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  • Sputnik or covaxin or covishield - your suggestion

    Are you struggling to choose among the various available covid vaccines? Want to know which is the best one? Here our experts shall provide you advice to choose the vaccine and also where to get free vaccine.

    Which one you would suggest among covaxin vs covishield vs sputnik vaccines? There are some comments and criticism on these around, so, based on your first jab or experience (if any), which one you recommend to others?

    Also, where to get free vaccine for COVID-19? By the way, as applied online didn't received slot yet.
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  • In government hospitals and Public Health Centres, you will get a free vaccine. Already you have registered for the vaccine. You have to see the availability of the slot and book online on the same website where you registered for your vaccine. Another point you should note is in government hospitals you don't have any choice of your vaccine. You have to accept what they are having. So far they are giving either covaxin or covishield, Sputnik has not come so far in AP and Telangana. I don't know about the other states.
    Coming to the best among the three, all the three are more or less for the user. There are no major differences. All of them will develop antibodies to fight Corona. I am giving below the details regarding the three vaccines.
    1. Covaxin:
    The Covaxin is made by Bharat Biotech, It is made with an inactivated vaccine that contains the dead virus. This triggers an immune response. The vaccine may not make the person sick. The efficacy rate of this vaccine is about 81%. 2nd dose is to be taken after 28 days of the first dose.
    2. Covishield: The vaccine is produced by the Serum Institute of India, Pune. TIt is developed by Oxford-Astra Zeneca. This vaccine is based on the viral vector platform. It is made from a weakened version of a common cold virus from chimpanzees. The duration between two doses is 12 weeks. The efficacy rate is about 70 per cent.
    3. Sputnik V: It is manufactured by the Gamalaya Institute, Moscow. In India Dr, reddy's are the manufacturers, This is a vector vaccine based on an adenovirus. Two doses. But first and the second dose are h Sputnik V has an efficacy of 92 per cent.
    Among the above three, all are almost equal but some advantages are seen with Sputnik. But so far fewer people had this vaccine.

    always confident

  • Please do not go into the technicalities of vaccine manufacturing but instead read what the doctors and the latest research says. Accordingly, please note the below important points,
    1. Covishield is more effective in comparison with other two. According to reports, the effectiveness of the Covishield vaccine is nearly 90% as per the global reports & Covaxin's 81% according to interim 3rd phase trial results.
    2. This is readily available in the market with second vaccination dose required in 90 days to 105 days and this means you do not have to rush unlike for the other two.

    And the most importantly, Covishield is made in India vaccine.

    One another relevant point is that even myself has been vaccinated with Covishield on 28.03.2021 and awaiting for my second dose and this means I still do have minimum of two Weeks to look out for the Vaccination Centers. But yes I experienced some body pain and fever the very next day of my first dose but this is quite normal.

    My suggestion is not to think too much after vaccination is taken or else you will feel more pain then what actually you would have been facing.

    Finally, the important thing to remember is that even though vaccinated you must continue to follow the precautions as directed earlier, means work on your immune system and maintain proper social distancing and keep washing your hands with sanitizers or soap.

    Be safe and take care.

  • The best recourse under the present situation is to have a vaccination for your protection from the pandemic infection. It would be better to avail of any brand available to you for the vaccination purposes. At present there is shortage of the vaccination and mainly two variants are presently available in India such as Covaxin manufactured by Bharat Biotech and the other one is Covishield developed by the Serum Institute of India Pune.
    Both the vaccinations have passed the under trials and hence there should not be any cause of any panic while you choose either of the two.
    However, you need to ensure the same with the doctor available in the vaccination- centre regarding any safety to be employed in your case.
    Covaxin- It has been formulated by Bharat Biotech In association with the Indian Council of Medical Research. The doses are to be taken in two shots to have its full dose. The time period for the second dose is after one month of the first dose.
    However, the manufacturer has served an advisory notice insisting on the consultation of the doctor prior to being vaccinated of this brand indicating that it could impact the patients having low immunity or they may feel adverse effects because of certain medicines being taken by the patients especially the thinners.
    The following points should be observed and abstain from the vaccination if -
    1) They have the history of allergies.
    2) They are using blood thinners prescribed by their doctors.
    3) Pregnant and breast feeding ladies.
    4) Patients having other serious conditions.
    Even after the vaccination, they may have some side effects lasting for a couple of days and would go away automatically. In case of persistence for longer days for swelling of faces, rashes all over the body, increased heart beat or feverish conditions, they would have to consult the doctor for the remedy.
    2) Covishield- Covishield is manufactured by Serum Institute of India with the use of adenovirus found in Chimpanzees. The effectivity rate of this medicine is around is 70 percent after the first dose and the same scales up to 90 percent after the second dose. This vaccination comprises two doses where the second dose is to be taken after 8 weeks of the first one.
    3) Sputnik V - It contains two different strains of adenovirus resulting in common cold to to the beneficiaries receiving this shot due to the body reaction. The efficiency rate of this vaccination has been calculated to the tune of 91.6 percent as established from the clinical trial being done on the patients.
    This vaccination has been developed by Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Defence Ministry. Russian Direct Investment Fund has partnered with Dr Reddy's in September 20 to carry out the clinical trials of the Sputnik V in India. Finally, the Indian Government has approved of it to be used in India. The trial has suggested that it may create a more powerful immune response within the body on being vaccinated.
    It is a combination of two dosed vaccination and the second dose is to be vaccinated on the 21 st day after the first one.
    The only initial side effect being seen is minor fever after having vaccinated at the same can be managed with the administration of Paracetamol if fever persists.
    Under the present situation, it is advisable to go through any one of the three vaccinations available easily in the vaccination centre to protect oneself from the corona virus since all the variants are equally effective in containing the corona virus.
    Some more vaccinations are in the pipeline but it may take some time when these variants emerge in the market after their successful trials.

