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  • Pursuing masters of various streams together

    Planning to pursue more than one PG course simultaneously in online or distance mode? Want to know if it is allowed and valid? Here, on this page our experts have responded to your questions.

    I enrolled for MTech as a regular course and MSc in psychology as a distance learning course in the year 2020. Now I want to enroll to MBA in the year 2021 as a distance learning course. Am I allowed to do that?
    I am really looking forward to enrolling but I am afraid if my certificate becomes invalid.
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  • As per the new UGC norms, one student can do two courses simultaneously. One course in regular college and the other in distance mode. A student can do both the courses in distance mode. But one can not do two courses in regular college. So while doing M.Tech you can do M.Sc in distance mode and after completing one of the two you can go for another course.
    These days we are seeing very high competition is very high. Only qualified people and having multiple skills are preferred. So it is good to utilise the time and get good degrees so that chances will improve. But we should also assess our ability to study many subjects simultaneously. Getting just pass marks is not good. So one should understand the load he can take and then decide.

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  • According to UGC norms, one can't go for two courses simultaneously in regular mode. If one course is in regular mode then another course should be in distance mode. But you can pursue two courses in distance mode simultaneously. If you are pursuing then simultaneously you can also do M.A in distance mode. After completing one of them you can plan for another subject. You should not give emphasis only on taking so many degrees. Rather, you should consider developing skill. The mere degree would not get a job. In this competitive world, people demanding skill-oriented degree. You take a single degree but must have a grip on that subject.

  • If you go by the latest UGC norm, you can see that at best you can persuade two courses simultaneously but not with one mode. You need to take one course in the regular mode but the other one should be through distance mode. The purpose of such restriction is to allow sufficient time to the students to concentrate fully on the courses being pursued by them. Taking some many courses simultaneously would be nothing but to put unnecessary pressure on them.
    Since you are pursuing M.Tech as your regular course and is doing M.Sc in Psychology through the distance education and in this situation, you cannot include M. B.A. course to be taken through distance education. This would be the violation of the existing pattern. Better you complete either of the course first and then opt for the third one.
    Only addition of the qualifications should not be your ambition but you need to achieve the same with your full dedication securing respectable marks in such examinations so that you could impress your employers with the qualifications to your credit.

  • Present rules and regulations of UGC do not allow two regular courses to be opted by a person during the same calendar year as it is not possible for anyone to attend two different courses physically at the same time. So UGC rules say that one can have one regular course plus one correspondence course during the same time and there is no legal problem in pursuing such an arrangement. Accordingly, you can plan to undertake the educational pursuit for your career growth.

    Another important thing is though human capacity is enormous and one particular individual can pursue multiple courses at the same time but there are some practical aspect which might affect the score in one course due to the efforts done for other course at the same time. So one has also to keep this aspect in mind while going to undertake multiple courses at the same time period.

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  • You can take one or two-degree but not from one mode, if you are studying one degree from distance learning then at the same time for another degree you have to apply for regular mode. Earlier that system was different and the same person can take multiple degrees from the same mode at the same time, but according to the new policy, you cannot do this.
    As you have mentioned that you are already pursuing two degrees out of which one is from regular mode and one from distance learning mode, so for now you can apply for a new degree. Once you have completed your MSc through Distance Learning, then you can apply for the next course.
    One last piece of advice, our aim should not be just to collect degrees but the main aim should be to acquire knowledge. When you are already pursuing two difficult degrees, doing MBA simultaneously is not a good option anyway. First, complete one of the above with good knowledge and then select the next one.

  • According to UGC norms a candidate is not allowed to pursue two degree courses simultaneously in regular forms, but a candidate can pursue them in combination for instance one in regular and other in online distance learning and the other in online distance learning mode(ODL).

    Besides this you can take up other combinations as per your choice such as pursuing both the degrees in online distance learning mode. Other combinations offered are:
    1. One Degree and one Diploma/ P G Diploma/ Certificate
    2. One P G Diploma and one Diploma/ Certificate
    3. One Diploma and one Certificate
    4. Two P G Diplomas
    5. Two Diplomas
    6. Two Certificates

    So from this it is clear that, officially there is no problem in pursuing two degree courses in the way you are pursuing as you are doing in regular course and other in distance learning mode.

    It is clear that if you have enrolled for these courses then you are enough capable of pursuing them together, and there is no problem in gaining knowledge. But sometimes in the zeal to do everything we end up doing nothing, as you have also learned in your MBA that, " managers who try to control everything end up controlling nothing". In future also you can work in only one field, as M.B.A with sounds good but psychology is bit different field and you have to choose one field to work, so why not to segregate our choices from beginning.

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