How China has controlled the COVID-19 and not other countries as such, so far?

    Do you have a query about how China has controlled Covid in thier cities and the whole country? Want to know why and how other countries could not do the same? Scroll through this page and get answers to all your queries.

    As World knows the origin of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and they controlled it very well without much spreading it in other cities or the whole nation but why do other countries are suffering on COVID-19 still? Where did other countries lack on controlling it compared to its origin country?
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  • This problem of COVID is created by China only. They know how the virus is created and how they can stop the spreading of the virus. While performing the experiments the scientists may be following some protocols so that they will not get affected by the virus. So as soon as the virus is released accidentally they isolated the area where it is released and they repeated that city from the other world by stopping transport to and from that place. So the spread is limited. But the human loss is very heavy in the city where it is released. But they maintained secrecy and seen that no country gets the correct details of the deaths that happened around in their country.
    But people from that area might have travelled to other countries and nobody is aware where did they go. Through them, this virus spread. Because of the people going to different places, other countries are not able to isolate the places. At the same time, they took time in understanding the necessity of isolation and by that time the damage is done.
    Another issue is the awareness and discipline of the people. In China people are disciplined and they have a fear of punishment if they violate the protocols. But in many other nations like India people are not having that fear. They are not disciplined. Still in India feel wearing a mask is for the sake of the police. But they never understand that is for their safety. Even during relaxation time during lockdowns, people think that they should go out even without any necessity and they gather in groups and talk with each other without following any protocols.
    Another issue is economic problems. Many people can't get their meal if they are not going to work and earning their daily wage. So they will take the risk of going out and work. When so many people are working together there will be more chances for the virus to spread.
    The governments also need some money to conduct themselves and continue the governance. So they have to take a calculated risk. But sometimes these calculations go wrong and many ill effects will surface and we will face many difficulties.
    India is having another problem. That is the population and population density. When the density is high chances of spreading will also be high. Because of that, the 2nd wave in India is very severe when compared to the first wave. There are delays in implementing lockdowns. The implementation of these lockdowns also is not as serious as implementation during 1st wave.

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  • China is not a fully democratic country like India and the government there avoids sharing true facts and figures prevailing in the nation so we can not say that they performed better than us in controlling the disease as their data for death trolls might be manipulated.
    But if we assume that they controlled this disease efficiently, then this fact is also known to everyone that China is the origin nation of this virus and they get to know about this disease very early than the whole world. Hence they are aware how tragic it might be?
    So they followed all the precautions very efficiently. Moreover as earlier discussed they follow one party government and hence government does never take load of such law breakers and punishes them severely.

    They are much ahead of us in technology and even it can be considered that they might have also developed some attitude of this disease as well as vaccines which might be more curative than ours.
    Accoring to some of the reports published it is came into view that this is a sort of genetic war so in case of auch wars, the war raising countries already know the destruction they are going to create and hence they spread first hand education among their native people about how to tackle it, some of the home remedies.
    They also have good economy and chasing even America. So people their are healthy, then ours. Since this disease required better immunity, hence proper protocols and better diet structure of people might be th exact behind their better recovery and getting over the disease.

  • China is a communist country and they have a very strict control on the people there and no information can leak to outside world if the ruling regime does not want it to be announced. Due to this inherent nature of Chinese administration whatever news we get in the media is to be taken with caution as we do not know the intentions of the ruling party there in propagating that particular one and hiding other delicate and sensitive information. It is said that in China it is very difficult to become a member of the communist party as there is no transparency in those things and people do not know what is the criterion of selecting a person for such coveted positions. The administration is so strong and one sided that if a person is not seen or traceable then no one knows what happened to him and where he is engaged. Having so many negatives, China is able to survive because of this one sided administration where people cannot refuse to work or disobey the Govt. In that situation if some instructions were given by the Govt to follow in order to contain the pandemic then in China the adherence to those rules would be very very high and that makes us to understand why the precautions taken by Chinese populations would had been far better than the people in other part of the world. So, that seems to be an obvious answer to the anomaly, that we are seeing with respect to the present pandemic, arising between China and the rest of the world.

    Another logical thing that one can try to understand is that this virus did not evolve naturally but was artificially made in the labs in China and whatever be the motives behind that research work the scientist will always find the cure for the disease caused by the virus that is being artificially invented by them. That is the first rule in medical science that no such experiment is to be done until there are safety measures invented to cope up with any adverse situation. It was not an accident that this virus came into the world, it was as per some plan or scheme which unfortunately started eating the hands of its creator and then China became much alert and with its indigenous knowhow about that deadly virus it controlled the pandemic. The precautions and care that Chinese people observed to contain this pandemic is a benchmark for many of us and we have to follow and reach that benchmark, if we are really serious and want to contain it.

