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  • Any Scientist create living creatures?

    Interested in knowing if scientists can create living creatures? Looking out fro answers here? Satisfy your curiosity by scrolling through the answers by our experts.

    Other than existing one naturally, any Scientist or Expert can create (or give life to dead one) natural one like fly or bee or mosquitoes (not robot with operator or software)?
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  • So far it is not achieved but the researchers and scientists in the relevant areas are after this great invention whenever it takes place. There are many steps which had been taken in this direction but so far they are of primitive nature when the question of creating life from dead materials is considered.

    Scientists believe that the life originated on this planet Earth, billions of years back due to some chemical reaction under certain conditions of temperature and pressure and of course in presence of water, oxygen, and other gases in the atmosphere at that time. Depending on the so many constituents which under some conditions produced that ancient live cell which had capability to reproduce, the life originated there and then it evolved in so many organisms of various types and varieties from one of which the evolution of present human race took place.

    Scientists are searching for the answer to the question - what is the origin of life and it is believed that the answer would provide ways to create life in laboratory. There are many theories about the origin of life on Earth but the most common is that on the primitive Earth the atmosphere consisted of the gases like methane, ammonia, water vapour, and hydrogen. It is believed that at that time the energy supplied by electrical storms, thundering and ultraviolet light may have broken down the atmospheric gases into their constituent elements, and organic molecules may have been formed which recombined to form primitive life.

    This is definitely a mysterious and strange thing to find out as how the first life emerged in this planet as other things which followed it can be explained with the theory of evolution. Once that miraculous process is known which gave rise to the first live cell on Earth then it is easy to replicate it for mass production and science has got that capability of mimicking that process in laboratory creating same conditions.

    If the scientists are able to create the primitive live cells then only they can think of creating full-fledged creatures out of it through genetic engineering and cell multiplication processes.

    Based on the traditional and cultural wisdom many people believe that science can never find out the method of creating life from the dead material as that would not be allowed by the Almighty God and will be considered as a meddling in His affairs. Anyway, that is a religious aspect and if some people believe in that it is due to their faith and belief in the Almighty. So, only coming times will tell about this more precisely and correctly.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The only reason why the concept of God still exists with mankind is because humans cannot (till this moment) cannot create a new life nor give back life to the already dead living thing.
    Had humans mastered this art or science of creation what would have happened or what will happen is beyond our own intelligence and imagination to conceptualise. Without that capacity itself what is the havoc humans are doing?
    We have lots of mythological, religious and fictional literature with us describing such acts of transporting life(soul) from one body to another, bringing back the dead ,creating new living thing etc from materials or just waving hand etc. But no such thing is practicable in this world now.

    Scientists are now successful in genetically modifying existing living things and bringing out new versions of the species. Even that itself is signalling vast dangers. Hence there is warnings and sounds for stopping even such research and works. Humans are becoming more and more successful in asexual reproduction. So it all shows that probably one day scientists may be successful in finding the formula of 'life'.
    At least now no one is exactly sure where 'life' is kept in a living ting. There is simultaneous research going on to slow and then stop ageing and thus stop dying too.

    In our ancient texts and legends our Rishis have been known to have rejuvenation medicine formulas for controlling ageing process. That was known as Kaayakalpa. There are some " Chiranjeevis' - ever living in our religious texts. We also get to read certain humans got the blessings by hard penance the power of regrowing or re-coming back to life even when killed.
    It is getting hints and lead from these that the scientists also work n such probabilities by new scientific methods and Biotechnology.
    As per the ancient texts a human life can be of 120 years. So the scientists who work on gerontology are first trying to find methods and medicines or food or formulas to have longevity to reach 120 years. On the other hand there is great progress on asexual reproduction., cloning etc. The ancient texts have hints of cloning and asexual reproduction too.

    So , even though scientists may not be able to create a new life , they may ultimately master a technology and science to create new living things by cloning and asexual reproduction.

    The Hindu belief of rebirth or cycles of birth gives a doubt that the total number of LIFES in this world may be fixed and what is going on is porting and transporting those 'lifes'(we may call them souls or Aatma) into new bodies. Hindu belief is that Aatma or Jeevan or Soul is 'eternal, no death, but transformation only to different planes and levels. Attaining liberation or Moksha is getting freedom from rebirth in this world in some body, but getting liberate from this lower plane and reaching higher plane where the Aatma becomes eternally liberated from coming down for rebirth. Bhagavat Geeta deals a lot on birth, death and rebirth.

    Scientists have enough hints to carry on research on life. Until scientists become successful in knowing the real fact and formula about life, 'LIFE" will remain philosophy and spiritual matter.

  • Biology is not just engineering. Organisms are not just machines that can be assembled from preexisting parts. History matters to living systems in many ways.

    Researchers at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Britain reported that they had rewritten the DNA of the bacteria Escherichia coli. This may lead to organisms that produce novel medicines or other valuable molecules. Except for these bacteria, there are no publications or information about the creation of living creatures.

    We read in religious books about extending life to some people who just died by some Saints. There are many Hindu religion books in which there is a mention about Saints who extended the lives of some people by stopping the ageing process. But we have never seen or heard of this. So far all of us are thinking that living things can't be created by a human being.

