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  • What can I do after Intermediate arts group.

    Confused what to do after Intermediate Arts? Looking out for detailed career related advice on this portal? Find advice from our experts on this page.

    I have completed my Intermediate Arts(CEC) group. Kindly suggest me to good career after my Intermediate. Which course is best for early gain job? And any kind of suggestions for future courses. I was interested in bank employment. Please suggest and make my future best.
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  • You did your intermediate with the arts group. The next course of action is to join for a degree course. You can do either BA or B Com. You should give preference to B Com. So I suggest you take admission to a degree college and concentrate on your studies. As you have mentioned that you want to have a career in banking, I suggest you concentrate simultaneously on general knowledge and basic mathematics. Some institutes will give coaching for efficiently facing bank examinations. While doing B.Com 2nd year or final year you can go for these coaching classes also. That will make you understand how to face the written test. After completing your degree you can apply for a bank job and definitely, you will be successful if you put your wholehearted concentration on your studies and preparation.
    After completing your degree there are many ways for you to continue your studies. You can go for M.Com, MA, CA, ICWA, B.Ed etc which will get you many ways to earn.
    After intermediate also if you want you can go for teacher training and you can get selected as a primary teacher in government schools.
    While doing degree you can think of some skill-oriented courses related to IT field and those courses will give you very good scope for very good job openings.

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  • You have done your intermediate with CEC (Civics, Economics and Commerce) combination and we can assume that these are your areas of liking and you might like to have higher eduction in some of these streams. Of course, that is a general guess we can make but today the career line is very wide and varied and one can take up even new disciplines and lines seeing them more prospective and career oriented. So, let us go one by one the educational career options for you at this point of time.

    Commerce is a very important and promising line for the students who are having interest in the chartered accountancy or financial accounting or financial auditing or related fields. One can go for UG course in commerce and select some area in it like Accounting and Finance, Financial Markets, Financial Accounting, Cosmic Certified Accountant (CCA), Honours in Accountancy etc.

    For those having inclination towards business and management sides UG courses like BBA would be a good idea especially like Hotel Management, Tourism Management, IT, Aviation, Hospitality & Tourism etc. There are some graduation courses which are in the nature of BBA courses but are mentioned under BA degree only. Some of these lines of interest are BA (Hons) Marketing & Advertising Management, Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis, Bachelor of Foreign Trade Management (BFT), Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Operations etc. and one can consider them also as a viable option.

    With a background of Civics and Economics in intermediate one can also think for doing a UG degree in combinations containing these subjects and then do the graduation but keep the eyes on the administrative services for which one has to be good in general knowledge and should have knowledge of many of the subjects like these and also do more efforts in one of these subjects to choose a special examination paper out of them. So, making an objective of qualifying in some administrative exam of central or state cadre is also a viable option and one has to prepare for it along with the UG course undertaken. Many students choose this path and with hard work attain the competitive goals.

    Another choice is banking jobs and students with commerce and economics subjects can think for this lucrative career line also and prepare for the combined banking examinations for clerk or officer category. These are conducted by IBPS.

    For laborious and hard working students the sky is the only limit as there are a plethora of career options in the business and industry where there is a demand of skilled people. At the same time there are some people who have no interest in going for higher academic qualifications and for them it makes sense to acquire some diploma certificate in some trade like Banking, Equity Arbitrage Trading & Operation, Financial Accounting, Stock Analysis & Portfolio Management etc and apply in the relevant sector mainly in private companies and start making a career. Only thing is one will have to start from a low position but for the hard working individuals there will be a lot of opportunities to rise in those companies.

    For those having an interest in teaching line doing a UG course in choice subjects and then going for B.Ed. would be a good career path. For those who have greater ambitions, doing UG and then PG degree would open a path for lectureship in the colleges or university after getting qualified in the national level NET test. For highly devoted academic students the learning path up to the PhD level is wide open and there are immense research opportunities in these subjects leading to higher positions in specific Govt or private organisations.

    One has to see one's interest areas, ambition level, and commitment to career making and decide the career path accordingly.

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  • It is always convenient and comfortable to pursue a higher study in the subjects or branches directly linked with your current (previous) course. As you have completed intermediate in arts, it is better to take up next course (degree course) in arts/Commerce.

    You have given two hints which help me to shortlist the choices. You have mentioned that you are interested in Bank jobs. You also wanted a course which will help get a job early.

