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  • SEO course details and procedures to complete

    Are you planning to chage profile from ERP application support to SEO? Searching for appropriate courses for shifting to this profile? You may read the responses from our ISC experts here.

    I am a software engineer, working in Oracle ERP tool as application support engineer in MNC. I got udemy access . I would like to take SEO certificate course. May I know steps to get this search engine optimization certificate online?

    If any courses available online , kindly share step by step procedure to take that course,as well opportunity value for this course?

    Kindly give details of this online free course link details & procedure details.
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  • Before learning SEO, you should be aware of the complications while persuading the same. The following points need to taken into consideration-
    1) It is not at all necessary to be expert in HTML, CSS and Coding, even your basic knowledge would help you in learning the different modules. Most of the sites are currently composed of CMS consisting of modules or there is the provision of plugin to be utilised for making on page SEO changes.
    2) You should have good grasp of the language being spoken in that region so that your communication is understandable to your clients.
    3) You should update your skill time to time.
    Details of SEO -
    SEO is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimisation taking the details about tweaking, optimising and making changes in the websites/ blogs / platform etc so that the rank could be improved in search engine result pages thus getting high visibility.
    SERP will provide the most relevant research results helping the users.
    It is definitely a very fast field consisting of two components- On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. This course would cover both the parts in a detailed manner.
    There are two ways - either you attend the regular classes or online classes to pick up the different tools.
    1) Regular Classes - The duration of such classes may comprise 3 months, 6 months or one year depending upon the programme and at the end of the course, you will be provided with a certification. They will provide you right training provided you choose the right platform. They may include SEO Workshop which are held by SEO professionals and you would pick up the same valuable tools.
    2) Online Courses- The duration would remain the same as indicated above. Online classes would contain different formats such videos training course, over emails training etc apart from supporting books.
    Premium E-books and Video Training modules are definitely helpful in improving your SEO skills.

  • An SEO course will allow you to study and dive into various aspects of SEO. SEO certifications offer advanced SEO training. It will help learners to become experts in this field.
    SEO will have a complex set of methodologies and techniques. They are designed to make sure the content is fine-tuned and ready to be judged by online search engines. These engines are like Google, humankind's most unkind judge. These search engines will be making new algorithms, guidelines, and rules for their searches. So SEO experts must always change their approach and adapt to new Google guidelines. They should come up with new SEO rules from time to time to make sure SEO doesn't become obsolete science. That is why we should learn SEO courses and certification which will help us in updating our knowledge. SEO is important these days as it will give chance to brands to see that their products or websites will get more visibility.
    The following are some of the courses you can do online.
    1.SEMrush Academy. Their website is This academy has Fundamentals and Technical SEO courses. The content of the course is having everything needed to become an SEO PRO. These courses are prepared by top SEO experts. The admission procedure can be known by visiting their website. The courses offered are free only.

    2. Udemy: Their website is To join this course you have to have a WordPress website to use the plugins. You will get complete SEO training in their training. For further details, you can visit their website. for other details. The fee will start from $14.99. This course will give you the following.
    A. 21 articles
    B. Full lifetime access
    C. 9.5 hours of on-demand video
    D. Assignments
    E. A certificate of completion.

    3. The SEO Playbook. The corresponding website is This course will teach the students step-by-step proven processes to increase traffic, leads and sales.
    you'll get the following in this course.
    A. 100+ training videos
    B. 20+ pre-built templates
    c. 50+ step-by-step process documents
    D. A private Slack community.
    E, Lifetime access to all current and new playbook content.
    The cost is about$500/- one-time payment.

    4. SEO Certification. The website of the organisation is
    This course offers you the following,
    A. The right keywords for your website
    B. This course will make sure search engines understand the content you've got on your pages
    C. Earn links from external sources
    d. Explain to you how search engines crawl your website
    e. Both On-Page and Off-Page SEO will be taught
    f. Tactical link building strategies
    The course is free. The admission process is given on their website.

    always confident

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about optimising your content of a blog post, using keywords in order to get traffic to the website, and also to rank on the top of the first page of Google results.
    In these days, it is easy to do online certification courses, as there are many platforms providing you education even at free of cost.