    Of course, some works are going on in some laboratories across the globe. They are trying to understand how this process started? Where is the beginning? Once they get the answers to these questions they may think of creating new species without any history.

    Some laboratories are bringing in new versions of already existing species by genetically modifying the existing species. But they are not able to create a fresh one without using an existing body.

    As of now, it appears that no living thing is created in any laboratory.

    always confident

  • Discovery of Evolution of life is indeed a great challenge and over the years several theories are being conducted to find out from where we came and is there any existence on any other planet in this universe. By the time scientists have also tried development structure and several genetic studies are conducted to match the creation of all mighty and to combat several other natural happenings such as death, ageging etc.

    If we talk about creation of any living creature in laboratory then till now their is no successful experimentaion. But still over the years scientists have tried their way to develop "clones" of human beings and other living creatures. If we get into deeper about what does this cloning means then,

    Cloning is a laboratory procedure of developing genetically identical copies or it is process of developing duplicates especially of cells as well as DNA. There is not much success in cloning but science have travelled too far.

    The first creature created ever with the help of cloning was a sheep named Dolly in year 1996, who was duplicate of Finn Dorset ewe, an another sheep. Dolly could not survive for long and an age of 6, in 2003 she died. But her birth had raised a hope and supported scientific studies about creation of living creatures.
    Year after year several studies are being conducted and recently there was a news report which stated that scientists have evolved a way to reduce ageing effects by some genetic modification. Genetic study is becoming and important part of studies of bio medical sciences and one day scientist may be successful in their studies but till now there is no proof of such laboratory developed living creature as cloning and all others are just slight modification on genetic structure given by all mighty.

  • Man is a medium in the creation of a new life, but he is ever a new life. We have made a lot of progress in terms of scientists and it is also an important achievement for mankind that today we can know about our planet earth as well as other creations of the universe, but we only can not create.

    Due to the infinite intelligence of scientists, many unknown facts have been able to reach us today, such as how this life started, how our life is working, the relationship of our life with other living beings, trees, and plants, etc. We have come to know to some extent, it is the result of the infinite intelligence of these scientists. But there is still much to be discovered and perhaps this discovery will continue as a continuous process.

    Just as there is no end to the universe, similarly there is no end to our thinking. It is believed that everything we can imagine is possible in this world. If that thought came to our mind, then surely it can be converted into reality, but for this, we need the support of perseverance, hard work, self-confidence, etc.

    Today our scientists can reach space and control many things with the help of satellites. There was a time when only one satellite of earth is available that is the moon, which continuously rotating towards the earth but now there are many numbers of artificial satellite pf earth who are helping us to communicate, predictions, weather and all these can be controlled by the people who are controlling them from the workstation but even today no one can control our natural satellite that is the moon.

    If ever scientists have become so capable that they can create new life, then the entire living world along with mankind is in danger because we know that man is a selfish creature who can think to do anything for his selfishness, perhaps That's why God has not given us enough power that we can use 100% of our intelligence.

  • To reply here I wish to quote a story read in one spiritual magazine which reiterates that human cannot create livin creature by their own. One four scientists went to God by saying that they could create a human with their scientific knowledge and without His help. God agreed to see their operation. They felt happy and started to pick a handful sand from the ground. God told them not to take the sand as it is created by Him. Puzzled scientists pray apology to God. So we can do anything new but only with material found by God.
    As told by Dr.Abdul Kalam, utilizing scientific measures beyond a limit would pave the to ruin than development.
    Anybody can marry anybody and have child - is becoming a common nowadays. But the same was reiterated as danger through our epics. The children of a demon lady got through a saint became a ruin kings and did many obstacles and illegal activities. To kill him God took avatar. The epics are telling us what to do, how to do what should not do.

  • At this moment, we believe that science cannot create life.
    However, science is getting closer with the theories of Microbiology where the Microbiologists are capable of building new organisms with the addition of blocks from the different spices. They make the experimentations by adding genes and chromosomes, blocking genes from expressing and this provides us to believe that it is possible to create new life - cycle.
    Abiogenesis researchers have discovered some components which is available in science form scratch. Self organising structures like a cell of organic molecules is indicative of microorganisms. However, considering the current life cycle of any creature, we can safely assume that life is very complex. Fortunately, we have discovered DNA lately. Let us go beyond fifty years from now when it would not be difficult to create man made microorganisms which could raise new hope of life beyond God's creation with the sustained efforts of scientists.

  • God has given more intelligence to man than othèr creatures on this earth. Even today, our researchers and scientist continuously research on life. How and when life originated on earth? For a long time, they have been trying to find out life on Mars. Besides, our researchers have discovered new planets which can be used for living purposes in future. If our scientist can go to moon and space then why can't make a new organism. Still, research is going on but they couldn't get solid evidence in this field. It is true that they couldn't create new life till now but no doubt they have big command over technology. As a result of it, they developed "clones" of sheep animals which name was Dolly. This experiment was not successful but gave a big ray of hope in the creation of the new living creature.

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