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  • Registration issue regarding SBI clerk

    Are you worried about not receiving SBI post letter for LPT or DV? Searching for detailed infromation to resolve the registration issue? Here, on this page find repsonses from experts.

    I want to know that SBI post letter for LPT and DV or not because I have registered invalid email id in application form so I can not receive any mail from their side. In pre and mains exam they will message on contact no. and then through their website I can get call letter but what about LPT and DV.
    Someone has told me that they will post a letter for the same but what if I do not get letter on time? Please provide me some solution how can I get information about my LPT test. I am very tensed.
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  • I want to know how can I correct my email id after mains and how can I get information about LPT and DV ?

  • Language Proficiency Test (LPT) and Document Verification (DV) dates are generally formed online. But they will be sending a hard copy also to the address given in the application. But there may be a delay in receiving the same. So please go on opening the official website and see whether any news is put there regarding the results.
    After applying you will be allowed to edit your application three times maximum. So if you have not done it three times, try opening now also and correct the email address.
    Another option is sending a separate email to the concerned person giving reference to your application. In that mail, you can mention the new email address and also mention that there is a problem with the email address given in the application. So ask them to incorporate this new address and communicate to the new address. This will definitely serve your purpose.

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  • You have raised your apprehensions regarding your invalid ID and for the dates for Language Proficiency Test and Verification of documents relating to the post of SBI clerk. Since you have submitted online and this can be edited providing the authority the correct mail after necessary correction. Such corrections can be made as many as three times.
    Regarding the Language Proficiency Test and ensuing Documents Verification, you can access online in their portal if you check the same regularly if the hard copy of such a notification does not reach to you due to postal delays.
    Hope you will take the initiative to insert correct ID mail in your online application with editing the same at the earliest.

  • You can go to the SBI website ( where so far you have performed all the processes right from application and find out the help email or contact email. Please give all your details like name, address, and candidate roll number or application number and request for sending the details to you on your valid email and mention that there. Generally there will be a helpline telephone number is also there to help the candidates in case of exigencies and you can find it and use it to contact them. This is an important task and if you do not get the letter from post or it gets misplaced then you will be in problem.

    I do not think that you can update your email address in the site once the application phase is over so only recourse is to contact them via helpline or phone number.

    If you go to the above site there will be a menu item 'contact us' and under that you can put your detailed query and for the registered candidate there are input boxes provided where you can enter your roll number, registration number, month applied, year applied etc and submit it. I hope you will get the answer in the email which you now provide during this query. Please go to that page and send that at an earliest.

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