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  • How to get rid of excessive and unwanted facial and body hair in women

    Facing excessive hair growth on face and body? Worried how to get rif of hair, specially in case of a female? Our emdical experts will provide you with genuine adivce on this Ask Expert page.

    I've man like pattern hair on face and other body parts. I'm 25 year old girl. It's quite embarrassing. Even I tried so many ways like waxing, Laser treatments, Homoeopathic, Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicines, but still mnot got any positive result. My mental health is affecting badly day by day. I just want to look normal like other girls. I've gone through so many hormonal tests, ultrasound etc. But everything is normal in case of hormones. Please help me. To which doctor or medicine I should go for.
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  • Many women face this problem and it is definitely an embarrassing matter for them. There is no magical formula to get rid of these hair quickly but certain methods are prescribed which can get the desired relief either by removing them through some mechanical process or treating them with certain lotions/waxes to dislodge them and get rid of them temporarily. Let us go through some of the established methods in this area -

    1. Threading - Threading is a very effective way of removing the hair though it requires some patience to carry out this procedure. This is done with the help of a thread by making a loop and putting across the hair and then pulling the loop in an inclined direction to the skin with a jerk so that the hair gets dislodged without any hurt feeling. It takes time to master this technique and many people do it themselves while others can go to a beautician for the same who does this professionally and quickly.

    2. Coil hair removers - These are metal coiled wires and can be bent in the desired shaped and are to be rolled on the skin and they simply uproot the hair once they come in the grip of the coil. They are faster in their action.

    3. Tweezing - This is the most common method and well known to many women. In this method the tweezer is used to pluck the hair one by one. It is time consuming and requires patience. One has to buy a good tweezer which gets hold of hair firmly otherwise it would simply slip on the hair and would not pluck it.

    4. Using depilatories - These are in cream form and are having strong alkaline material in them which simply break down the hair and then one can wipe off the face with a warm towel. This is one easy method to get rid of the unwanted hair quickly. Please read the details of the product before using them as some of them can burn the skin.

    5. Dermaplaning - This is almost like shaving the skin but only difference is that in this process one has to use a sharp exfoliating scalpel which will remove the top of the skin layer. After using it one has to use a post-shave hydrating serum to smoothen the skin. This is claimed to work for 10-15 days before the new hair are grown. It would be better to take professional advice before venturing for this option.

    6. Waxing - This is an old method and in this one has to put the waxing strip on the skin where the unwanted hair are there and then pull it and it would remove the hair. Please note that this has some side effects like creating redness and irritation in the skin and some soothing creams will have to be applied afterwards.

    7. Electrolysis - This method requires that the person should go for 2-3 sittings of electrolysis sessions in a laboratory and it is claimed to work successfully in many cases as a permanent hair removing technique. In this method an electric current is sent to the hair using needle-shaped electrode and electrolysis is done to destroy the hair. It would require consultation with the expert.

    8. Prescription creams - Some companies manufacture these creams and claim that in 4 to 5 weeks time they will check the growth of hair so that less number of treatments for removing them would be required. One has to use them in individual case to test their efficacy.

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  • Generally, women will have fine hair above their lips and on their chin, chest, abdomen, or back. The growth of coarse dark hair in these areas is called hirsutism. This growth will be male-pattern hair growth. In women, the production of androgens will be at a lower level. These androgens are male hormones. If any lady's body makes an excess of this hormone, we will find excessive growth in such a woman's body. But to know the exact reason is very difficult. In some families, we will see this as hereditary. The use of some medicines may also cause unwanted hair growth. Polycystic ovary syndrome, Cushing's syndrome and Tumors may also cause this unnecessary growth.

    Dermatologists offer treatments for this problem. Laser hair removal is one of the methods they use. Hormone management, antiandrogen medications and electrolysis are some of the methods they use. They may advise you to use a cream that slows down hair growth. I suggest you contact a good dermatologist in your area.

