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  • How to become PGT or TGT hindi teacher.

    Aspiring to become a TGT or a PGT hindi teacher? Want to know the best way to move forward and become a teacher in government school? Here, our experts have responded to your query.

    I have done B A Mass Media in hindi and I had functional hindi for two years. After that I have done B.Ed. from Maharishi dayanand university. I want to become TGT or PGT hindi teacher. I dont have subject combination in graduation so now what should I do for becoming a teacher.I want to apply in govt schools.
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  • To become a TGT in Hindi, you should pass graduation with Hindi as one of the group subjects. You should Hindi as a subject for all three years of study. If you want to become a PGT you should have a post-graduation certificate in Hindi. If you have MA in Sanskrit also if you have Hindi in your graduation you can apply for this post. Then you should complete your BEd. You mentioned that you have Hindi only for two years in your graduation. So you are not eligible for the Hindi teacher post.
    Now you can do BA with Hindi as one of the subjects in your group and then you have to go for B.Ed. BA you can do by correspondence course while working somewhere and B.Ed also you can do through distance mode or open university. As you have already had a BA degree you may get exemptions for some subjects. That depends on the university you select. So you can finish BA easily. Then you can become TGT in any government school and while working there you can do MA through online mode so that you become eligible for doing MA.
    Alternatively, you can do a vidwan course of Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai and then go for Pandit training. That will make you eligible for becoming a TGT.

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  • Choosing a teacher for your career choice is very commendable, being a teacher is a matter of pride in itself and to experience this pride is the dream of many people.

    If you want to become a TGT teacher, then to become a TGT you need to do B. Ed (B.Ed) with graduation and you can apply in any private school whereas there is a separate exam for TGT in a government school. To become a Post Graduate Teacher (PGT), you need to do B. Ed with post-graduation and then you can apply in any private school. But, there is a separate PGT exam for postgraduate teachers in government schools.

    B.Ed (Bachelor Of Education): This course is of 2 years duration and you must be a graduate to do this course. You can also do this course from a government or private college. After a B.Ed course, you can make a career in teaching.
    D.Ed (Diploma in Education): This is a Diploma course which is of 2 years duration, and this course is done to become a school teacher. You can do this course after 12th with graduation also. D.El.Ed is also similar to D.Ed, except their names are different.

    Following are the examinations and their qualifications to become a government teacher or teacher of Kendriya Vidyalayas:

    TET (Teacher Eligibility Test):
    TET i.e. Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), this exam is conducted by the state government. You can give TET exam to become a government teacher in the state. After passing the TET exam, you become a teacher of children from class I to VIII.

    Qualifications for TET:
    You must have B. Ed with graduation to take the TET exam.
    The maximum age for the teacher eligibility test should be 35 years.

    CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test):
    CTET, i.e. Central Teacher Eligibility Test, is conducted by the Government of India. This exam is for those people who want to become a teacher of Kendriya Vidyalayas.

    Qualifications for CTET:
    For the CTET exam, you need to do graduation as well as B.Ed.
    OR Two years Diploma in Elementary Education (D.Ed/D.El.Ed) is mandatory.

  • Teaching job is a respectable job. Many people prefer to do this job. As you know, B.ED is a compulsory requirement for being a teacher in a government or private school. For being TGT teacher, the candidate must possess a graduation degree with B.Ed from a recognised university. Whereas for PGT, Candidates should have passed post-graduation degree with B.Ed from recognized universities. State govt conduct separate exam for TGT and PGT teacher. TGT teacher can teach children from class 6 to 10th whereas PGT teacher is allowed to take class from 10th to 12th.
    Another option is, you can apply for Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha course, cheenai and then you would be eligible for pandit training. The duration of Hindi pandit training course is one year. From Time to time applications are invited for this post. You should regularly search job opportunities on the internet. Generally, a written test is conducted for this exam followed by an interview. Selection will be done based on marks acquired in written and interview.
    Now, CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) has been made a compulsory requirement for being a teacher in govt schools. To apply for this exam you should have a graduation degree with B.Ed or two years Diploma in Elementary Education (D.Ed/D.El.Ed).

