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  • Leaving job in upcoming third wave of corona

    Planning your future in the event that a third pandemic wave strikes? Wondering if one can get a new job in the next few months? Our experts have answered your query here.

    I want to leave my current job in August. Can I get a new job in this situation?
    I work as an Accountant and belongs to Odisha.
    How much percentage chances are there in getting new job.

    And I also suggest some current opening in Odisha that Will help me.
    This is my very big problem.
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  • It is good that you are working in the account section at present and your exposure in this line would help you to grab a responsible position in the field of finance, accounting procedures, proper utilisation of funds and other related areas with the lucrative package.
    However, I would advise you not to give up the job which your are currently pursuing without having any next job offer of your choice. Before leaving the current job, you need to have the full feed back of the of the job environment, your chances of advancements and above all your passion while doing the job is fulfilled.
    Though there will be a lot of demands of the financial experts in the upcoming time once the present pandemic phase is over. Even at the present juncture, we are witnessing a boom in the IT industries such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys and these industries need experienced finance people to guide the sector in terms of better financial management. In case of other industries such as steel industries, aluminium, copper and zinc industries, production has picked up to a new height needing financial consultants for guiding them for better utilisation of finance.
    Keeping all these facts into considerations, you will have brighter future no doubt, but don't be in hurry to leave the job by August unless you land into a job of your own choice with a decent perks satisfying you.
    You will have plenty of job opportunities with a decent remuneration in the different locations of Orissa such as Bhubaneswar, Sambalpur, Rourkela etc if you have acquired at least five years of experience with your suitable exposure in the areas as mentioned below-
    1) Your knowledge of taxation, statutory audits and internal audits, preparation of Balance - sheets indicating profit and loss.
    2) Monitoring day - today financial operations within the company such as Pay- roll, Invoicing and other transactions.
    3) Tracking the company's financial status and the ability to identify areas for potential improvements.
    4) Organising and maintaining file records and updating the same whenever necessary.
    5) Knowledge of and exposure to GST/ Tax - audit ledger etc.
    You may have the consultation with, Times of or any other platform for tracking suitable openings.

  • It is never advisable to leave the job in hand without getting a new job. You should always remember that a bird in the hand worth two in the bush. When you are a job and apply for another job, you have chances for negotiating the salary and you can expect some jump in your salary. But after resigning from the job, you can't ask for a higher salary.
    What are your qualification and how many years of experience you have? These two aspects also play an important role in finding a new job.
    As such now the job scenario in the IT sector is good and they are recruiting fresh as well as experienced professionals. What I suggest you register yourselves on and Once you register there you will start getting alerts from them mentioning the jobs that suit your qualification and experience. You can choose suitable jobs and apply for them. Once in a while you can also log in and see whether any suitable jobs are there, you can apply for such jobs which suits you. Similarly, you can see the local newspapers of Odisha and you can see the appointment columns and you can apply if you find any suitable job.
    In Odisha also there are good industries like the steel industry, metal industry and other industries. All these industries require financial professionals and you can find a suitable position in any of these organisations. NALCO is also there in Odisha. So you can send your resume to these companies asking for a suitable job. But again I caution you not to leave the job on hand before getting a new one. Now it is not a favourable time for trying for a new job because of pandemic and you may have to wait till the year-end to get back to normal position. But Keep trying for a new job. Make a good resume showing all your qualifications, type of experience in the field you have and other important achievements in your previous employment.
    One of distinctive relative was working in Hyderabad as finance professional in a Private company. He was working in that company and getting a good salary. Because of the pandemic he wanted to resign. His father in law is having a friend who is starting a new company in AP. He told that he can take this boy in their finance department. Hence resigned from the job and shifted to AP. He shifted in August from Hyderabad. He has not yet joined any job and it is almost one year waiting for the Job. He is facing a tough time.

    So never be in any hurry/. Try for a new job while working here.

