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  • I have two 10 board certificates and two intermediate board certificates

    Are you possessing two sets of certificates of X and XII boards? worried how to handle queries if selected in UPSC exam? Find advice from experts on this page and resolve your worry.

    Can you give me the right suggestion because the fear is eating me from the core. I am unable to focus on my UPSC exam.
    First I passed class 10 from CBSE board in 2010 and then
    I took admission in Bihar board for 12. The session is 2010-12 pass out with first division but during that time I also apearred in Bihar board 10 exam in 2011 and passed out.
    After the 12 board I figured out that my marks are low in english. So again I decided to give a fresh exam
    and I took admission again from the same certificate of 10 CBSE in my 12 board last year.
    Now my session of next 12 board was 2011_13 and I passed out. My latest degree is graduation and PG.
    Now I am carrying my certificate of 10 from CBSE 2010,
    12 from BSEB 2013, and latter I used for graduation and PG.
    The certificates which were never used anywhere and non existing for me are 10 BSEB 2011 and 12 BSEB 2012.
    I am prepraing for civil service exams and this is giving me hypertension in between prepration.
    Please let me know what would happen if I clear my UPSC exam? Is it possible that they will cancel my result as illegal or can I resume my prepration without worry?
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  • There is no problem. You passed the 10th examination in the year 2010. You passed again the 10th class in 2011 from BSEB, You passed your 12th examination also two times. You got your first certificate during 2010-12. You got the second certificate 2011-13. Now you are using your 10th certificate of 2010 and 2013 certificate of the 12th. I don't anticipate any problem. Continue using the same certificates. For all practical purposes use the same certificates. There will not be any problem. Many people attend for betterment to improve the percentage and use whichever is higher. If there is any enquiry, you can also tell them that you are using the best of the two.

    always confident

  • You need not worry for the attempts you made in the last time by taking up two different boards for the improvement of your results. They would appreciate your efforts that the same was done for improvement of your performance.
    I would suggest you to go ahead with your UPSC examination without having any complexities in your mind. Your attempts for both the classes ten and twelve from the two different boards is not likely to affect in any way.

  • You go ahead with your motto. There would not be any problem. Many people repeat exam in the same for a better result as you did. As mentioned above, you passed the 10th exam in 2010 then passed in 2011. So you should use that degree in which you got high marks. Similarly, you did the same with class 12th. And you got your last class 12th certificate in 2013. As per my suggestion, you don't think about your degree and prepare civil services examination with full dedication. Your degree never would be a hurdle in your career. If any enquiry happens then you clarify your point and use your best result.

  • You have done your class 10 as well as 12 exams both second time and the purpose was to improve only. Now you are using the better of the lot for applying in an exam or recruitment in some post whatever the case may be. There is absolutely no problem on that account.

    Only difference which will be there during document verification, at a later time, is that while other candidates will produce class 10 and class 12 certificates and mark sheets with a 2 years difference, in your case it will be 3 years (2010 and 2013). That is generally considered as if you took 3 years in completing class 11 and 12. Other than this I do not see any negative aspect in your educational credentials.

    Anyway, you carry on with your plan and produce the documents at the stipulated time. In your case please take one care which is very important and that is do not mix your documents and choose and produce only one of them consistently otherwise it will mess up your academic records in front of the verifying authorities. If authorities insist to view your second set of documents then only you produce it to them.

    Knowledge is power.

  • thanks alot sir .
    but improvement is one thing.
    and apear in 12 board again with new registration is different.
    as a regular student.
    i passed my furst 12 board session 2010-12
    and second 2011-13 with new a regular student
    may they ask that your session colleps as 10-12 and 11-13 with new registration .
    that's only giving me tension.
    i never cheat not with name or d.o.b
    all are same

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