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  • Where to find online genuine data entry job?

    Are you on the lookout for an online genuine data entry job? Interested in working a couple of hourse daily on any online platform? Our experts shall provide you answers to this question here.

    Where should I find a genuine data entry job, where I can get a salary working 2-3 hours with my basic typing skills and writing skills.
    Because every time I try to find such things I always end up registering for a job searching platform?
    And then these sites keep sending me SMS and emails which I don't want.
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  • These days many people are opting for online data entry jobs. So it is becoming very difficult to find a suitable one. Once you register on a site, they will advise you to go for some certification and you have to pay the fee and join. But after doing that course also you may not be able to find a suitable job.
    The following are required for these jobs.
    1, Good typing skills
    2, Basic computing skills
    3, Should be able to work in Word processing, database, and presentation software
    4, A high-speed Internet connection. Desktop or Laptop
    5 . A business land or cell phone

    You may refer to the following which will definitely be helpful for work from home options in data entry.
    A. Smart Crowd: This is known formerly as Virtual Bee.
    You can open these sites and see the details and you can register so that you may get a job there.

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  • Data Entry also known as key logging is an area where employees enter an input or they may verify or edit the digital datas. Often the organisations are in need of some efficient individuals to input raw datas into database, transcribe notes, from the meetings and finally they could enter sales figures in the digital formats multiple times during the course of business. In fact, Data Entry is the broad term referring to the roles and responsibilities of typists, transcribers, clerks coders, word processors etc.
    The entry threshold for the Data Entry Job is expanding with the time. You could have your earning through the different projects undertaken by the different firms where you will be paid in terms of your key strokes per minutes or even hours. It would all depend upon your typical speed. More the speed of the typing, more would be the payment.
    Where to land into Data Entry Jobs -
    You can have these jobs from local,government offices, primary and secondary schools, accounting firms etc. You can be utilised for the pay roll services, book keeping, administration work etc.
    You can have your gainful employment opportunities through the online platforms where you need to have your registration in this line for the execution of the allotted jobs.
    The following offices can offer you jobs in a voluminous ways if you have the willingness to carry out the same -
    1) Office Administration- You may be deployed for the responsibilities of the duties of the Receptionist, answering office calls etc. Even you could be deployed in the hospitals for making data - entries of their clinical histories and their subsequent medications for the easy reference of the attending doctors.
    2) Accounts and Finance Firms - In this area, you need to deal with auditing, corporate finance, pay - rolls, accounts. tax - preparation etc.
    3) Retail and Sales - You need to perform in the areas of inventory, CRM Management, Customer's queries, raising tickets, enhancing sales etc.
    4) Government Sectors - There are a lot of opportunities of Data Entry Job in the government sectors such as Staff Selection Board, State Government Offices, Local Government Offices where you need to show your typing skills to dispose of the pending jobs in a speedy way so as to earn a respectable amount from your sincere involvement.

  • Data entry job requires minimum computer knowledge in the sense that in most of the jobs one has to copy and paste data in a predefined format. It is monotonous low skill work and can provide some earning if one has good speed in typing and aptitude for such work. There was a time when dotcom boom was there and the rates for such work were also good and people used to earn some good pocket money from such jobs just by spending 1-2 hours daily. Soon, the data entry arena was flooded with a large number of aspirant and became highly saturated and rates also came down significantly. Today, it is difficult to get hold of these jobs online as many fake companies are there which take work but never pay and even misuse the personal data of the user. So one has to be alert and cautious on that account.

    Some of these reliable sites do not operate round the year and advertise these jobs occasionally time to time and if one keeps a track of that then one can get some good data entry work occasionally.

    Some of the online sites where one can search for such jobs are SigTrack, TDEC, Microworkers, Clickworker, Fiverr, Xerox, Smart locating, SmartCrowd, FlexJobs etc.

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  • Nowadays, many people wanting to do this job. It is a type of clerical job which involves various processes like typing and voice recording for entering data into computers. For which no need for higher qualifications. But, there is need of some required skill such as good knowledge of English, good typing speed and computer knowledge. Data entry operators work in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, finance and transportation. Because of digitalization, every company always seek data operators. So, you can get a lot of job opportunities in this field. You should check internet where time to time lot of advertisement is published for this job. Here are some of the good site as follows:-
    2.Smart crowd
    3. Mturk
    4. Scribie
    5. Rev
    6. Transcribemel

  • Most of the online data entry job provider is not a genuine one. Hardly you will get very few or one as genuine when you go through in real life after some experience work from them.

    This (ISC) is one of the best websites to post articles, ask question or answers in this section, participate in Forum section and contribute in other sections' to get an AdSense approval in the future to earn online beside current earning (pocket money) from this website itself.

    If you are professional as 'Data Entry' then I would suggest you to create a LinkedIn profile only for this purpose. Some genuine company or individual would contact you and you can then enquire entire detail including, data entry task, project, temporary or permanent, timing, limit, deadline, payment and other info to leap into it.

    You can also try the same in few other social media websites where they publish ad as 'Typing or Data entry' people wanted etc.

    Please note, do not invest for Data entry or Typing job. They are mostly scam. You won't earn from them but vice-versa.

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