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  • How to monetize my videos on Facebook?

    Eager to earn revenue through FB videos? Understand with the help of social media experts how to monetize FB video content.

    I am creating some videos would like to. monetize them through Facebook. I read there terms conditions, but I am still not able to understand fully. Can anyone please guide me in easy steps to create the page and how to upload videos and get earnings and payment? Also, let me know the difference between a live video and an uploaded video on FB.
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  • To get money for your videos posted on FaceBook the following are the required conditions.
    1. More than 50,000 followers are required for making your videos eligible for money-earning.
    2. Your previous posting should have a minimum of 300 viewers
    3. You should have a Facebook page.
    Once you fulfil the above conditions, you will get an opportunity to insert a 'commercial break". When your video is seen by a viewer he will also see the commercial ad that is inserted in the video. The ad can be inserted only after 4 minutes running of your video.
    You can create your page on Facebook in the same way as you opened your account. Once you have a Facebook account you will get guidance from the site itself in opening the page.

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  • It would be better if you could have specified it clearly on your planning to upload the creating video directly in Facebook or via other source like YouTube etc.? Anyhow, find the answers herein below;

    How to create the page in FB?

    Go to FB page URL and create as per your niche.

    How to upload videos and get earnings and payment?

    You can upload the video from your computer or smartphone directly to FB or paste the YouTube URL of your video while composing in FB. The more views in a lesser duration, the more chances of earning.

    Difference between a live video and an uploaded video on FB?

    Live video can be at the same time or scheduled time 'live' one from the FB source (left side video icon option while composing or posting the text) whereas uploaded video is like a already recorded video from any source, e.g. YouTube or Smartphone etc.

    It is better to create a video on a particular niche (example, education or travel or research or science or tech etc.) than mixed one to upload in a particular page for it.

    The more you engage with your content and upcoming followers, the more chances of increasing followers and views thus you may earn something out of video content.

  • I created a facebook page but there is no option about earning program.
    Is it visible only after completing all the criteria?

  • If interested to have earning through the Facebook, you need to have the following parameters -
    1) You should have at least 50, 000 followers.
    2) Your previous postings is to be supported by at least 300 viewers implying that your posting should be in a position to lure viewers.
    3) you must have your own Facebook account and if not create the same.
    Your video should be related to technical, educational or for any recreational purposes. The more attractive these are, the more would be traffic helping you to earn money. Once the viewers click on the commercial break inserted by you, you are entitled to earn money depending upon the strength of viewers.

  • Already here people are telling you how to monetize your videos. But I want to add something else here. So that you can get help.

    How to Monetize Videos:-
    For this, first of all, you should have a Facebook page of your own, you can create this page with any name. You will be able to monetize your videos or page in four ways.

    1. In-Stream Ads
    2. Fan Subscription.
    3. Stars.
    4. Brand Collabs.


    1. In-Stream Ads - For this, first of all, your page should have 10000 followers. Your Page must have at least 5 live video posts. And in the last 60 days, your videos should have 60,0000 minutes of views. In which videos will not include the views received by Advertisements, Facebook says.

    2. Fan Subscription.
    For this also your page should have 10000 followers, and also should have 250 weekly returning viewers.

    3. Stars.
    In this viewers will buy stars from Facebook and send them to you, and this is an invitation only. So Facebook will invite you for this when your page becomes eligible.

    4. Brand Collabs.
    For this, your page should have 1000 followers. And also your post should have 15000 engagements in the last 60 days. Along with this, your videos should have 180000 minutes of views in the last 60 days.

    How to Apply for Monetization-
    To apply for monetization, you must first go to Facebook Creator Studio. You can easily go to Facebook Creator Studio by searching Facebook Creator Studio in Google. Or you can go by entering this link in your browser -

    After that, you have to log in from your Facebook profile. After logging in, you will get to see all your pages. You will be able to check the eligibility of your page by clicking on monetization in the side menu bar on the right side. Also if your page is eligible, you can apply for monetization

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