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  • After tool and die making in diploma which course to take in Canada

    Planning to take up next course after diploma in tool and die making in Canada? Searching for best courses and universities for a good job? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I have completed my diploma in tool and die making (dies and moulds) and (press tool) from KTTF Trivandrum. I am planning to study related course to tool and die making in Canada? Which course I have to study for better job and better earnings related to Tool and die making?
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  • I suggest you go for a Graduate course in the same discipline. There are many universities offering B. Sc in this subject in Canada. You have to go through the website of the universities and get the details and decide. You can work part-time while learning so that financially you are stable there. If any of your friends are studying in Canada you can get the information and then apply. After completing Graduation you can think of post-graduation in material science. Once you complete your post-graduation you will have better chances to get a good placement there itself.
    The following are some of the best universities in Canada offering graduation in engineering. They offer special PG diploma courses also. Once you visit their websites you will get the full details
    Best Global Universities for Engineering in Canada
    1, The University of Toronto.
    2, The University of Waterloo.
    3, The University of British Columbia.
    4, The University of Alberta.
    5. The University of Montreal.
    6. The University of Calgary.

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  • If interested for higher studies in Canada after acquiring your diploma in tool and die making, you will have to contact Canadian Embassy operating over our country to assess the details of your going to Canada for your study purpose.
    You may look into the following points for achieving your goals.
    1) Start preparing for IELTS or TOEFL as needed by the university where you want to have your higher studies.
    2) Make a note that your diploma in the said course would not make your career brighter unless you take a degree in Engineering.
    3) In your case, a degree in Mechanical Engineering would suit you most since tool and die making is covered in the Mechanical stream.
    4) You can get a student visa for three years providing you an opportunity to study over there with the opportunity of earning under an employer. The saved amount will help you in meeting your educational expenses in the near future.
    5) Take special care for achieving the scores as required by the university where admission is sought.
    6) You may take the help of your known friend so as to have the relevant informations needed for your working opportunities/ admission prospects etc.
    The following are the reputed universities in Canada -
    1) University of Toronto
    2) University of Montreal
    3) University of Calgary
    4) University of Waterloo etc

  • Diploma in Tool and Die making from NTTF or KTTF has potential value specially in abroad compare to local, including perks.

    The Diploma course has an added advantages of pursuing Mechanical Degree or Tool and Die making Degree in few countries including Canada. One can get campus interview or employment while finishing the curriculum.

    Find the following links, they might help you to know more detail on, and further study in Canada for the same subject course as you are looking for.




    They have mentioned all the info, eligibility, age, prospect detail and schedule etc. You can get in touch with them for more detail.

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