    If you have belief, you can try some home remedies also which will be helpful to you. The following are some of the useful home remedies.
    1. Sugar and lemon: Mix two tablespoons of sugar and lemon juice and 8-9 tablespoons of water. Heat the mixture until bubbles start to appear. Then the solution is allowed to cool to room temperature. ?Apply the same on the affected areas using a spatula. keep it for about 20-25 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water while rubbing in a circular motion. Continue this for 10 to 15 days and see the result.
    2. Honey and lemon: Mix two tablespoons of sugar and lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey and then heat for about three minutes. Some water is to be added to make the mixture thinner, if necessary. Allow the paste to cool down. Then apply on the affected areas and spread the paste in the direction of hair growth. Then use a waxing strip or a cotton cloth to pull the hair out. You should pull in the opposite direction of growth.
    3. Banana and oatmeal: Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal and ripe banana. Apply this paste to the affected areas. Rub it for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with cool water.
    4. Potato and lentil: Take a tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon lemon juice. five tablespoons of potato juice. and mix. Soak lentils in water overnight so that they will become a smooth paste. Mix all the above in a vessel. be Apply for about 20 minutes to the affected area. Wash it off once it is completely dry.
    5.Mix a tablespoon of cornstarch and sugar with egg white. Apply this mixture on the areas having unwanted hair Allow it to get dry. Then peel it off.
    You can try these methods.

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  • There are different methods of removal of facial hairs often employed by the ladies to take care of the facial hairs. Such methods include threading, tweezing or coil hair removers but the pain with the indulgence of these methods is unbearable. Prevention of such an abnormality could be the best solution. You need to check the following conditions given below-
    1) Ensure that you are not taking any medication which could change your hormonal level within your system. Such medicines like Danzol, Rogaine may upset the level of Female- hormones.
    2) You need to trace out the Family History since that might elevate high level of male hormones.
    3) You need to have a medical test to ascertain if you are having a symptom relating to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which could cause the formation of small cysts or fluid filled Sacs inside the ovary.
    4) Sometimes, obesity may be one of the causes leading to excess excess male hormones.In that case, you need to control your weight with the appropriate exercise, yoga or changing your diet so that obesity could be controlled.
    5) Check your stress level with the indulgence of yoga, pranayama or inclusion of some medication which could reduce your stress level.
    The following tests would be necessary to ascertain the abnormalities-
    1) Blood - test is required to check your hormonal level.
    2) Ultrasound is needed to examine ovaries and uterus.
    3) X - Ray is required to examine your adrenal glands.
    Your doctor would proceed for the treatment only after the diagnosing the root cause.

  • Many women have been seen facing this condition. Biologically, It is termed as hirsutism in which women gets excess hair on their body parts like men. Generally, It happens due to excessive secretion of the male hormone androgen in women bodies. All women naturally produce small amounts of androgens. But high levels of this hormone can lead to hirsutism. You can try the following method for removing unnecessary hair:-
    1. Waxing- Nowadays, many ladies use this method to remove hair. In this method, hair is removed with the help of a waxing strip after applying a sticky substance like wax.
    2.Threading- It is a very common method for removing hair. A thin cotton or polyester thread is used for this purpose.
    3.Tweezing - Hair removal is done with the help of tweezers. Its common name is plucker. Most of the ladies keep in the house for removing the hair.
    4. Hair remover cream- There are a lot of hair removal creams available in the market which is used for removing hair. This cream contains alkaline chemicals which fasten reacts with body hair and make weak hair roots and hair comes out easily.
    Apart from these, you can use many homemade items such as a mixture of Besan and curd, Multani soil, Honey and lemon etc.

  • First of all, I would like to say, do not feel embarrassing as there is nothing to feel like so. Hairs on the face or body are as common as other things, it's all just about hormones balancement so do not worry about it. Your outer beauty can never defeat your inner beauty. I understand you may not feel comfortable with growing hairs on your face but there are many ways to get rid of them, you have to be more strict with yourself and be stuck on your right routine activities and a balanced diet. Many women do waxing or bleaching to get this hair clean. Every person has unwanted hair on the skin, but sometimes due to diseases, these hairs become very thick. PCOS disease also causes more hair on the body of women.