    Considering those two preferences I would suggest you take up B.Com or BBA. If options are available on the subjects choose those with more emphasis on banking, finance etc. Whatever said and done, one has to study well and score good grades and acquire as much knowledge on the subject as possible by referring and learning the subjects beyond the academic syllabus, undertaking useful internship, cultivating good communication skills etc. Such extra skills make it more probable to get a job easily.

    Nowadays a lot many jobs come via campus recruitment. Hence try to get admission in a college of repute. Then, study well to be academically top, develop communication skills and team spirit, possess some practical knowledge by internship etc. Towards the final year additionally make yourselves update about the job opportunities in various related fields-their basic requirements, test patterns etc. and if possible join some coaching centres or even online coaching for passing job relates tests.

    By your final years start scanning the various sites of banks and finance institutions etc to know about their recruitment and career path. Know and equip yourselves to be ready to take up the IBPS tests etc. By that time you will be more aware about the wider opportunities. You may still keep options of further studies and/or job depending on the ground situation and your priorities.

    Please bear in mind work focused, that among equal, the one who has slightly extra knowledge, practical and team spirit, communication ability and positive attitude will stand to score better in an opportunity. Fortunately all these can be cultivated by sincere dedicated focused efforts. Try to do the best in whatever you do, and wherever you are. '

  • While looking back the streams taken by you in the Intermediate stage such as Civics, Economics and Commerce, you can have bright career by continuing Civics and Economics in your B.A. if you have the real passions for these subjects. Economists are the specialists to judge the market movements and to grab a good opportunity in this line, you need to raise your higher qualification such as M.A in Economics after the graduation.
    Commerce is the important area and by mastering in this area with the further studies by taking up B.Com will multiply your horizons providing you deep concepts in Business Accounting, Business Economics, providing you inputs for easy understanding of Charted Accountant in the later stage.
    Now I would tell you salient features if you take up B.A . with the subjects of Economics, Geography and History, you would have the following advantages-
    1) Your strong background in English after your M.A can offer you job in Public Relation, HR executives, job of lecturer-ship ( of course qualifying in the NET), Management Trainee in Administration in different Public Sectors with your exceptional powers of convincing the people.
    2) Go for M.B.A - You could have better prospects in the Management area if pursued from a distinguished Institution such as IIM by qualifying CAT arranged by the Institution. You should have thorough grasping in Reasoning, Mathematics and English to be answered within the reasonable time limit provided to you. You would be required to undertake inputs from a reputed professional institution so as to crack the test.
    3) Take up the course of Business Analytics - In case, you take interest to solve day to day problems with the use of latest technology, you can persuade Business Analytics. Here you would use multiple tech solutions to solve the problems with the application of MS Excel, Pythons, MySQL and other related technologies. With the exposure of such knowledge, you can have the bright career in Management Consultant, Finance Marketing and Sales etc.
    4) Choose the course of Data Scientist - You have to wipe out the conception that to make a career in Data Scientist, you should be a science graduate. With your existing qualification, you can take up the course of Data Scientist where you would learn different systems such as algorithms, extracting insights from unstructured and structured. Its applications are extensively used in the data mining, big data and deep learning.
    You can have a post graduate diploma in Data Science from IIIT Bangalore if you could qualify their tests.
    5) Become a Lawyer- You can persuade LLB degree consisting of three year duration and after completing this course, you can practice as a Lawyer in the court. If interested you can appear for the judicial service examination and can become a judge on successful completion of the course.
    6) Preparation of the Banking Jobs - A lot of vacancies are appearing for the Probationary Officers of the different banks which need thorough preparations from your end since the questions are of the objective types to be answered in the allotted time and in that situation you need to undertake the guidance of a professional institution to compete the examination with impressive ranking so as to be selected. With the progress of time, you will be promoted to a high rank satisfying you both your aspirations and monetary gains in terms of emoluments.
    If you are interested to make your career in the line of commerce, you may consider the following choices-
    1) Company Secretary - With the expansion of corporate world, there has been tremendous surge for CS in various banks and financial institutions, stock exchanges, company law board and other governmental departments. You need to complete the executive programme and professional programmes by appearing in the examination being held in June and December every year. You have to put your labour sincerely in this direction with the guidance of the professional institution to crack the test.
    2) Charted Accountant- This is a prestigious profession and to be successful in this area, you need to secure at least 60 percent marks in your B.A and have sufficient exposure in understanding the different tools of commerce such as Business Economics, Taxation, Profit and Loss Computing etc. Being a graduate, you need to clear Intermediate and Final even on the part wise basis to clear the examination. To expedite its completion, you may take up the help of a professional institution.
    There are different courses which may be undertaken such as M.Com, Charted Financial Analyst, M.B.A. etc after your B.Com depending upon your interest.
    You may even think of clearing UPSC examination if you have a passion for it with the timely guidance from some reputed institutions. This would require to have effective communication skill apart from good grasp of the subjects of both main and elective papers.