  • The job of a teacher is a respectable post where you may get enough stimulation in teaching the children. Now you need to have a B.Ed degree where one of your papers must be Hindi as your elective papers and this must be supported by your B.A. degree having taken Hindi and read the same throughout the three year of your academic session of a recognised university so as to be eligible for TGT teacher. Since you have Hindi course of two years while doing your mass media, it indicates that you have not covered the same language for three years and hence you are not eligible to apply for the post of Hindi teacher even though you have acquired your have to keep this thing in mind that you need to maintain uniformity level of Hindi being studied for three years in your UG level coupled with the B.Ed degree with the inclusion of Hindi.
    Hence you have to start afresh to make such an uniformity in both your B.A degree and your B.Ed degree to make you eligible for TGT teacher.
    While going for PGT teacher, you will have to pass M.A in Hindi apart from your B.Ed degree.with the coverage of Hindi paper. Ensure that your qualifications are from the recognised universities. Even if you have done M.A. in Sanskrit, it would not affect your candidature for PGT teacher since in the graduation stage, you opted for Hindi apart from your B.Ed degree done with the Hindi subject.
    I think it would be a time consuming process for you to achieve such an uniformity with respect to Hindi in both the stages such as B.A and B.Ed where Hindi was uniformly covered.
    You may start teaching such subjects in some private school where the subject was common in both your graduation stage and your B.Ed one if you are permitted by the school authorities.
    Keep this thing in mind that the teachers are the source of motivation to their students and a true teacher does his best to reshape the career of students. While remaining in this line, you need to have constant inspiration to motivate them.
    Mass Media option is not bad if you have a flair for interacting with the people and is interested with exact reporting of the events in some channels and in that way, you can make use of your qualification.

  • To undergo any teaching profession, first of all we should make ourselves well versed with the language/subject. To qualify ourselves the following institutes offering a quality courses with which one can offer his or her teaching ability as a teacher.
    In this they are offering many course levels and they are having many centers and offices all over India. You can approach in person and can undergo classes through a teacher qualified through this institution and the addresses of such teachers who is located in your residential area itself can be availed from the office of the Institute.

    This is central government organisation and offering correspondence courses with lingual proficiency tutorials.
    A teaching profession cannot come in one mere qualifying him/herself but dedication and involvement should be there inside. If you are possessing such qualification in you, you can qualify yourself.

  • For becoming a teacher in Hindi one has to do B.Ed. with one of the main subjects as Hindi. In your case you do not have that combination in your B.Ed. degree. Another thing is that for getting admission in B.Ed. (Hindi) one has to study Hindi for all the three years in the UG course. So with the present qualifications there is no way for you to apply in the competitions for selection of Hindi teaching positions in the Govt schools. Even private schools will ask for those credentials. However some private schools might consider temporary position of Hindi teacher in remote locations due to non availability of the eligible candidates. But that is a risky proposition to go for such temptations. Going again for B.A. in Hindi and then doing B.Ed. with Hindi (if second time B.Ed. is allowed) will be a long and torturous route and would eat away so many precious years out of your prime time.

    Anyway, you have some UG degree with a B.Ed. and if you concentrate in other subjects you can very well try for a teaching job in them. Only thing is you have to generate an interest in that particular subject and it will require doing some homework also for increasing the proficiency in that other subject which is covered in your UG degree as well as in B.Ed. done by you. You can consider this as a viable option.

    You have done B.A. in mass media and it itself is a lucrative field and one can think to make a career in that line also. Sometimes in our lives we have to change our interest areas for making a career for our livelihood and financial stability. Give a thought to it also. There are opportunities for mass media persons in the area of business communication, marketing, consulting, event management, digital communication, advertising, public relation etc.

    Knowledge is power.

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