    The pituitary is the master gland that controls all other glands of the body and their hormonal secretion so as we know unnecessary hair growth is due to hormonal unbalanced you have to keep healthy your pituitary gland. Now the gland is the inner part of our body so to heal this gland we also follow some inner remedies that are none other than meditation and yoga. You may sound weird but you have to follow some yoga practice and meditation, this would be the best remedy for getting rid of them permanently. Apart from them you should maintain a balanced diet, have green vegetables as much as you can it helps to maintain your hormonal secretions.

    If you still want to adopt some home remedies, then you can do the following measures -

    Take papaya and a little spoon of turmeric and apply this pack on the hairy areas on your body, massage it with light hands, after that wash it with water. If you want, you can do this once in two days.

    Mix lemon in honey and apply it on the hairy area, let it dry like this for some time and then while rubbing, clean it and then wash it with water. But keep in mind that it is not honey, but sometimes some people may be allergic to lemon, keeping in mind that you should pay attention to the quantity of lemon.

    Make a paste by mixing turmeric and mustard oil in gram flour, apply this paste well on the face, hands and let it dry a little, take care not to dry too much, or else you may have other skin problems. Clean the gram flour by rubbing slowly, if you have more trouble due to hair, then soak your fingers in a little oil and then clean the gram flour while rubbing. By doing this, light follicles are easily removed.

    Still, my first suggestion would be my last, and you should need to work on those practices which help you to maintain a balance in hormonal level. So follow yoga, meditation practices, and some related exercises for hormonal balancement. And always remember you are a beautiful person.

  • It is normal to have hair in our face and other body parts. It might me thick in your case. You have mentioned that you did undergo many treatments like homeopathic, wax treatments and a few others. Yet you found no satisfying results. One thing you need to keep in mind is whatever method you chose to do for hair removal, you have to follow it patiently. Because you cannot expect quick results and everything needs time.

    There are many treatments for hair removal, which you have mentioned as tried. But if you want to go for those treatments, you should do it at regular intervals. Also, you said that your hormones are working normal. But my suggestion is to consult a doctor and follow his/her medications regularly. Do exercises, yoga and meditation to keep you fit and healthy. Do a balanced diet, because hair growth is either because of genetics or bad lifestyle. Find the reason behind the hair growth and do the treatment accordingly.

    I'll suggest you some home-made tips.

    1. Mix turmeric (not wild turmeric) with warm water and apply the pack in the areas of hair growth in your body. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Follow this regularly and patiently, to see the better results.

    2. Mix tea tree oil with water and keep it in a spray bottle. Spray a little quantity of it on your face and leave it for a few minutes or maybe for 5 minutes. But don't forget to remember, tea tree oil dries the skin, so don't use it before understanding your skin texture. And if you want to use, mix more water with it in order to dilute the oil.

    3. Mix honey, turmeric and curd and apply the paste in the hairy parts. Leave the pack for about 20 minutes. Wash it with warm water. Do this on 3 alternative days in a week.

    4. You can use honey and lemon, keeping in mind that lemon is acidic in nature and it may damage some people's skin. Do a patch test to check whether it is allergic to your skin or not. Mix honey and lemon, apply it in the hairy parts, rub it through your fingers for five minutes. Wash with water.

    These are some home-made tips I'm aware of. Or there is an other way, just accept the way you are. I know, it's easy to say, hard to accept. So, either accept it or maintain your lifestyle.

  • This is the problem faced by many girls nowadays as they are ignoring and setting aside the advice of parents and elders to use the traditional methods which has no side effects over the skin of the body. Present girls are just ignored the earlier methods as they are projecting themselves towards the modern items. To avoid such things only our elders practiced them, the girl children, from the childhood. Over the years, they, by hearing others of their age group, setting aside the practice and suffering more with side effects by using modern methods.
    Applying paste made of haldi (turmeric) powder, chandan powder and or multani ki matti in daily bath from the tender age prevents hair growth in faces, hands,legs and hidden areas. Through this method the skin got shine without unwanted hairs and shrinks.

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