  • First of all, remember one thing, there are chances that you can get a job immediately after completing your degree, but you cannot expect a highly reputed job. You need to find your niche and try to go on along the same way.
    You've completed your intermediate in CEC. And also you've mentioned that you are interested in banking jobs. My advice for you is to take either B. Com or B. Sc Political Science. If you take B. Com as your degree, I advise you to go for an additional professional course because just doing UG is not valuable these days. So you could ho for CMA, CA, CS or CPA etc., but one thing to be duly noted here, you have to put a lot of effort in these courses and also it consumes a lot of time. You can also do M.B.A.
    If you take B. Sc Political Science, it would be helpful for you in government exams like you'll be given preferences.
    It is advisable to take coaching for banking exams while doing UG, so that you would be ready to write the exams by the end of your graduation.
    You can take B.Ed and try teaching, if you are interested.

  • As mentioned above you have completed intermediate arts and now for which stream you should opt is a big question in front of you? As per my suggestion, you should select the subject according to your interest. First of all, you should see in which subject do you have interest more? There is two option in front of you either take arts or commerce. There is a lot of opportunity in both fields. If you take Commerce in graduation then after completion you can go for CA, CS were a lot of job opportunity available. You can go for MBA also where commerce student can better perform as most of the MBA papers are mathematics and reasoning related. Apart from that, you can make a career in the teaching field. After completion M.Com, you can go for NET and PhD which is an essential requirement for being a lecturer in college.
    If you take economics subject in B. A then you can make a career in the teaching field also. You can go for B.ED which is important criteria for being a school teacher. If you are interested in a Bank job then you can prepare for a bank job while doing a UG course. For a banking job, you should have passed graduation in any discipline. You can make a career in the administrative field where art student has seen better performer. You can apply for UPSC and State PCS where art student feels easy in preparing for this exam.

  • You have many options which will help in building your career, but as you mentioned, if you are more interested in banking, then whatever degree you take, after that you are eligible for the entrance exam of any bank. Some important courses that you can do after intermediate are as follows -

    Bachelor in Commerce - This will be the best choice for you, in this, you will have to be a little more aware of the subject choices because your ultimate goal is a bank job, then choose your subjects on that basis, accounts will prove to be helpful to you.

    Bachelor in Arts - If you also complete your graduation in the subject of Arts, then along with this you can prepare for competitive exams related to banking from now on.

    BCA - Nowadays there is a demand for computers in every field, but it is considered an important subject, so you should have maximum knowledge of computers in every situation. If you do BCA, then you will get this knowledge in great detail, which will further benefit you from many mighty.

    BBA- Generally it is more appropriate for those people who are interested in business, but there are many such banking fields where students who have passed BBA or MBA are given maximum priority, so this will also be a good choice for you.

    These were some degree courses that will help you in building a job or career after three years, but if you want to get a job as soon as possible, then you can also see some short term courses, diploma courses, or certification courses -

    If you want to make your career in this, then Tally is an important course for you. From this course, you can get knowledge of computerized accounting.

    You can study even while staying at home. Students living in remote areas can do Company Secretary Foundation Program through e-learning. The importance of this course is not less than other courses.

    Diploma in Graphic Designing
    This is a very good short-term course for creative students. In this, you will get the full opportunity to show your creativity. The duration of this course is one year.

    To crack the bank exam, you need to have good knowledge of the following subjects -
    Mathematics - up to 10th level
    Reasoning ability
    General Knowledge - It includes knowledge of all subjects
    Important Events - This includes National and Inter-National events

  • All graduates are same in nowadays. Accordingly you can select any arts group in graduation in your interested subject. If you availed graduation in your interested subject it increases your capacity of learning and you can score high marks and thereby your rank will up. As your interest in seeking bank employment, you can go through the newspapers from now onward and apply for bank employment with your intermediate qualification. On getting a job in bank you can increase your position to high level by qualifying yourself in educational side also. For the success in banking examinations you have to concentrate in competitive examination papers and increase your knowledge in current affairs and answering competition examination papers. For this you can get magazines and or books relatively and spend some time for this preparation amidst your graduation studies.

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