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  • Is BEd after MTech possible or a good idea ?

    Are you searchign for a job after doing MTech? Confused if one cna study BEd after MTech and take up a teaching job in a school? Find advice from our ISC experts on this page for your question.

    I have completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering and MTech in Production engineering from Rajasthan. Since there are not many teaching vacancies in engineering college I was contemplating to switch to school teaching. Though I am aware that I would not be able to join govt school teaching with my MTech degree. Is it a good idea to pursue BEd after MTech ? Will it be helpful in private school teaching ?
    Here in Rajasthan engineering graduates are not allowed to sit for Bed entrance exam.Even if i choose to do Bed,i will have to do it from any other state. kindly help me...
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  • Generally, engineering graduates will go for post graduation and then some value added short term course and then try to get a job in the relevant industry and few will be opting for teaching job through BEd route. Some of the engineering students even go for computer related trainings and some would go for other work association in the industries for a meagre emolument only to learn the work and skills before getting absorbed in the regular cadre in the same company or elsewhere.

    In some states it might not be allowed for the engineering graduates to enrol for BEd but many states have allowed it subsequent to the decision taken by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) in this regard. So if Rajasthan Govt has not amended it so far then you will have the only option of doing it from outside. You can, in the meanwhile, check with the state educational authorities there in this matter.

    Teaching is also a good profession and if you have apprehensions about getting a job after your PG in engineering sector then it makes sense to go for BEd. In that case you will have limitations of subject selection in BEd as you will have proficiency only in Mathematics and some science subjects. Still with some hard work you can manage that and only thing is that the BEd course will consume two precious years of your prime time during which you could very well concentrate in making a career in your core area.

    You have to see the relative merit of these two areas engineering versus teaching. Please note that teaching is a peaceful and quiet job but in engineering you can scale heights to any level depending on your skills and performance in the industrial area wherever you start to work from a humble beginning. So give thought to these ideas before taking a decision in this regard.

    Knowledge is power.

  • As mentioned above, you have done M.Tech in production engineering that means a lot of time already spent in getting this degree. And now seeking a job in school? As per my view, you should not waste more time. First, you should concentrate on your engineering field. You should seek an industrial job so as your education may use. If you choose another field then till now you spent time and money on engineering career would be wasted. If you fail in getting a job in the engineering field then go for another job.
    Teaching job is one of the respectable jobs where the teacher is treated as 'Guru'. As mentioned above you are unable to make your carrier in the engineering teaching field due to the unavailability of job opportunities so you can try for a school teacher. For that, B.Ed is a compulsory requirement. Now, It is a two-year degree programme. You can join any recognised university outside of Rajasthan. Besides, you can join B. Ed in distant mode also. IGNOU is one of the best institutes for B.Ed courses in a distant mode. Most of the states would allow engineering students for B.Ed courses.

  • I have gone through your submission and I am impressed with your post graduate qualification in Engineering ( Your acquisition of M.Tech in Production Engineering). Since at the present moment, it is been difficult for you to get a job in the teaching line with the present qualification, you want to have a switch to school teaching in the wake of non availability of teaching prospects in the Engineering Colleges. However, you need to think over the following points prior to taking up the final steps. The following points may please be looked into -
    1) Consider the time period you have consumed in achieving your M.Tech qualification- You might have devoted to full seven years in achieving your M.Tech qualification after passing your class twelve. Supposing that you have prepared GATE and on the basis of GATE scores, you secured your admission and this one year, too, has also been included while computing the time for the entire engineering course preparation. Switching to a different regime would mean additional time consumption for at leat two years in completing the B.Ed course apart from job waiting period. Hence prior to switch you need to look out the ways how best the existing qualification can be utilised so as to have a gainful employment with the current qualification.
    2) You may try for a job in IT Industry with a little effort. Approach the job consultants having their access to many IT employers and they can arrange interviews for you. Even you consult, Times of for arranging your interviews in the IT field. You need to brush up studies afresh for your better performance.
    3) You can try for IES with the help of some reputed institution helping you for the preparation. You can have excellent job prospects once you qualify this.
    4) Try for the Banking Executive jobs and for that you have to gear up with the latest patterns for such examinations. Take the help of the professional institution for your better guidance.
    5) You can undertake some certification course such as Oracle, Java, C++ etc for enhancing your employability status in the IT Sector.
    6) If at all, you are not satisfied with the points mentioned above, take up the B.Ed course with distance education choosing anyone from IGNOU, Karnataka Open University, Utkal university, ManipalUniversity of Distance Education etc. In that way, you can better utilise your time in taking up B.Ed course apart from putting your efforts in your chosen field.