    always confident

  • You have not mentioned the reason of leaving the present job but have shown interest for some jobs if they are available in Odisha state. Your area of expertise is a very important area as every business house or even a medium business unit employs accountant for their day to day finance and accounting tasks. So, you will be able to get a job in Odisha state also and to keep a tab on that you have to seriously go through some job portals (like Indeed, Monster, TimesJobs, Glassdoor, AngelList, SimplyHired etc) where you will be getting detailed information of jobs category wise and location wise. If you register in those sites then you would also get notification and alerts for the related job vaccancy. I think that is one important step you have to take. Mention your present position and your strengths and skills in your resume that you will be posting in these job portals.
    Generally leaving a job is not advised until there are severe compulsions for doing so. If you think that you cannot work in the present position because it is far from your home town and you are having difficulty to manage the family or parents at that place then please note that even if you get a job in your home state, you would be so busy with the job that you would be able to give same attention that today you are able to give. The biggest help for the family is financial help and they can manage other things by spending money. If you get a low salary job near your home town then it would put you in a more difficult proposition. So you have to think twice before leaving the present job. Once you get a satisfactory job near your place or in your home state then you can resign quickly.
    Many small banks are opening in towns and other places and one can try to get a job in them also. Then there are some industries located in remote and backward areas and it makes sense to apply for jobs in them as many people from towns and big cities avoid joining there.
    Your core area is finance and accounts but what about some diversion? Have you ever thought for self employment? Today because of the pandemic situation new opportunities have arisen. Home delivery of goods and food items has become a lucrative area. Tiffin service is another area which is becoming more profitable. So, one can think in that direction also and with a handful of other unemployed people in your place you can very well think of starting your own business.
    There are many options and plans feasible in this situation and only thing is one has to be prepared for delivering the results. It asks for hard work and sustained efforts.

    Knowledge is power.

  • In this pandemic situation, leaving a job is not a prudent decision. As you know entire world is passing through financial crisis. In such a situation, getting new job is not easy task. You should leave this job then only when you get new job. Millions of people are living in miserable condition because of unemployment. Why do you want to leave this job? Aren't you satisfied with salary? Do you want to job in orissa so as to take care his family. If you are thinking like this. Then my suggestion is as, you should give first priority to your job. Money is very important thing in this world for survival of human being. If you having job then you would be happy in any part of the world. Yur family can manage everything on the basis of money. If you leave job and live in orissa with family then your life would be hell. Always keep in mind that you would be remembered by your family because of job. So, It would be very wrong decision to leave a job in this pandemic period.
    On the other hand, if you make up your mind to leave this job and seeking new job in other field. So, you should register yourself on job portal from where you would get alert of job opportunities which suits to your qualification. In this way, you can try to find new job.

  • You have not specified why do you want to leave?
    Are there any issues with the Management or with the colleagues or is it related to your skills or is it the layoff?

    If the prediction of third wave of corona is coming to be true than situation would not be going to be normalized and the chances of getting into another job in such scenarios would be difficult.

    I would not suggest you or anyone to leave from the current job until there is some assured invitation in hand or unless one is asked to leave. In such cases we got fewer options left to opt for.

    Negativity is not good and therefore on a positive note below are the important points,
    1. Keep updating your resumes according to the type of profile you are looking for.
    2. Upload your profiles in the different referential sites like, monster,com and

    Now when search does not meet your expectations then forward your resumes to the advertised job consultants or to the HR of the company requesting them to come back when there are suitable job openings. I have been doing this since long and many times I have got a favorable call.

    Adding, expand your expertise to enable yourself for a broader profile. The job market has more demand for such professional who have knowledge of cross functional areas.

    Regarding job opening in Odisha.
    1. Put job location "Odisha" while searching the job and you may get few listed and then apply as you may find suitable.
    2. You may google the companies based in Odisha and then search through their official website to get the contact of the HR. Just forward to them your resume.
    3. You can also apply through the references if possible. This will be more effective in getting a job.
    4. The other way is to take a print out of your resume and distribute in the companies / industries to your nearby localities.

    Lastly, I still would not want you to leave but then it is up to you. I often suggest others to leave your emotional character behind and face the reality because the current scenerio is not favourable for leaving when already not engaged to something good.

  • "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush' is not just an old proverb. It is still useful guidance in present life too. I there is no compulsion or you to leave the current job, then try to continue with the present job. The whole world is suffering in one way or other.
    However i you feel that there is no way to continue, then start searching or a new job rom now itself. Unless you have a strained relation with the present employer, you may use the goodwill of the present employer in finding you a new job.
    You have to search or jobs through personal contacts, by applying to suitable jobs from the job advertisements coming in newspapers. There are many websites which hep is finding jobs.

    In ISC Job section you can find information about many jobs. You can also visit the websites of many companies. There you can see the career prospects given by the company or organisation. You may register in such websites with your details. You may contact your classmates and friends who may also be able to help you in this regard.

    I once again suggest that unless there is a compulsion yo may continue with the present job , if possible. Do not leave by your own.

  • I would never suggest people to leave their existing job without getting a new one, provided they are financially stable without them. As you didn't mention the reasons for quitting your job, I assume it is because of low pay. Being an accountant is really a good job. In the case, you are looking for a new job, this is not the right time for that. Due to this covid-19 pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to manage their daily expenses. If you feel this job has a low pay, you can go for higher studies. There is no necessity for paying money for your higher education. As an accountant, you would have got a good knowledge with a decent experience. So invest them in your education. You can do professional courses related to the accounting work and then try your hands in the new comings. Never ever leave your current job, unless you have a good financial background. Try to continue in the existing job as much as possible.

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