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  • Which language is the best in the job market?

    Interested in enhancing coding skills? Searching for the in demand programming language? Here, on this page our experts have answered your query so that you can choose the best one.

    I would like to know which programming language is the most in demand and why. Also suggest some good sites to practice coding and get the code reviewed by experts in case of error, as doing this would enhance the overall coding skills of the students.
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  • There are always changes in the world of computers and technology and the development of new languages and coding etc. keeps on developing in such a way that by choosing only one language, career progress cannot be achieved based on it in the field of IT. If you want to grow, you should keep learning new programming languages.

    By the way, the already prevalent languages are still in existence even today like c. C++, Visual Basic, Java, etc. But currently, the Python language is in high demand. Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language. Python is very simple and one step ahead of other programming languages like JavaScript, C, C++, Java, etc. Along with this, it is the most popular language of the new age for programmers, because it is used in everything from web development to software development and creating scientific applications.

    It is used to make many types of applications. Even if you do not have a little knowledge of programming languages, still you can learn python code easily. Python is also used in Artificial intelligence and data science. We all know that AI i.e. artificial intelligence is the future of the world of technology. Accordingly, learning Python is a profitable deal for us.

    Unlike other languages, it is easy to code in Python. Python syntax can be learned with little effort. Despite having high-level programming, python code is easy in the English language which is easy to understand and learn. For this reason, you can also call it programmer-friendly. Python is a programming language that is very easy to read and understand. There are many such programs, which cannot be done in other programming languages but are done in python. Python is fully embedded, that is, the code of another programming language can be inserted in its source code and python in the source code of other languages. code can be entered.

  • We should not forget our basic language C and the same may be regarded as the mother of all languages. It is essentially a programming language initially developed by Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973 which has helped us in writing down the operating system.
    Many other languages such as PHP, JavaScript and other languages are based upon C Language. Later on, C ++ emerged and the same is basically a superset of a language. The advantage of learning of C Language is that unless you have a proper command of this language, you cannot be proficient in Advanced Programming Skills consisting of other sets of languages.
    If sincerely interested to land into a job in the IT sector, you need to know two programming languages including the C Language. The first one is the problem solving technique and its related logic so as to solve any problem. Once you are familiar with the logic, the same can be implemented in any programming language. Syntax and Semantics of any language would not be difficult with your familiarity with algorithms. Currently, the IT companies concentrate more on problem solving method rather than the programming one.
    Lastly, I would recommend you to go in for Python Language after your command in the languages of C and C ++. Of late, Python has gained popularity due to its wider applications in the areas of Data Analytics, Web Development, Data Visualisation, Finance etc making this language indispensable if you want to have a faster growth in the IT sector.

  • There are a plethora of programming languages available from a job perspective. The most in-demand programming languages in IT industries are python, Java, C++, PHP, Swift, JavaScript, SQL etc.

    I would like to tell you that programming language is very easy to learn. If you know one programming language properly then you will be able to understand the other programming language very easily and will master it very soon.

    Why is Java language in demand?

    Java is one of the old and fast-growing object-orientated and high-level languages. Many large enterprises use the java language for their application development purposes. As Java is already an established language even Android is also developed upon this language. These are few reasons why Java is still in demand in the IT industry.

    Why is C++ language in demand?

    C/C++ is still in demand in the IT industry market. Many game development, system software development and client applications are built-in in this language. One more reason to learn C/C++ is that you will learn more than how a system works and If you are good in this language then learning another language becomes very easy.

    Why is Python language in demand and a good choice for 2021?

    Python is one the easiest high-level programming language to learn. Today we live in the era of data-driven applications. Machine learning is one of the main areas towards which we are currently moving. Python is a language that is growing as data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning operations are run on this language. It is a good option for the candidates who want to get job in IT industry.

    Why PHP, JavaScript, and SQL languages in demand?

    More than 60% of websites are built-in PHP language. JavaScript is a language of web browsers. SQL is a query-based language to establish contact between the backend and frontend. If you are more interested in Web development than PHP and JavaScript are a must.