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  • As news from China is controlled regulated outside world does not get much news about China happenings. Worldwide popular social media platforms like FB, Twitter etc are not allowed in China.
    So no one can say authoritatively about what is the reality inside China. What we get is what the Chinese govt allows after filtering, scrutiny and maybe what it wanted and decided .

    The only thing we are now sure is that the Covid 19 originated from China. How, when and how much people were affected, what was the casualty- all these are as fed by the official Chines news agencies. All other things are left to guess, hushed gossip and rumour.
    But from whatever we are given t understand also, China has not completely covered its adult population by vaccination. Vaccination for children is yet to be taken up for trials and emergency permission.

    But what is popularly fed in whatsapp etc in our midst is that Chinese used the traditional preventive and managing methods like steam inhalation, native medicines etc.

    Recently I heard a voice clip in whatsapp purportedly from a person who was working in China for years and who knows about living inChinese villages also. It said that generally alo China has less number of modern hospitals in comparison to our country. Chinese ensure exercise and activity for their citizen especially the senior citizen. Hence the elderly there are healthier than counterparts in other nations. Chinese use the traditional native remedies and medicines more, rather than the modern medicine. So in the case of Covid also they used such preventive and managing systems and knowledge.

    However in our country the modern medical doctors and their associations vehemently opposed use of any other systems of treatment and medicine (like Ayurveda, Siddha and Homeopathy). In our country also there are many who believe that using preventive and management methods of the traditional systems could have reduced the number of cases and number of serious cases too.

    However some news appears that China is also fearing another bout of infection there also. Possibly tis may be to put blame on other countries and hide their reality situation.

    In the initial days we were seeing clips of people falling on wayside in China. Only after it spread to Europe and cause havoc there did the world focus there and forgot or ignored China. That was a blessing in disguise for China.

    If we have to believe that China controlled the Covid so soon when the whole world is still under its cruel impact, we have to question China why it is keeping the remedy or prevention as a secret instead of making it freely available to the world on humanity basis. At least why they are not openly sharing the data and study knowledge on Covid? It is that doubt that tempts us to doubt that China created the virus and hence they were prepared with prevention and remedy. So, at present, I am tempted to believe that China has also not fully controlled Covid. At the maximum, they are also managing because they have better technology and committed people which make managing better.

  • It has completely proved that coronavirus came from Wuhan, which is located in China. Hence, many countries would like to call this virus a Chinese virus. For which China had an objection over it.
    'Is china free from coronavirus? This question is being asked by many countries. But the main fact not known till now. China is a very stupid country. It never shares any information with another country. It never uses social media like FB, Twitter etc. When and how this virus originated? Nobody can say exactly. Some news agency wrote that this virus has been created in the wuhan lab and an experiment was going on since 2014. It was made with intention of the third world war. China knew everything about this virus. They knew that It is an infectious disease and how to control it. That's why as soon as this virus spread then china announced a lockdown in their country whereas another country was unknown about this virus. Without knowing anything about this virus how can anybody say that lockdown and physical distance is the sole solution to cure this virus. China did the same what other country of the world now doing. So, china' condition is stable in the case of coronavirus. Besides, many facts related to corona virus was hidden by china like no of dead people, no of infected people etc. Even today, when one and half year passed existing coronavirus china is not accepting that it is made by china. Rumours are as it has spread through the bat. Many people believe that this virus has spread due to having bat meat. But It has been proved wrong by a biotechnology expert. If it would spread through bat meat then it should have spread very earlier as in India also many tribal people eat the meat of the bat.

  • The reports emerging from China do not represent the facts. We cannot rely upon the figures released by the Chinese Authorities. If we trace back the origin of this virus, it started with this place only because of experimental effects. The scientists were conversant with the side effects of such a spread and in case of its propagation, they had the measures to contain the same successfully. Whatever be the reason of failure of the experience, there were steps to bring back the same with the appropriate measures known to the scientists. They even had the close vigilance of the movements of the people contrast to other countries where public movement cannot be anticipated.
    Chinese Government is not known for any leniency for the blunders committed by them. The people living over there are aware of punishments if committed knowingly or otherwise by them. Such a disciplined approach is not traceable at least in our country. Here wearing of mask is not being seen as the safety measure for the prevention of corona but is seen as a way to please the police personals standing on the streets. They even violate all safety norms related to this disease.
    While talking regarding the culture of the people living in the China, they are far far disciplined- may be because of fear of punishment or are tuned to follow the measures announced by the government.
    Now regarding the control of the virus, we are not sure how far the figures released by them are correct but we should be satisfied with their announcements of tackling the same with the zero progression at present of this virus. This cannot be checked by any country and is considered that they have been able to contain this disease successfully.

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