  • When I got vaccinated, there was no choice and we were vaccinated with Covishield.
    However I was academically interested and was following the news and information on these vaccines.
    From that what I have understood is as below:

    Covishield vaccine was being manufactured in India by Serum Institute of India who are a very established and reputed vaccine manufacturers. Actually the research and trials were initiated by Oxford University who tied up with AstraZeneca to manufacture the vaccine commercially. AstraZeneca partnered with Indian manufacturer Serum Institute. Hence Covishield (AstaZeneca) is in effect manufactured in India and thus has a local touch and convenient practically. Our government was knowing the progress and updates in this regard and gave permission for emergency use. The Vaccine was suited to India as it is manufactured in India, logistics are favourable, the storage needs only the usual refrigerators and the government could negotiate with the company.

    At the same time Bharat Biotech another Indian manufacturer with more than two decades experience in the field also started trials on a new Covid Vaccine. However more trials were needed in their case.emergency permission.permission. Hence Covishield became the starter in India.

    Covaxin had the advantage that it uses the well tried and studied technology of vaccines familiar in India. They use the time tested technology of inactivated vaccine or a killed virus. This is a very common technology of vaccines used in India. Covaxin is thus in all ways a truly homemade vaccine.The trials are carried on Indian people and Indian conditions. Till the minimum required stage trials as an abundant precaution as an emergency need, Covaxin was allowed to be given to health sector people with an undertaking. Now that all the minimum requires trials are completed, Covaxin is also permitted to be used to common people as Covishield.

    Covishiel is an Adenovirus Vector Vaccine which means using a modified virus ( i.e. vector) to deliver genetic code antigen into the body cells. It is like an instruction command to make an immune response.

    As many thousands are vaccinated now with either Covaxin or Covishield both are found to be safe . Hence people may get choice. As the efficacy and safety of both are almost equal, people may choose whichever is easily available near them. However they should ensure that they take both doses o the same vaccine. Covishield is not to be taken by those who have allergy to any of the ingredients. This is not the case for Covaxin.

    Sputnik is a Russian based vaccine. As our country was more interested to go with the vaccines produced in this country, for reasons of logistics, control, negotiation and cost, we had not ventured for any foreign produced vaccines. However on review no, the country has allowed Sputnik vaccine also to be allowed in India. Reddy's is the franchise for it in India. It is not yet manufactured in India, and they may be doing so later. As of now they are going to supply by import and hence the cost may be slightly more than Covishield and Covaccine.

    It is reported that Sputnik is trying to develop Sputnik lite whereby just one dose is enough. Once Sputnik is used by sufficient number of people we may be able to now more about it and then the choice may be wider. There may be a few more also in pipeline.

    The immediate priority is to get vaccinated and choice comes later. Hence one should take vaccination with whatever permitted vaccine is easily and affordably available near to one. at the earliest.

  • First and foremost thing is to get vaccinated for everyone seeing pandemic situation. Vaccine is sole remedy for spreading this disease. Choice of vaccine is not important. Which ever vaccine is easily available in your near vaccine centre you must take at the earliest. As far as efficacy rate is concerned ,all vaccine which name you mentioned are equal. All would help in fighting against corona. virus. All would develop antibody.
    In many govt hospital there are no choice of taking vaccine. Most of my family member took covishield as it was single vaccine available there. For taking both dose of covishield, there should be difference of 12 to 16 weeks as per latest announcement. This vaccine is made by serum Institute of India. But, this vaccine is not allowed to those patient who having allergy problem and another health problem. In case of covaxin, situation is different, mostly it is allowed if you are unhealthy. You can take second dose after one month of having first dose. It is made by Bharat Biotech.
    Sputnik vaccine has been developed by Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Defence Ministry. It is little bit costly than other two vaccine as it is foreign vaccine. After taking all vaccine fever, body pain like symptom may come but don't be panic and it is normal. Vaccine is important for safety of life.

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