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  • How to make a good Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations(PPT)?

    Interested in making a good power point presentation? Want to know how to add graphics, music, auto flip, graphs, videos etc. in the presentation? On this page our experts shall provide you guidelines for doing so.

    As we know that our children are having online classes and everything in put online for everyone's ease. Be it studies, tutions, work and even meeting with friends and family. Due to online study, many of us have to make PowerPoint Presentations(PPT) for various works and making one good presentation is a tough and tedious task.
    I would like our experts to help us to learn and make good presentation for schoolchildren, office people or even for community gathering which may include adding graphics, music, auto flip, graphs, videos, etc.
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  • I agree with you that creating a PowerPoint presentation is really cumbersome, especially for those who are not regularly doing this task. With advent of better marketing skills, need of better visual representations PPT has emerged as an important part as it fascinates the audience and creates long lasting impacts on listeners but this effect can be created only if it looks impressive and you question is right from this point.
    Following things must be properly kept in mind while creating PPT-
    1)Better themes attracts your audience and hence it's normal query that which theme is appropriate. You can add your own theme, but generally people prefer to use the themes provided by application. Remember first for what purpose you are making PPT, means if you are using it for educational purpose then you theme must be sober, but attractive to students as students might get bored if too much soberity is followed, if for marketing purposes the theme must be followed as followed by advertisers otherwise if you create your own theme then it's the perfect as if you are creating of your own then you definitely keeping topic in mind.

    2)Now second is duration of your PPT. I have read somewhere that for PPT follow 10 20 30 rule, i.e. it should have 10 slides, last not more then 20 minutes and no font smaller then 30 points. But I feel that it's upto your choice or if you are preparing PPT with less slides aslnd your content is large then you have two create more then one

    3)Proper spacing and font size should me used. As sometimes it is seen that in order to cover large content, down people use smaller font and less spacing which appears rubbish and motive of PPT is not cleared. So for attractive slides you can create separate slides for titles and pictures.

    4) Use bullets and every option provided by application. Explore your themes and every thing first before creating PPT- as sometimes it is seen people show laziness and do not try to explore more at the application.

    5) You can add animation, for educational videos and if you are creating PPT- for tests were then can add poll system as it appears quite impressive. Animations are available in top ribbon and you can select from there.

    6) Before presenting to your audience you must ensure and take a trial run of your PPT. As if in front of audience some function fails then it appears awkward.

  • Powerpoint presentations are very important these days and have many advantages. This is the best tool available to convey our ideas very easily to others.
    A slide show will be helpful to a teacher to teach a lesson. It is very useful to illustrate an event. We can easily display statistical information It can also be used for training employees in the corporate sector. It is a very be a valuable tool for teaching, sharing and learning. You can use this for presenting at a conference and also convince your parents to get into the course you like. One can use these PowerPoint presentations for any subject and can convey the information straight in a very easy way.
    The following are the steps in making a PowerPoint presentation.
    Step 1: Launch a blank PowerPoint presentation. For this on your desktop right click your mouse a list will dropdown. In that go to new another list will drop down and in that list click on a new PowerPoint presentation. A blank PowerPoint presentation will open up.
    Step2: Decide on the design for your presentation. To select the design you want, you have to go to the 'Design' tab at the top of the page and click on that. Various designs will appear there and you can select the design you want and then clock on applying. Then for all the slides, this design will be applied. This design you can change at any time you want. You can do this after completing all other steps also,
    Step 3: You have to create a title page. You can see two boxes on this page. Use the first box for the title of the presentation and the second box for the subtitle.
    Step 4: Start typing the matter on the slides. You can add as many slides as you want, You will see some separate space on the left and you can add a new slide by clicking the right mouse there and selecting a new slide.
    Step 5: You can add charts graphs and tables if you want. This can be done by clicking on the insert tab.
    Step 6: Once you have all your slides completed you can view your slideshow. Click the 'Slide Show' tab at the top of the page and select 'From Beginning'. You can go through your entire slideshow, and change slides by clicking or pressing the right arrow. A shortcut to this is pressing F5.
    You can change the order of the slides, you can add animation and you can add bullets also for these presentations. You will get the guidance for all this by seeing the top of the page on which you are making the slide show. I learned this PPT making on my own by going through the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation page and I used the same for making many presentations in Board meetings and conferences.

    always confident

  • Nowadays power point presentations are the backbone of every meeting where people present their presentations for the management to take decisions based on that data. This application is very versatile and the presenter can use many facilities available in the application for making one's presentation impressive and attractive. There are facilities for animation, adding audio or video clips etc and there are a large formats and colour schemes available to choose from.

