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  • Which subject should I take for software engineering?

    Aspiring to become a software engineer? wondering whichh subjeects should be chosen in XI and XII? Resolve your confuction and plan a good career by scrolling through answers from our experts.

    I want to get information about my career. I want to be a software engineer but I am confused which subject should I take. Can I be a software engineer by taking pure science in grade XI and XII?
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  • For becoming an Engineer you have to study mathematics and physical sciences in your 10th class. In addition to that in your 10th class, you will study English and natural sciences also.
    In 11th and 12th classes, you can go for Mathematics and Physical sciences. For becoming a Software Engineer you have to study either BE/ B Tech or MCA.
    After completing your 12th class you have to appear for the entrance test for admission. If you want to admit to IIT or NIT you have to write the entrance test conducted by those institutes. This entrance test is known as JEE. You have to first get selected in the preliminary and then the final entrance test.
    If you want to join other engineering colleges you have to appear for the entrance test conducted by one of the Universities at the state level and based on the rank you have obtained, you will be allotted the seat.
    Another way to become a software engineer is to do B.Sc after 12tn class and then MCA. In B.Sc you can have Maths, Physics and computers as your subjects. After completing your B.Sc, you can get admitted to MCA based on your rank in the entrance test.

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  • If interested for the course of Software Engineering, your basic aim should be to go thoroughly for NCERT books prescribed in class eleven and twelve in your science- stream namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Ensure that the basics are understood thoroughly in all the three subjects pointed out above. In case, you come across any problem in understanding the concepts, you need to refer to the subject expert for the clarification of doubts.
    Both your class eleven and twelve are the crucial years for strengthening your basics. English is also important in the sense that it will help you for your better communication and writing skill.
    Once you undergo such studies of NCERT books of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, you would need of higher level of studies in these subjects either through the guidance of some distinguished institutions or refer to some guide books such as Mathematics written by M.L. Khanna, Physics by H.C. Verma and Chemistry by the Arihant Series. One important thing is that you could prepare 80 percent of questions of Chemistry by going through your NCERT text books of both the classes.
    Practice last seven years questions of IIT to understand the pattern of questions and get your answer- sheet evaluated by the concerned teacher of your school. You will have plenty of mock tests if you join Akash Institute, FIITJEE or any renowned institution to improve upon your skill. Attempting the questions correctly within the limited time frame is the mantra to success for achieving a better ranking in IIT.
    The alternative way is to persuade your B.Sc with the combination of Physics and Mathematics and finally you have to qualify the entrance test of MCA of a prominent institution. This will of course take some more time as compared to former one but clearing your MCA, you would be treated at par with the aspirants having acquired a B.Tech degree in Computer Engineering.

  • To become a software engineer, you can do B. Tech in computer science or B.E. in computer science otherwise you can also go for B.Sc in computer science and MCA courses. For better colleges in India, you should appear for JEE examination to seek admission at renowned IIT.
    Generally, there are three options given to the class 11th students while opting for subjects which are pure science, or science with mathematics and the last one is pure science and mathematics as an optional subject. You can appear for JEE examination even if you are a PCB student but once you clear the examination and even if your scores are good, most of the colleges have fixed eligibility criteria of mathematics as a compulsory subject in class 11th and 12th. Hence, at times your clearing JEE is of no use. Therefore, you should take Physics, chemistry and mathematics in 11th and 12th. In connection with this, you can opt for Information Practices (IP) as an additional and optional subject that would develop your basics. After that, if you feel the need to opt for biology and having a knack for it then you can even take it as an optional subject, which would also give you another choice for appearing in NEET exams, but as per my advice, it sounds difficult.
    Also to develop skills at some basic levels you can join some of the coding camps and other classes to enhance your basics and provide you with an edge over other students.

  • For becoming a software engineer one has to aim for B.Tech/B.E. in computer engineering or Simply B.Sc. in computer science. In that pursuit it is obvious that one has to take science subjects right from the lower classes like IX and X. A basic knowledge in Mathematics will always be handy in this area as software programming uses many logics and algorithms based on Mathematics.

    Computers have two main areas for job potential and first is the hardware side while other is the software side. Then there are jobs related to networking and connecting the various computer equipments to each other and use the peripheral equipments for the input and output jobs. This is the physical connection side where using the electrical cables one has to connect the equipments in desired fashion. Due to Wi-Fi technology today many equipments can be connected wirelessly also but the basic concept of networking remains same.

    A software engineer must know about these basic networking concepts and systems in use in different computer equipments and knowing all that well he has the prime responsibility of writing effective and robust codes for carrying out a job. It is imperative that a software engineer has to learn the computer languages like C++ or Python or Java etc for understanding the existing codes in the industry and then modifying them or creating new codes as per the requirement of the customer.

    Acquiring a UG degree in computer science is the basic step in this direction where one learns many of these things but after that one has to choose some specific area for work as different specialisations would be required to work in different companies. A company developing android application will like that the candidate should be well aware of android platform and then contribute his learnings in the best possible way for the progress of the company. On the other hand a company engaged in digital marketing will require other skills for doing the job. These are only some examples to mention but the ares of software is quite wide and includes understanding of various systems, applications, and softwares used in them. Many times making a software patch between two systems becomes a challenging task. Today, to some extent the job of a software engineer has become easier as for many things there are already library functions and utilities are available but one has to incorporate them in the main code effectively and efficiently.

    For those who want to make a career in software engineering it is imperative that they should have clear understandings of logics and iterations used in the software for the desired task and one has to develop writing clean codes so that when one executes them there are no bugs and mistakes in the final product. I will like to give an example of the software used to run the reservation system in Indian Railways. If one uses that then one finds that it is one of the most robust and useful application as on today and so many people use it and there are so many options and variations in it and it still hives a clean output. This I wanted to highlight only to tell that a software programmer has to aim for such robust programs. Of course such jobs cannot be done alone as they require a big team of software engineers.

    So in essence one has to keep all these basic things in mind while aiming for a career in software area. It is also true that this area is going to flourish and develop in the future multifold times specially when everything is slowly moving towards online execution and also the artificial intelligence is entering in our lives in a big way.

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  • Demand of Software engineering is increasing day by day due to digital world. Candidate who want to be a software engineer must possesses BE/BTech degree in computer engineering. Alternatively, they should have Completed BCA or MCA from recognised Institute. For doing BE/BCA you will have to take physics, chemistry and mathematics in class Xl and Xll. Only then, you would be eligible for IIT and NIT.
    As per your query, you can be soft ware engineer by taking pure science in grade Xl and XII. There are three option available while choosing subject in class Xth. One option is available to choose pure science with mathematics. So, you can go with pure science.

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