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  • Abbreviated father's name in Aadhar Card

    Confused with abbreviated father's name present in Aadhar card? Want to know the solution to resolve this issue? Yes! you are landed in the right place. Scroll down to get the solutions from our experts.

    I have my father's name in abbreviated form in Aadhar card and full name in 12th documents with surname in common. Will there be be any problematic prospects with me in the future with my entrance exam or college admission or carrier of doctor(govt job) or opening bank account or linking Aadhar and pan card if I leave the problem as it is, since I don't have any supporting documents or his Aadhar card or residential proof since he is not here with me?
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  • I don't foresee any problem. Your father's name in all the documents is the same. But in some places, it is in abbreviated form. Your 12th class document is having the full name. Your 12th class statement will be taken as standard for your date of birth. Others will be taken as proof for other issues.
    My father's name is very big. So in my Aadhar Card and PAN card, I have his name abbreviated from but in my 10th class certificate, it is the full name. I never faced any problem.
    Anyhow, I advise you to contact a good advocate in your area and discuss this with him. If necessary, you can make an affidavit in which you can declare that your father's name can be mentioned in full form as well as in abbreviated form. That will make sure that in any case, you will not face any problem.

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  • There are chances of similar wrong entries as they are,entering people,cannot aware other states formalities. You can get corrected your father name in aadhaar by approaching nearest aadhaar center or e center organized by government by taking:
    1.your aadhaar card in original
    2.proof in original +a Xerox copy for the correct name of your father
    3. Your mobile with which your aadhaar registered.(if your registered mobile changed please correct the same at first by approaching aadhaar center or e center)
    For all the above you should go in person.

  • I don't think that any problem will arise, because I have seen people using abbreviated form for their father's name in 12th marksheet. However, if you have any doubt in that regard, you can change your father's name in your aadhaar card easily.

    1. Go to the nearest aadhar centre and check out there with the proceedings. You must apply for changing the name by carrying supporting documents. Try to get your father's Id proof, because the name you want to change is your father's. I guess you can download your father's e-aadhar by generating it in the UIDAI website. If not, try submitting your Id proofs other than aadhar, and in which your father's name is correct.
    2. If you start registering for name change, you will receive an OTP to the number with which your aadhaar is linked. This is to confirm that you have applied for it.
    3. After processing your application, they will ask you to come on other day (after a week or two). Then you can finish the proceedings and get your revised aadhaar.

    You can do the first 2 steps online by visiting UIDAI website. However, the third one has to be done in person.

  • If the full name and the abbreviated names are in the same sequence then there should not be any problem as while cross linking the other certificates the verification authority would find it in place. So, I do not see that there will be any problem in this case.

    Generally, it is better to have same name everywhere for consistency and you have to check it while linking your PAN card with Adhar card as banks are nowadays insisting for that as per RBI guidelines. If there is no problem in linking then you can assume that the full name and abbreviated name of the father are taken as same.

    In some situations the verifying authorities might ask confirmation in written that the full name and abbreviated names are same and you can always give a certification of that nature.

    In case of any doubt or problem one can get correction in the Adhar card also as that has become much simpler nowadays and there are many centres where these facilities are available.

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  • You would not face any problem in respect of abbreviated name of your father appearing in your Aadhar Card but in case of your mark sheet and in other documents , there is full mention of your father's name. The verification authority is not likely to make any issue in this regard. If you are not satisfied, you may have the consultation of a lawyer and do accordingly whatever he says.
    If the problem persists with the Aadhar Card only in relation to your father's name, you may approach Aadhar Centre along with your class 12 certificate where your father's name is full form. Ask him to correct the same on the basis of your class 12 certification. submit some other documents containing your ID proof where your father's name is appearing in full.
    With your submission of such a photocopy, they would work in your favour and you will get the corrected Aadhar Card shortly. As a thumb rule, it is always better to maintain consistencies in all your documents within your possession so as to avoid any embarrassing situation.
    In case, they are not convinced,

  • If your father's name is only in abbreviated form in the Aadhar card but the name is in sequence and the same appearing as your other document then the problem will not arise. I have seen many people which father's names are in abbreviated form in Aadhar card and never faced any problem regarding this issue. But, you have doubt about it then go to the Aadhar centre with a supporting document and tell the concerned authority to change your father's name as mentioned in the class 12th certificate. You can do it easily through online. For doing it, first, you will have to download your father's aadhar card on the UIADAI website. The initial process can be done online but for the final process, you will have to appear at the Aadhar centre.

  • This type of abbreviated name or full name is often seen in different documents. You will not have any problem with this issue in the future. There is a process and sometimes it happens that one gives an abbreviated name in some form while a full name in others. Still, if you have any doubt that you will not have any problem with this in future, then I advise you to get more information once by sending your problem to the phone number or email ID given in the contact details given on the related website of Aadhar card. can. Sometimes some organizations or institutions etc. may take any small matter like an issue and at that time if suddenly you have any problem then maybe your more time will be wasted. Therefore, through the website or by going to any Aadhar card-related office near you, get information about it from the officer of that.

  • It is always advised that to have the same name in all the documents and in the same manner to maintain consistency and avoid future disputes. But, some online forms only support a limited number of letters in a name but people who have more letters face problems at that time and hence they use short forms. I remember one of my friends having more than thirty letters in his name and while filling class 12th forms and even competitive examination after 12th he faced such a problem.
    Now, coming to your problem with the abbreviated form, there is not so much issue if the abbreviated form is the same as a short form. Also, the college or competitive examination can guide you if you raise the question through their help desk.
    If your problem is the same as the too-long name and that's why your father used short form then you can even send it by post to concerned the office of authority with a verified document or affidavit.
    Mostly, a FAQ is attached with the guidelines of such authorities and their such directions are also given so you can also refer them to solve your problem.

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