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  • Naming the house on our mother's name

    Are you shifting to a new home? Want to know the most apt name for the house? Find suggestions from our experts on this ISC Ask Experts page and decide how to name the house after your loved one.

    We recently bought a new house. And my father wants to name the house in his late mother's name. Her name was Kamlesh. This house was her dream, and only because of her blessings, we are finally moving to our own house. We want a good house name suggestion expressing our love towards my late grandmother Kamlesh.
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  • Naming a house is not only done for giving it an identity but also respect to some elder or honour to ones caste and creed. Different people have different ideas for naming the house and individual likings matter a lot. From the background you have given in this query, I would suggest some of the options for the same -
    1. Maatra Sadan.
    2. Kamala Kunj.
    3. Kamlesh Kuteer.
    4. Maa Ki Chhaya.
    5. Mother memory.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Congratulations to you on your new home, the decision of the name of the house is appropriate only by the elders of the house, so it is a good choice that your house is being named with your late grandmother, some people keep the name of the house by astrology. But there is no justification for this. The name of the house or house is named after the person with whom you are affected, whether it is your wife, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, or any East. Many people also keep their name or surname. Some of the names are as follows -

    Kamlesh Memories
    Mothe's Love
    Mother's Blessing
    Mother's Lap
    Mother's shadow

  • Have you asked your father what name is in his mind? If he has a name in his mind, allow it to be used, as there will be a sentimental attachment to that. If he is confused, then all of you sit together and discuss and arrive at the suitable and proper name which can properly commemorate grand mother and easily pronounceable too.
    Kamalesh Prabhav
    Kamalesh Ashirvad
    Kamalesh Vihar
    Kamalesh Anugrah
    Kamalesh Bhavan
    Kamalesh Kudumb
    Kamalesh Smruti

    etc are just a few suggestions.
    The choice and final selection is yours with due weight for your father's suggestions.

    My best wishes for a happy and pleasant life in your new house.

  • As the house has been bought from your father having his deep attachment to his mother, it would be much better on your part to take him into confidence while naming your house. In that way, he would have his mental satisfaction for his involvement in the selection of an appropriate name reminding of commemoration of your beloved grand mother. You may think of the following options -
    1) Mother's Blessings
    2) Kamalesh Smriti
    3) Kamalesh Nivas
    4) Maatri Sadan
    5) Mother's Love
    6) Mother's Apartment etc.
    The final choice would emerge from your your mutual discussion with your father and in this session ensure that he takes part actively in the selection of an appropriate name.

  • I highly appreciate the author's view. Naming the house with father's or mother's is not an ordinary matter, it enhances the pleasure in their mind. My younger cousin brother who constructed a big house and named the house as 'Sulojana Bhavan' (as her mother's name is Sulochana but called as sulojana). Further for Grihapravesa pooja, he asked his parents to perform pooja as owners of the house. This makes both his father and mother more happy.

  • Buying a new house is a big dream for middle class man. They not only buy a house but do every house related work with blessing of elder person. So, at first congratulation for buying new house. I have seen many people keeping their house's name on the name of family member. So, I appreciate your good decision. You may consider different name for your house which are as follows:-
    1. Kamlesh sadan
    2.Kamlesh Niwas
    3.Kamlesh house
    4.Kamlesh Bhavan
    5.Kamlesh kunj

  • It is very nice to know that you are going to name your new house with your father's mother name. Her name is Kamlesh. I feel by doing this you are satisfying your father and you will have his blessing and also the blessings of your grandmother also.
    The meaning of Kamlesh is God of lotus that is Lord Vishnu. You can think of the following
    1. Kamlesh Krupa.
    2. Kamlesh Nilayam
    3. Kamlesh Hut
    4. Kamlesh
    5. Matru Vandanam
    6. Matru Krupa
    7. Matru Nilayam

    always confident

  • I would love to name the house "Kamlesh kutir".

    For me, the above combination of two words is most suited and gives a perfect meaning and this does not look too modern or too old instead this is evergreen.

    Kamlesh is a Sanskrit word which mean Lord of lotus or the preserver or Lord Vishnu and "Kutir" means a small cottage.

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