    The presentation basically contains two parts. First is the content part which is very important and if the content is not good the presentation will not draw attention in spite of using the latest formats and decorations in it. So the presenter must keep that as the main point in his mind. Second comes the clarity in the presentation. It should go ahead and in a modular sequence taking the points one by one and explaining in a precise way. No repetition is required in the slides. The colours chosen should not obscure the writings and the bullet points and should be conspicuously visible. Many people make presentation very clumsy by resorting to dark colours and the audience sitting far will not be able to make out what is written in he slides. So, we have to take care that we should use light and pleasing colours for the background and dark for the writing fonts.

    If we take these basic cares and precautions while making our presentations, then it will be appreciated by the audience.

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  • PowerPoint presentation is very common nowadays and is an integral part of the working of the organisations, colleges, conferences, business houses and other such meetings. A good powerpoint presentation speaks by itself and adds value to the information being presented. Though the basic thing and strength of any presentation is the content only, but there are other considerations also which make it understandable and palatable by its viewers. As per my experience in this arena I would suggest following points for making an effective powerpoint presentation -

    1. The presentation length should be as per the content and its importance in the eyes of the viewers. An unnecessary lengthy presentation will be a disastrous thing and would reflect badly on the presenter.

    2. The presentation should contain bulleted points and not the detailed texts. The presenter is supposed to do the act of illustrating the particular point further.

    3. The background colour and fonts colour should be chosen in contrast so that there is good visibility of the slides. This is an important point and many learned people do simple mistakes in selecting colours where things become hazy from a distance.

    4. While preparing the slides some margin on the sides should be left out and written points should not go out of the screen while displaying them. Do not be tempted to use the full space in one slide itself. Go to the next slide instead.

    5. The sequence of the content is of prime importance and that flow is to be maintained in the slides so that the viewer does not get lost in the otherwise possible mix up.

    6. The speed which one is showing the slide is of utmost importance and the presenter should give sufficient time depending on the material jotted down there. Never be in a hurry while moving ahead. Keep a track of the slides as many times viewers may like to go back and you must not fumble but smoothly take them there.

    7. Avoid too many links here and there until something necessary is there to be kept in case someone wanted to see that.

    8. Keep the number of slides optimum and do not put the material in repetition. That makes a bad impression.

    9. There should be a match between what one is explaining and what one is showing on the screen. It is very much essential and is one of the main tips for effective presentation.

    10. After making the presentation it is mandatory to check and recheck it for any typo or spelling mistakes etc as that distracts the viewers and makes a shabby impression on them.

    11. One has to adhere to the timings. Generally it is beforehand informed as what would be the expected duration of the presentation. One must be very cautious on this point and follow that in toto.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Effective power presentation requires a lot of practice in the initial phase but once you are accustomed to the way of presenting, it will enhance your skill with the progression of time. Here there are certain points if taken into consideration will make your representation more lucid. The following points need to be considered so as to attract your audience-
    1) Start writing your script in a calm atmosphere- You need a full concentration while writing a script so that the relevant points are not missed. You should be able to know that your contents are interesting and contains relevant informations in the topic being discussed.
    You should be able to know that your contents should reach to the audience in such a way that they can visualise what you are talking about.
    2) Be clear to your audience- Let the audience be clear what you are dwelling on. Your audience should instantaneously each and every slide being displayed. At a glance, your audience would like to go to all your points prior to going to detailed reading of your presentation. Your job is to attract the audience with your constant flow of information.
    3) Restrict the paragraphs to minimum- Your slides are indicative of your illustrations while presenting the slides. The contents should be concise and while dealing with such informations, you have to ensure that the paragraphs are not lengthy enough but they contain full details in short paragraphs. The entire representation should contain the minimum paragraphs so that the audience don't feel boredom.
    4) Pay attention to design- Here you need to follow simple design basics such as introduction of Sans Serifs like Arial, Helvetica or Calibre trend so that it becomes easier for you to make your audience comfortable with your easy writing. Avoid clutter since such usage means that you will be loosing your audience. For easy reading on the screen, you may put dark text on a light background so that the reading for the audience becomes easier.
    5)Think beyond the screen - You should make it a point slide on the screen is one of the parts and it never signifies the main component. You should exert your positive image while you are making representation so that the audience could see what you are wearing, how you look during the presentation time, your tone and a lot more.
    6) Ask questions to the audience- It would be a fine idea to put your listeners under some tension by raising some questions related to the topic prior to proceeding next slides. If you could engage with some questions and they in turn respond to these questions, the session will be all the more interesting.

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