    Regarding the SEO courses, there are many of them available in various platforms like Udemy, HubSpot, Skillshare, Coursera, etc. Some of the few course I'm aware of and has great reviews are:

    1. SEO Training by Udemy: As you mentioned that you got Udemy access, it would be convenient for you to do this course. Even this course is available at free of cost (but certification will not be available), you can try this. I personally tried this one and this is a good course for the beginners. Also there is an SEO tutorial for beginners.
    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Introduction to Google SEO by University of California: These courses are available in Coursera, but you should have a subscription for Coursera. There is a 7 day free-trial available and you can try that.
    3. SEO certification by Hubspot: Hubspot has a variety of courses for free. You can check out their website.
    4. Become a Better Blogger by Skillshare: This course also includes content writing so it would go hand-on-hand with SEO. Skillshare offers many workshops and it has a seven day free-trial.

    Check out these websites and get to know about other details. Apart form this, even Google is offering a free online certification course on Fundamentals of Digital Marketing which has around 27 modules explaining about the online businesses and SEO.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the technique of using right keywords for a content so that it matches the searching patterns of the users searching for it. The aim is to come at the top of the search engine results so that the user goes through it by default. It is also imperative that the content should be of high quality as in absence of that even SEO technique would be of no use. At the same time a good SEO can illuminate a good content further in the sky of internet.

    If you want to acquire knowledge about the SEO techniques and functions then there are many agencies in our country which impart training or courses in this niche segment and some of the well known are as follows -

    1. Delhi School of Digital Marketing, Delhi - They offer comprehensive SEO training covering the needs of digital marketing as well as internet marketing areas. They teach optimisation in both the modes that is On-page and Off-page SEO for a landing page or website. On successful completion SEO certification is provided to the candidate.

    2. SEO Training Point, Bangalore - SEO Training Point provides training in SEO in online as well as classroom mode. They have a job placement assistance also.

    3. W3webschool, Kolkata - SEO course provided by this agency is quite popular. They have an Advanced Ethical SEO Training Program option also. One can go through one hour demonstration class in their website.

    4. TheSeoClasses, New Delhi / Gurgaon - They are providing training in SEO in online as well as classroom mode. The course includes On Page Optimization, Off Page Optimization, and SMO – Social Media Optimization.

    5. Chandigarh Institute of Internet Management, Mohali / Panchkula / Chandigarh - They have an option of one month crash course or two months regular course in SEO. The course includes Basics of SEO, On-Page Optimization, and Off-Page Optimization. This agency is official partners for Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

    6. LIPS India, Pune / Mumbai - Their SEO course includes SEO – On Page, On Page – SCHEMA, SEO Off Page, Blogging, and SEO Tools. This agency was founded by some IIT and IIM experts. The agency is official partner of Google.

    7. PromozSEO, Kolkata - They have online as well as classroom courses in SEO. They cover from basic SEO to advanced concepts in it through the 17 modules in the course.

    8. Digital Vidya - They provide online courses which are quite popular. They are Google and Microsoft India's official training partner. They have two courses in SEO stream - Certified Search Engine Optimization Master Certification and Certified Search Engine Optimization Professional Certification. The SEO course comprises of Off-page Optimization, On-page Optimization, Search Engine Algorithms (Part I), and Algorithms (Part II).

    Knowledge is power.

  • Before starting any course, you should take some basic information about it so that when you start the course, you have an idea that all the information which is required for the course is being provided to you or not. SEO is one of the current demanding courses, there are some important points regarding it -
    In the general digital world, there are two important factors of search engine optimization, which are important to understand -

    On-page SEO is the most important factor to increase organic traffic on the website. To set up any website according to search engine optimize, the work that is done on it is called on-page SEO. By doing this your traffic increases.

    Off-Page SEO - To rank your website and post in the search engine, promoting its link on the internet is called off-page SEO. When the post is promoted and shared on the internet, it gives some signal to the search engine.

    Type of Seo Techniques
    White hat seo
    Black hat SEO

    White hat SEO
    When you do search engine optimization and link building in a natural way for your website, it is called white hat SEO.
    Black hat seo
    When the guidelines of the search engine are not followed to rank a website in google, it is called black hat SEO. Its use has a bad effect on the website.

    For Best SEO Courses -
    Udemy – SEO: Complete SEO Training
    EMarketing Insitute Free SEO Course
    Gotch SEO Academy
    HubSpot Free SEO Crash Course
    Distilled U – SEO 101 & Further SEO
    ClickMinded Google SEO Certification
    SEO Training from Jellyfish
    SEO Certification by the Online Marketing Institute- OMI

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