  • The answer to your question is Yes. You can do B. Ed after M Tech and you can become a teacher. Some states are giving government teachers posts also for the students who did their BEd after BTech/M Tech. If you want to be a teacher in private schools you can join after B.Ed and some schools may give even without B. Ed also.
    But I suggest you think twice before you decide for going for B.Ed.
    B.Ed is a two years course. That means you have to spend another two years. Instead of that, you can think of joining any engineering college as a tutor and lecturer. There are many private colleges in our country and definitely, you will get one job if you try. While working in the college you can register for your PhD and you can complete it while working there. Once you have your doctorate degree you will be eligible to become a professor in any engineering college. You will have a good career if you do that.
    You can appear for the NET examination conducted by UGC and once you are qualified that you will join any university as a research scholar and do your PhD. After completing your PhD you can join any university or college as a faculty member.
    You have spent a lot of time and energy getting your M Tech certificate. Once you go for B Ed your M.Tech will have no value there as it is not required. Just graduation is sufficient. So going for a school teacher job after M Tech is not a very wise idea.
    You will have many chances in industries as you did production Engineering. You will get many good jobs in mechanical industries or chemical industries also. Otherwise, you can get into the IT field. With your PG qualification, you will get a good job in this line also and the salary will also be good. You can do come certification courses online or distance education mode which will add value to your candidature and the IT industry may provide a good job to you.
    If I were you my preferences will be like this.
    1. Try for a good job in an industry related to your field.
    2. Try for a good job in the IT sector. If necessary do some certification courses.
    3. Join a private engineering college and continue for PhD while working there.
    4. Write NET examination and try to get fellowship and do PhD
    5. B.Ed.

    always confident

  • Thank you all for taking time to read my problem and posting answers,i really appreciate it !I have read all of your answers.i would like to further clarify that banking job is not an option since i am over 30 years old. i don't want to go in an IT Job since it involves sitting work for long hours. Some of you have mentioned doing Phd in my concerned field but i don't think it's a worthwhile idea since the future of teaching in private engineering colleges seems very gloomy to me..
    Is full time Bed degree better than Bed by correspondence in terms of job prospects in pvt schools ?
    Some private colleges in other states are charging a lot of amount for Bed degree and telling me that you need to appear only for exam and don't need to attend the classes. Since i am not eligible for govt teaching in my home state Rajasthan,Will it be a good idea to do full time Bed just for teaching in pvt schools or Bed by correspondence will be good?
    Thanks in advance for your time and help...

  • BEd or TET courses are important nowadays to get a teaching post in any institution. While accepting the course through any institution, my suggestion is to avail a teaching job in any nearby private institutions with which you can have practical experience as the teaching profession needs perseverance and inherited teaching capacity.

  • Since you have narrowed down your choice interested for acquiring a B.Ed degree which will ultimately land you into your teaching profession, I would suggest you the following steps to be undertaken for streamlining your steps-
    1) Take up the job of a teacher in a private school with a request to the secretary to the school offering you a chance for teaching. Continue for teaching for at least two years and then go in for the regular course of B.Ed from either Nagarjuna University of Kuruchetra University in the regular mode. You need to appear regular classes twice weekly so as to be eligible for writing your examination of B.Ed examination of regular programme consisting of two year duration. If you can manage that way, it would facilitate you in acquiring this course.
    Distance mode are not preferred by the school - management in most of the places. Even IGNOU is asking for two years teaching experience. Once you complete your B.Ed through your regular mode, your career prospects will widen. You can later on pursue for M.Ed course through IGNOU by going through their course materials in your convenient timing.

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