    Best websites to learn and practice coding

    There are plenty of websites where you can practice coding. Few of them are

    1. TopCoder
    2. HackerRank
    3. Codecademy
    4. W3Schools
    5. CodingNinjas


  • Selecting programming language (or languages) to learn mainly depends on the career goals one is looking in the computer and IT arena. There are so many computer languages in the industry but one has to select and learn the ones which have more facilities and controls in a particular area as they were developed by the developers keeping those activities in mind. Let us go through some fields and the corresponding languages which are more popular and more handy in performing the task or developing the applications there.

    1. Mobile development - This area has caught fancy of the many computer enthusiasts and professionals and the languages mostly used in this field are - Java, JavaScript, Swift, and C#.

    2. Game development - Game development is the most interesting and crowded place today as it has got good business opportunities also. The main languages used in this area are C++, C#, TypeScript and Unity.

    3. Desktop environment - The persons engaged with desktop environment and developing applications for it generally prefer C++, Python, Go, and Scala for their work.

    4. Systems programming - Every system used in a machine requires a program to be written for it so that the applications can be run under it. There are three main languages which are given priority for learning if one has to go for systems programming. These are C, Go and Rust.

    5. Web development - This is another area where there is a good volume of jobs to be executed for the client and it has two main divisions - Front end and Back end web development. For front end the choice of languages are JavaScript, Elm, and TypeScript while for the back end the preferred languages are Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, JavaScript, and Scala.

    Apart from the above general trend one can also see ones liking and interest for a particular language and if one feels ease of working in that then that is also to be considered under the above general premises. Some organisations due to inbuilt business interests emphasise on the employees for learning a particular language and prefer it on an enterprise basis. In such cases the professionals will also have to mould themselves with this requirement.

    For practicing and learning purposes there are many sites in the internet where one can learn the intricacies of computer programming and some of the prominent ones are - LeetCode, TopCoder, Codewars, CodeChef, HackerRank, ProjectEuler, Coderbyte etc.

    One last thing I would advise is that a good computer programming job requires a thorough understanding of the logic and process in the code so that it does the job without creating any conflicts or confusion. So the efforts should be done to learn and create a bug free code in a structured and clear way so that the coder should be able to check and edit it easily in future depending upon the changing needs of the client.

    Knowledge is power.

  • When we come into the field of IT, it will be very difficult to know which programming language is the best language which will help us in getting a job. There are many languages. Each language has its own advantages and disadvantages. But as you start learning one language and slowly getting into the field we will understand what are the options we have and we can select the best one that will be useful for fulfilling your career goals and your interests.
    The following are some languages that are very commonly used in various fields including web development, mobile development, game development, and more.
    1. JavaScript: This is the best language that will be useful in many areas. All most all software developers will use this language somewhere or other. According to some surveys conducted in the field, this is the most popular language in the field and 70% of the participants mentioned that they used this language somewhere or other.
    Many popular sites depend on JavaScript to create interactive web pages. This language works across all major browsers.
    2. Swift: This programming language is used to develop iOS and macOS applications. People who are interested in apple products should learn this language This is useful not only on Ipads and Iphones but also for Apple watches and Apple TVs.
    3. Scala: This language is almost similar to the Jawa language with some added developments and advantages. This language is very useful to improve the quality of coding. Using this language one can execute complex procedures in parallel.
    4. Go: This is the language favoured by Google. This language is very useful for people working in the field of systems programming. This is almost very near and has the same functionality as C and C++. This language is useful in developing web servers, data pipelines and machine-learning packages.
    5. Python: These days this language is very much in demand and students are opting for doing certificate courses in this field. This is considered to be a user-friendly language. Python has a good number of applications that make it a versatile, powerful option for people who want to select the best programming language.
    Coming to the sites for practising coding, you will find many good sites for the same. The following sites are found to be user friendly.
    1. HackerEarth
    2. HackerRank
    3. SPOJ
    5. CodeGym

    always confident

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